SOG PowerPint Review

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Tools are a basic essential in all households. There’s always a big box stashed away somewhere in the storage area that holds all these necessities, and when the need arises for a plier, a wire cutter, or even for some scissors, you go rummaging through the collection. Often it can be a bit of a time-consuming chore because some tools are scattered and missing or are naturally rustic and don’t work anymore.

But how convenient would it be to not only have all these necessary tools in one place and be able to carry them around easily? Without worrying about their depository space or misplacing them? Yes, please! SOG proudly presents its Multitool Pliers Pocket Knife- PowerPint EDC Tool that is the answer to it all. This compact mechanism delivers complete utility. Because we enjoy reviewing multi tools we decided that write this review of SOG PowerPint to complete our list of SOG multi tools reviews.

SOG PowerPint Review
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SOG PowerPint Review – Overview

18 Tools in One

Many of us find ourselves needing some tiny tools when some fixtures are called for; some cutting needs to be done or the urge to attempt a DIY project rises. Sometimes the desire to complete a task wanes as we can’t locate the things required.

Now you don’t have to worry about carrying around all your tools when you get to work, because this right here will save you the trouble.

It includes eighteen different tools such as can opener, scissors, serrated blade, one-inch ruler, bolt gripper, straight-edged blade, jewelry driver, soft wire cutter, mm ruler, #1 Phillips, wire crimper, awl, bevel gauge, magnetic bit holder, file, bottle opener, needle nose pliers, hook cutter. It all makes fishing, camping, and hiking that much easier and enjoyable.

Lightweight Design

While planning an adventurous trip, packing things can be a bit of a hassle because you want to keep the gear to a minimum, and a survival kit is crucial. The small but significant formation of this device makes it a complete multi-purpose tool that gets the work done. It functions perfectly as an outdoor survival kit while also ensuring you a nice trip. The lightweight stainless steel design makes it not only look good but be the best assistance in emergencies.

You can carry this tool anywhere with you because it weighs next to nothing and has a portable size, so no nuisance at all. It takes almost zero space and can be stuffed away in a tiny area along with your other important stuff. This ease saves a lot of time and energy.

Durability and Stylish Look

A huge aspect of tools is how long they can last enough to function correctly and pay their money’s worth. Because these devices tend to wear out when ignored, since most toolboxes are tucked away in the garages or cupboards, they succumb to rust and deterioration, rendering them useless.

This product is made of stainless steel hence there’s no worrying about its worth and stability as stainless steel is an exceptionally resilient metal, it can withstand scrapes and erosion. Along with these characteristics, it comes in a silver color that can adorn any space and look neat.


  • It weighs 4.2 ounces
  • The dimensions are 5x3x2 (LxWxH)
  • The material is metal with a silver color
  • 18 varied tools
  • Encompasses a 1/4″ magnetic hex bit holder
  • Patented combination of absolute leverage
  • Stonewash finish
  • Trap blister packaging
  • SOG support committed

Pros & Cons

  • Pocketable
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Stain-resistant
  • Heavy duty
  • Increased gripping power
  • Affordable
  • Tools could be sharper
  • The build needs improvement


The Conclusion

In conclusion of our SOG PowerPint Review, this product got an excellent reputation thanks to the features it provides. It also provide enough tools as well as with easy portability. It hardly demands any storage space. However, some users do believe that while this device is a splendid idea, it still needs work when it comes to overall quality and implementation.

Nonetheless, big things do come in a small package as the saying goes. And while you might disagree with the originality of this certain colloquialism, you cannot deny the versatility and benefits of this Multitool Pliers PowerPint EDC Tool which provides numerous options to choose from and all in one place. So forget buying every single tool separately and then having to constantly misplace them as this is the ultimate solution.

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