Gerber Diesel Review

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Initially dealing in handmade cutlery sets and knives, Gerber has now also made its mark in the manufacturing of multi-tools. The company became one of the best multi-tools seller in the United States (USA) with the pioneering of single-hand operating pliers in multi-tools, and has remained so ever since. Keeping up to their tradition of continuous evolving, Gerber launched a new model of multi-tools, Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier, which addresses the complaints of loose and rattly pliers in its previous multi-tools. The Gerber Diesel is available in black oxide and stainless silvercolors with identical 15 tools. This Gerber Diesel Review will shed light on the construction and utility of the black version of this multi-tool.

Gerber Diesel
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Gerber Diesel Design and Construction

Starting off with the lock, the Gerber Diesel has a sliding lock mechanism, which is a real improvement. It’s got two squeeze-buttons on either side of the handles to unlock the multi-tool with. The small size and weight ratio -4.7-inch long and 8.6oz weight – and nylon sheath is for convenient carrying of the multi-tool to the jobsite.

Diesel, to keep up its reputation, has gone one step further by adding an extra protective layer of bead blasting to prevent corrosion and rusting of the multi-tool. However, it would be advisable to lubricate the tools from time to time to keep them in perfect functioning condition.

The real downside of this design is that it is extremely plier-centric, which means you have to open the pliers first in order to access all the other tools. Some other tools are even harder to get out – mostly those located on the edge of the frame.

What’s included in the tool list?

The Gerber Diesel has packed a total of 15 tools.

  • Needle nose pliers and regular pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Can opener and a bottle opener
  • Double-sided file – coarse and smooth
  • Pair of scissors
  • Small, medium, and large flathead screw drivers
  • Philips head screw driver
  • Cross cut saw blade
  • Wharncliffe half-serrated knife blade
  • Tool lock
  • Jaw release buttons

Highlight of the Diesel Multi-Tool Review

As the name says it all, Diesel has aimed for the perfection of pliers. The design has packed a single-handed operating needle-nose shaped pliers, and a pair of standard pliers. The main improvement in this model is the single-handed opening of the pliers. With a single flick of the wrist, pliers are deployed for use.  Once you have pushed the lock button on the handle, the pliers will slide outside for operating. It will require a bit of practice to put fingers on the right spot on the handles to get the pliers out with a single flick of the wrist.

You might feel put off to know that the pliers are not spring loaded like the Gerber Center Drive, but this does not affect their utility one bit.

The needle-nosed pliers are sturdy enough to get into nook and crannies to get the job done no matter how tough it is without rattling, as the users complained about the looseness of pliers in previous multi-tools.

The pliers also have a spot for turning hex-head nuts.

At the base of the pliers is a wire cutter which is sharp enough to easily cut any wire. Unfortunately, it is not replaceable once it wears out after significant use.

The Gerber Diesel is focused on the significant usage of pliers. So, if you get stuck in situations which demand excessive use of pliers, then the Diesel multi-plier will work like a dream for you.

Combination Knife

Diesel has placed a partially serrated knife inside one of its handles. The sharp point of the knife, Wharncliffe shape, is perfect for tasks that involve piercing. The upper half blade of the knife has a thick spine and a sharp cutting edge. The serrated edges of the knife allow cutting through rougher materials easily.

However, due to the inside orientation of the knife, the lower handle interferes with the cutting.

Pair of Scissors

It is very thoughtful of Diesel to include a pair of scissors inside this multi-tool as they come in handy anywhere anytime. The integrated spring and the smooth crisp cuts of the scissors make it very useful.

Other Tools

The aggressively sharp saw blade is very useful for cutting larger materials, as compared to scissors in some other multi-tools. It comes in handy when you are out for hunting, fishing, or camping. The serrated teeth of the saw blade cut wood without clogging.

A variety of screw drivers come in handy to tighten or loosen an array of different screws, including Philips head screws.

Except multi-pliers, all the other tools are deployed inside the handles.

The dual-sided file, a coarser and a smoother side, is useful for smoothing rougher materials.

Diesel has taken care of the safety of your hands, because all the tools are lockable. This means that there is no risk of any knife or blade coming out and slicing your palms while you are using some other tool on the multi-tool.

Another plus is that you can get all this by paying a small amount out of your pocket, which is great looking at the utility of all the tools that you get within a single tool.

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable single-hand operation
  • Sturdy multi-pliers
  • Economical price
  • In-board tools are difficult to access
  • Needle nose tip of the pliers sticks out even after locking



Gerber has done a really good job at improving the utility and design of its multi-tool with this Diesel model. The overall design of the tool is solidly built, as compared to others. The substantial improvement in its multi-pliers is the real highlight of the product. Notwithstanding the minor flaws in material and placement of other tools, Gerber did a fair job with creating this sturdy tool. If you have excessive use of pliers, this might become your first pick in multi-tools, without any doubt.

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