Leatherman Wingman Review

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The Leatherman Wingman is a useful tool, which is quite handy when it comes to budget multi-tools. It is an excellent device for its price since you get a highly functional multi-tool, which is full-sized. It can easily match up to any other specialized device in the market. It does not, however, offer any weight or size reductions as compared to other devices that are full-sized. Wingman is a great tool to have as a starter multi-tool or something you can always keep with you in the glove box; for example – in such a case, this is the ideal tool to have.

Leatherman Wingman Review
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Leatherman Wingman Review – Overview

Dimensions and Pliers

It has a length of about 3.8″ when closed, and weight is 7 ounces and is made in the United States of America and is a full-size multi-tool. It has spring-loaded pliers that are excellent. Its jaws line up quite well with each other, and the teeth are also unique. The pliers can be used for almost all kinds of jobs, such as manipulating bolts, pulling up nails and staples, and quickly getting into tight and enclosed spaces. Leatherman is famous for making the best plier centric tools, and even this budget one is excellent. The wire cutters are also quite handy and can be used for installing light fixtures and hanging pictures.

Additional tools

There are plenty of other tools in the Wingman that consists of:

  • Partially Serrated Knife
  • Flathead Driver
  • Scissors
  • Phillips Head Driver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • File
  • Plastic Clamshell Opener
  • Ruler

Usefulness of tools

The scissors and the knife can be accessed without even opening the entire device, which is a useful feature since it is usually one of the most used tools. The blade of the knife is 2.6″ and quite adequate for knife-related jobs. The knife can be used for most tasks, especially construction-related tasks such as cutting open tubes. Trimming expansion foams, scraping the paint away, breaking down boxes, and many other such tasks included in manual labor. The scissors are also quite handy for many more delicate tasks. It can be used for trimming electrical cables and other jobs, which requires more precision.  The scissors are of the right size and are sharp enough.

For additional tools, you would need to open the handle, and the screw gun in the tools is one of the most used ones as well. The Phillips driver is yet another useful tool and works very well on standard screws, including the delicate ones. The Flathead driver, which is the main one, is also very useful since it is thick and full, great for opening things like paint cans. Other tools include bottle and can opener, which are also a must for daily household use or when you are at a campsite.

There is also a file, which usually does not come in much use, but it is of a decent size. It also have a plastic package opener, which can be used for slicing bulky plastic packaging without cutting the box or your hand, and it works very well.


It as an asymmetrical, modern, and contoured shape. As mentioned already, its main blade and the scissors can be handy and used without folding out the pliers. It also has a secure pocket clip, which unfortunately does not turn 180 degrees, or else it works just fine. Pulling out the knife, however, requires the main blade to be flipped in the user’s hand. However, since the pliers are spring-loaded, it makes the usage of the pliers in your hand less tiring even for an extended period of time.

Build quality and construction

Since this is an inexpensive tool, most people would probably not expect much in terms of its build quality, and that would probably surprise you. For the price it is for, the build quality and construction are quite solid and it is assembled from stamped parts, which is used for keeping the costs low. The steel that is used in its construction is thick and of good quality. This makes the construction quality and its durability excellent, especially for the price. When it comes to its size, it is towards the low end of a full size. It is more significant than many others while smaller and lighter than other award-winning tools. However, when it comes to portability, it is excellent and includes all possible tools, which may be required by a person.

Accessories and extras

There are not a lot of customizable parts or features in the Wingman, but it is equipped with certain choices that are available when it comes to carrying options. It has a standard nylon belt pouch in black. There is a pocket clip option that is removable and helps to keep it secure. The replacement is also quite good, and it has twenty-five years warranty, in case any part of the Wingman fails you can contact them, and they are known for their speedy responses.


  • Locking blade
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 3.3 x 1.5 cm
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Length: 2.6 inches
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Included Components: Wingman; Nylon sheath; instructions
  • Outside features that are accessible
  • One-hand operation
  • Replaceable pocket clip

Pros & Cons

  • It is compact in size
  • It is equipped with excellent tools
  • The build is of high quality
  • It is a great value for money
  • Exterior access scissors and knife
  • It is inexpensive and well made
  • It is heavy
  • The ruler is a bit too small to be useful
  • The wire cutters do not close completely


Final thoughts

In conclusion of our Leatherman Wingman Review this multi tools is highly recommended as a great tool for the money. It saves you the need to carry expensive pocket knives, box cutters, and scissors when you have the Wingman that can do exactly that and on a budget.

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