Where are Leatherman Multi Tools Made?

It was year 1983 when Timothy Leatherman and Steve Berliner decided to start a new manufacturing company in Portand,Oregon. Their dream was to make a multi purposetool with knifes,scrissors and many other tools, into one simple pocket multitool. The first Leatherman multitool was Pocket Survival Tool with it’s main objective to help outdoor addicts and military personnel to survive into the wilderness. Due to it’s experience in the fields of multi tools, Leatherman is today one of the most used multi tool brand in the world. Even though this company produces some of the best multi tools in the world it has roughly 500 employees.

Where do Leatherman Manufacture it’s multitools ?

Most tools manufactured by Leatherman are made locally in the USA and then distributed to other markets. It should be noted that some parts and some specific tools are manufactured on other parts of the world as well.After they are assembled in Portland then it will be shipped to their customers.

Popularity of Leatherman Multi Tools

Leatherman has been manufacturing, easy to use and portable multi-tools for a very long time. Many american households own a multitool because they need a handy small tool for daily activities. Many outdoor addicts recommend to have an multitool with you when you go camping, they are professionals when it comes to survival and they are not wrong. Even though there are many other manufacturers of multitools like Gerber,SOG Speciality Knifes or Roxon, Leatherman will be a top choice for a long time to come.

Some of the most popular Leatherman Multi Tools are :

Each multitool has it’s own functionality. You can use them for heavy duty work like in the construction industry. Some can be very good for electricians. Other are unique in design and tools. Leatherman has some of the highest prices in this industry, but the prices reflect the quality of these multitools.  Leatherman offers an amazing 25 year warranty which is more than acceptable for these prices and will save you a lot of money in the future.

For sure you make the right decision when you buy a Leatherman Multitool. Keep in mind that Leatherman has quite a long list of multitools, don’t buy one in a rush, instead take your time and chose the one who owns the right functions for your need.

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