7 Best SOG Multitools

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There are so many tools available in the market that the possibilities are endless. All would find something that is to their liking. However, with choices comes a lot of uncertainty, and the massive variety in the market does not help; rather, it increases the hassle.

Apart from this problem, people don’t know how many tools they should carry for emergency backup or daily usage. It seems inefficient to transport a whole instrument box that carries several tools until and unless that is what your profession requires you to do. Well, this is where a multi-tool comes in handy.

A multi-tool is a basic, hand-held tool that performs multiple roles in one tool only. The multi-tool group is ideal for those people who wish to complete maintenance as well as development activities without having access to a comprehensive toolbox. A decent multi-tool will indeed be that favorite power tool for thousand of domestic chores due to its simplicity and availability to do multiple functions at a time.

A wide range of multi-tools is accessible throughout the marketplace. They all have distinct layouts and can perform tasks that one cannot do by themselves. So, no matter where you work or however you reside, having the right SOG multi-tool with you should take care of just about anything.

SOG Multi-Tools

SOG Specialty Knives is a knife and tool-making company based in the United States. They create vital stuff that inspires faith and confidence in those who are fearless, self-sufficient, and prepared for any situation.

SOG has been producing multi-tools effective in serving any project for over 30 years from now. Their multi-tools have repeatedly enabled individuals to solve challenges by implementing unrivaled innovations. Their multi-tools are made in Seattle and come with a lifetime warranty.

As discussed before, multiple multi-tools are available in the market, each product having something unique to offer. Hence, selecting a single product can often be very difficult. We will lessen that burden for you by helping you categorize and understand your requirements and providing seven of the very best options to evaluate.

Portability of the Multi-Tool

It is important to assess the portability of multi-tools. This assessment should depend on the reason for which you are buying a multi-tool and where you plan to use it. However, a multi-tool must be as lightweight and compact as possible.

Lightweight and compact multi-tools can even show really good performance and perform many functions as well. A lightweight multi-tool is comparatively easier to carry and is perfect for when a single person is using it for work without any extra hand or assistance.

Features of a Multi-Tool

You can use multi-tools for various tasks ranging from housework and hunting to a lot of other things as well. Some of the features include:

  1. Knife or knives
  2. Handle scales
  3. Pliers
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Bit drivers
  6. Crimper
  7. Cutting hook
  8. Scissors

Every multi-tool doesn’t need to have all these additional features, but these are some of the most common yet useful ones. So, based on your usage and reasons for buying the multi-tool, you can shortlist or add more features.

Level of Comfortability

Ease and elegance are the hallmarks of multi-tools. The best multi-tool is the one that is simple to use and attractive to display. Here, convenience is the greatest concern.

The whole purpose of using a multi-tool is to use it in emergencies, and no one wants to deal with an extra-large tool in a state of an emergency. Therefore, we recommend choosing the comfortability and design of the multi-tool based on your requirements and needs.

Pricing and Quality

Though multi-tools aren’t that expensive, it is still important to assess their quality and pricing before choosing the final product. When choosing tools or devices for emergencies, one should be sure of their quality and performance. You would not want the tool to fail when you need it the most.

Moreover, the pricing feature is good to look at because thousands of products are available in the market. You can likely find a better product offering more features for the same price as the product you plan to buy.

You should always categorize all your requirements based on the reason and way you are planning to use your multi-tool. This way, you will be sure that the final product has all the functions you expect it to have.

Now, with the buying guide done, let’s move on to the top seven SOG multi-tools that we have shortlisted for you to help you eventually reach the final product faster and in a much more efficient way than ever before.

Best SOG MultiTools – Our Picks

SOG Powerlock EOD

This SOG Powerlock Eod multi-tool is a one-size multi-tool available in the dimensions of 7 x 2.3 x 0.73 inches. It is also a lightweight tool, weighing only about 9.6 ounces. Moreover, the pure steel body increases its durability and reliability.

This multi-stool is available in an aesthetic black color and has eighteen tools within its compact design. The Powerlock function keeps it securely locked and releases tools easily as needed. This multi-tool also has a coating of wax; moreover, it’s oiled properly to decrease its chance of corrosion.

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SOG Multitool - PowerLock EOD Heavy Duty Tactical Multitool, Military Multi Tool with Sheath, w/ Wire Stripper and 18 Hand Tools for Mechanics (B61N-CP) , Black
  • 18 STURDY STEEL TOOLS FOR MEN: Sleek, black multitool set includes multi tool pliers, multitool screwdriver, scissors, knife, and wire crimper; this large stainless steel tool is Explosive Ordnance Disposal-ready
  • POWERFUL MULTITOOL PLIERS TECH: Handy electrician multitool tackles demanding tasks with multitool pliers, wire stripper and wire crimper tool field-ready capabilities; patented Compound Leverage makes cutting and tightening twice as easy
  • BALLISTIC NYLON MULTITOOL SHEATH: MOLLE multitool pouch clips securely onto a belt or pack; pliers, screwdriver, can opener and wire strippers are close at hand when using the easy-carry nylon sheath

Key Features

  • 6 ounces weight
  • Has a total of eighteen tools
  • Compact design with black exterior
  • Perfectly coated with wax and oil to prevent corrosion
  • Made of pure steel
  • Powerlock keeps the tool securely locked and releases them easily when needed
  • Comes equipped with a nylon sheath
  • The external coating of wax and oil is removable

Pros & Cons

  • Sharp tools that offer complete results
  • Tools are replaceable and can be changed
  • Adjustable and adapts to the size you require
  • The wire cutters can get ruined pretty fast, so they need frequent replacement



The SOG Sync 2  is an ECD multi-tool gadget that is available in the dimensions of 3 x 3 x 1 inches and is extremely lightweight, weighing only 0.32 pounds. This tool consists of pure steel and comes equipped with a survival multi-tool knife, which is quite rare in multi-tools.

It can also be easily clipped anywhere, where it can be easily accessed at emergency times. Also, if you keep it properly maintained, SOG takes responsibility to repair and do replacements for parts, which is again quite rare as well as beneficial for the user. This multi-tool is also perfect to be used for camping, considering the tools that it comes equipped with.

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SOG Multitool Belt Buckle - Sync II EDC Multi Tool Gadgets for Men, Pliers, Knife and 12 Survival Tools and Gadgets in Mini Tool Belt EDC Kit (SN1011-CP)
  • SOG TACTICAL BELT BUCKLE MULTITOOLS: These small tool belt buckles are cool gadgets for men with compact multitool pliers, a survival multitool knife and more; EDC tool is crafted in 5Cr15MoV stainless steel
  • 3.1 INCH MINI MULTITOOL BELT BUCKLE TOOL: These cool gadgets fit belts up to 1 and 3/4 inches wide; camping gadgets multipurpose tool includes straight blade, gripper, crimpers, screwdrivers, file, ruler, scissors and wire cutter
  • WEARABLE SMALL MULTITOOLS: SOG Sync II mens belt buckle tool with multitool knife is discreet for everyday carry; access your EDC multitool belt knife and small multitool kit without engaging the pliers

Key Features

  • 1 ounces weight
  • Manufactured from pure stainless steel
  • Equipped with an easy clip to secure it any place the user finds comfortable
  • Tools accessible without engaging pliers
  • Contains a screwdriver, survival knife, file, scissors, grippers, wire cutters, blade, etc.
  • Contains a total of 12 tools
  • Compact design
  • Two-inch stainless steel knife
  • One steel blade

Pros & Cons

  • Great built quality alongside excellent efficiency with comfortability and reliability
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • The belt buckle option makes clasping it anywhere easier than ever before
  • The clips can hurt one’s hips when wearing this multi-tool


SOG PowerPlay

This SOG Powerplay multi-tool, though expensive, is one of the best ones out there. It is available in the dimensions of 1.88 x 9.75 x 6 inches and weighs only 0.76 pounds, which is quite lightweight considering the tools that it comes equipped with.

This multi-tool contains a total of 18 tools, all of which are necessary for almost all types of uses and emergency situations. These tools include but are not limited to pliers, a couple of multi-tool knives, scissors, and a screwdriver. Apart from that, this multi-tool is made of pure steel and is labeled as a multipurpose one. It also comes with a nylon sheath to easily clasp it wherever the user feels it is easier to access the multi-tool from. Apart from that, its tools are easy to access and stay put in the place when not in use.

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SOG Multitool Pliers PowerPlay Hex Bit Multi Tool
  • ALL AROUND MULTITOOL AND SCREWDRIVER BIT SET: The SOG PowerPlay is a multi-purpose tool with 12 magnetic hex tools, Torx screwdriver set, pliers, scissors, 2 multi tool knives, and blasting cap crimper; model name: PX1001N-CP
  • EASY-ACCESS WIRE CUTTER MULTITOOL: Use these portable multi tools without unfolding pliers! This electrician multitool, utility tool and multipurpose tool uses crimpers, pliers and wire cutters for intricate tasks; all in one tool is crafted in 5Cr15MoV...
  • MULTITOOL PLIERS W/ POWERFUL GEARS: Handy multi tool pocket knife, pliers and Torx screwdriver set tackles demanding work with patented Compound Leverage, making cutting and tightening twice as easy (Patent Number: 5809599)

Key Features

  • 2 ounces weight
  • Total of 18 tools
  • Nylon sheath to easily attach this multi-tool anywhere
  • The tools fold out of the handle for much easier access
  • Quick access tools stay put in their place when not in use
  • Equipped with two blades
  • Bead-blasted finish

Pros & Cons

  • Handy and perfect tools to use anywhere and in an emergency
  • Sharp blades
  • Adjustable tools to accommodate people with different needs
  • Bit expensive considering the features and specifications


SOG Baton Q4

This extremely inexpensive multi-tool is made of pure stainless steel and is available in the dimensions of 2.7 x 5.8 x 0.7 inches. The weight of this product is also extremely light, i.e., 0.38 pounds, considering the number of tools that it comes equipped with.

This multi-tool is quite compact and comes with a total of 22 tools, including tools such as a bottle opener, wire cutter, and can opener. Moreover, it is also considered as one of the world’s most lightweight as well as compact multi-tool. It has a lot to offer for relatively low prices.

SOG Multitool with Hex Driver Set - Baton Q4 EDC Multi Tool Kit with Pliers, Pocket Knife, Torx and Hex Screwdriver Set with 12 Bits (ID1031-CP)
  • POCKET MULTITOOL AND SCREWDRIVER BIT SET: The SOG Baton Q4 is a small tool kit, a magnetic hex tool and Torx screwdriver set; includes bottle opener, can opener, pliers and wire cutter
  • A HOME TOOL KIT FOR YOUR EDC GEAR: These EDC tools serve as a Torx tool set for computers, phones and even a gun multitool; multi tool pocket knife, pliers and torx screwdriver set stows easy in the included custom leather case
  • STAINLESS STEEL POCKET TOOLS: This survival kit includes a multitool pocket knife made with 5Cr15MoV steel; lightweight multipurpose tool features an anodized aluminum handle

Key Features

  • 1 ounces weight
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Has a total of 22 tools
  • One of the world’s most compact and lightweight multi-tools
  • Practical tool selection
  • Ready-to-grip pliers due to a unique coil
  • Includes screwdrivers, wire cutter, can opener, and bottle opener
  • Has a total of one blade
  • Metric system measurements
  • Perfect for use on hunting, camping, and outdoor activities

Pros & Cons

  • Ergonomic grip ensures no strain or fatigue in the hand even after long usage
  • Equipped with a flashlight
  • Contains all the basic essential tools
  • Tools are not easily accessible by the use of one hand, which is a major drawback


SOG PowerAssist

SOG PowerAssist has a very aesthetic black metallic look which adds great appealing exterior points to it. It is made up of synthetic stainless steel and is available in the dimensions of 7 x 1.9 x 0.77 inches and weighs around 9.6 ounces.

This compact and lightweight multi-tool contains about 16 tools, all of which are carefully selected to assist its user in any situation that arises. This multi-tool also comes with a sheath, which is quite rare to find in multi-tools. The pocket knife also operates with a one-hand opening technique which is quite helpful. Apart from that, it has a coating of wax and oil to prevent it from corroding or its exterior from getting damaged.

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SOG Multitool Pliers - PowerAssist Black Oxide Multi Tool Pocket Knife and Utility Tool Set w/ 16 Lightweight Specialty Tools and EDC Sheath (B66N-CP)
  • 16 HAND TOOLS IN BLACK OXIDE 420 STAINLESS STEEL: The loadout for this EDC outdoor camping and hiking multitool includes pliers, screwdrivers, bottle and can openers, even a blasting cap crimper
  • 2X PLIERS POWER W/ PATENTED COMPOUND LEVERAGE: A tough and lightweight multi-tool knife, tool kit and survival kit in one; this powerhouse pocket multitool cuts, crimps and tightens twice as easy
  • EDC MULTITOOL SHEATH IN BALLISTIC NYLON: Use your everything tool with tools for work in the warehouse, office or home; or go backpacking, fishing and camping with this everyday carry multitool with sheath

Key Features

  • 6 ounces weight
  • A total of 16 tools
  • Coated with wax and oil to prevent corrosion and exterior damage
  • Contains two pliers
  • Tools easily accessible with a single hand
  • Contains two SOG assisted blades
  • Compound leverage

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely durable
  • Easily accessible knives
  • Aesthetic exterior and black color gives it a cool finish
  • The main blades are small compared to the other tools


SOG PowerLitre

PowerLitre multi-tool is available in the dimensions of 7.4 x 4.29 x 0.87 inches and weighs only 4.5 ounces. It is a compact multi-tool having a total of 17 tools, all of which are extremely useful and necessary for a number of purposes and emergency situations.

This multi-tool is small enough to fit in the smallest pocket of your dress. It also has an innovative corkscrew which you will not usually find in many multi-tools. The technology with which it is manufactured provides one with double the strength of regular multi-tool pliers.

SOG EDC Pocket Multitool with Clip - PowerLitre Small Multi Tool and Scout Multitool with Knife, Screwdriver, Hex Bit Holder and 17 Multi Tools (PL1001-CP)
  • 17 EVERYDAY CARRY POCKET TOOLS: This industrial stainless steel multitool pocket knife works hard and plays harder; small multitool includes pliers, scissors, knife, a magnetic 1/4 inch hex bit holder and corkscrew
  • 2X SMALL PLIERS POWER W/ PATENTED COMPOUND LEVERAGE: These small but tough EDC multitools use Compound Leverage, letting the multipurpose tool cut, grip and tighten with less hand strain
  • 4.6-OUNCE LIGHTWEIGHT MULTITOOL: Pocket knife multitool and multitool pliers is designed to be super compact at just 5 inches; all in one tool is crafted in 5Cr15MoV stainless steel

Key Features

  • 5 ounces weight
  • 17 total tools
  • Includes a knife, pliers, corkscrew, etc.
  • Innovative technology gives more strength than normal pliers
  • Compound leverage for better bottle opening
  • Durability and quality up to the mark

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent build quality
  • Small size, easy to take anywhere as it fits in a pocket
  • Included tools help in all kinds of situations and emergencies
  • The screwdriver could be stronger; many users reported it bending after some usage


SOG PP1002 PowerPint

This PowerPint multi-tool comes in the dimensions of 7.4 x 4.21 x 0.83 inches and weighs around 5.3 ounces. This multi-tool consists of pure stainless steel, and the exterior is of jet black color, which adds to its aesthetics.

Moreover, this multi-tool has a total of seventeen tools, each of which serves an important purpose in all kinds of emergencies. That being said, this multi-tool allows an easy as well as smooth opening and closing of each tool and comes with an ergonomic grip so as to not cause strain in the hands if using the tools for a longer period.

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SOG PP1002-CP PowerPint Multi-Tool, Black
  • The Pint Comes Equipped With 18 Tools And A Magnetic Hex Bit Holde
  • Compound Leverage That Provides Smooth Open And Close And Increased Gripping Power
  • 5'' Long And A Lightweight 4.2 Ounces

Key Features

  • 3 ounces weight
  • 17 tools in total
  • Compact design allows you to carry it daily
  • Extremely light; can carry it in the shirt pocket
  • Ergonomic grip to not strain the hands

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely useful tools
  • Strong enough to use for multiple purposes
  • Reasonably priced
  • Screwdriver wears off quite easily and needs replacement often



The multi-tool is a very useful tool, and SOG is one of the best producers of multi-tools in the market. Its products are available at a competitive market rate and offer a lot of features and benefits.

Here in this article, we have first created the buying guide to help you assess your needs of which multi-tool will best suit you. Go through it thoroughly and make sure to search for a product that properly fulfills your needs. This is the most important step because it will determine the type of multi-tool that is most suitable for you.

After that, we have listed seven of the best SOG multi-tools to help you evaluate options too. Go through them carefully and try to find the one that is perfect for you. We hope you find this article helpful!

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