SOG vs Gerber – Can They Compete with Leatherman?

When it comes to the use of power tools, there is always a rise in competition, amongst all the top brands in the market. With solid and startling features of tools offered Leatherman, other tools by Sog and Gerber are slowly gaining ground. Each one of the tools that you come across has lived up to its own elements of durability, precision, strength, and details. Thus, it is very hard to pick only one, from the crowd of hundreds. However, when coming to some of the best multitools launched by SOG, Gerber, as well as Leatherman, reviewers have often questioned the striking abilities and differences between the three. Which one is better, and which one is not? Read below our SOG vs Gerber comparison and get a better understanding of these big brands of multi tools.

The Leatherman

Leatherman has developed its own multi-purpose kit, which comprises of all basic instruments for commercial use. The products are of the top-quality, assuring users of no faulty parts. Plus, it is 100% safe to use Leatherman tools on your own. The sharpness and the strength provided by Leatherman tools cannot be compared with any other brands like Sog.

We have reviewed in the past of the most popular multitools from Leatherman:

The  Gerber

Once Leatherman established and settled on its mini tools business, Gerber also announced its own line of bringing precision tools into the market, for commercial and personal uses. The Gerber tools are also sharp, but what they are known for is the ‘’center axis screw-driver’’. The unique and incredible qualities of this screwdriver make it an unmatched product, which no one has been able to imitate to date. Also, when it comes to battery quality, Gerber is top-notch and doesn’t compromise on its tool quality at any cost. Even the Gerber kit comprises of all essential tools, which gives a strong competition to Leatherman and other brands out there.

These are some of the most popular multitools from Gerber:


SOG also poses a strong competition to Leatherman and Gerber. The supreme quality of knives and other tools have definitely improved and increased the bar of available multi tools. In fact, quality is never compromised and this happens to attract customers. Plus, some of the tools can be bought within a reasonable budget, which is not always possible for Leatherman.

Some popular multitools from SOG include:

SOG vs Gerber – Final Words

In terms of the quality and precision involved, the answer is definitely yes! Both Sog and Gerber happen to showcase various tool kits that encompass exceptional mini tools, drawing valuable customers to get the products.

Keeping all differences aside, all the brands out there can provide excellent designs for small tools. While Sog knives are the best, Gerber screwdriver and Leatherman kit are also available to users!

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