Leatherman MUT Review

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Leatherman MUT was designed with military requirements in mind. Its designers wanted to create a multi-tool that would satisfy the needs of soldiers while they’re on a mission out in the wild. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you got to be a soldier in order to find this multi-tool useful.
Leatherman MUT also comes with some functions that you’re bound to find useful in your everyday life. Therefore, this multi-tool is a suitable choice for literally anyone. Unfortunately, there’s one issue about Leatherman MUT that’s making people look the other way. It’s not cheap.
Speaking of its build quality, you should know that Leatherman used only the finest materials to make the MUT almost impossible to damage. Its handles and features are made of 420HC and 154CM stainless steel, in combination with bronze, while black oxide was used for the coating. All of this means that Leatherman MUT is going to serve you very well for many, many years.
The manufacturer is so confident this multi-tool is going to work fine for ages that they’re giving a 25-year warranty. So, you can have a peace of mind knowing that even if a problem happens, it will be fixed.

Leatherman MUT Review
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Leatherman MUT Review – Overview

  • 16 tools in 1Leatherman MUT is a multi-tool with 16 different functions including those meant for everyday use like knives and bottle openers, but also those designed for tactical purposes and outdoor activities.
  • Tactical tools – Leatherman MUT can be used as a part of the military gear as it features some tools that soldiers could find useful in the field, e.g. bronze-carbon scraper, bolt override tool, firearm disassembly punch, wire cutters, and so on.
  • One-hand operation – Leatherman MUT is designed with user convenience in mind. If you’re a soldier in the middle of a tactical mission, you surely don’t want to waste your time opening features on the multi-tool. That’s why the MUT is made to be very easy to open; you can unfold every feature using only one hand.
  • Compact size – Leatherman MUT might be a heavy-duty multi-tool that weighs over 11oz, but its size is pretty compact, which makes it easy to carry around. You can be sure there will always be place for the MUT in your pocket.

Probably the easiest way to see whether a product is right for you is to compare all the advantages and disadvantages of buying it. So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Leatherman MUT!


  • Everyday + tactical use – You will be able to find use for some of MUT’s tools in your everyday life, but you will also want to take this multi-tool with you when going on outdoor adventures.
  • Easy to use – Leatherman MUT is super-easy to operate, something that can be done single-handedly. But, being easy to fold/unfold does not mean that it’s not safe. On the contrary, once you lock its features, they will stay locked.
  • Sturdiness & durability – Because it’s made of materials like stainless steel, this multi-tool is almost impossible to break. Plus, Leatherman is giving a 25-year warranty on it.


  • Price – Although the price of Leatherman MUT isn’t extremely high, the fact is that you can find a number of multi-tools that cost significantly less.

Cheaper Alternatives to Leatherman MUT

As this is a tactical multi-tool, you won’t be able to find too many alternatives to MUT. The reason is simple – most of the multi-tools on the market are designed for average users, not soldiers. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are no other tactical multi-tools available. For example, you can find all sorts of Swiss Army knives in the collection of a manufacturer called Victorinox.



Our advice is not to look for alternatives to Leatherman MUT. Instead, go with the real deal. You probably figured out by reading this Leatherman MUT review, this is one of the best multi-tools for tactical use.

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