Leatherman FREE P2 vs Wave Plus

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When it comes to multi-tools, versatility takes the spotlight. These handy gadgets are crafted to seamlessly assist you in your daily tasks, bundling up all the essential tools you need. Enter the arena of multi-tools with the iconic Leatherman Wave Plus facing off against the innovative FREE P2.

In this comparison, we delve into the essence of functionality. Leatherman’s Wave Plus, a legend in the multi-tool world, squares off against the FREE P2, boasting a fresh design twist. Picture your everyday activities, and these multi-tools have got you covered. The debate between Leatherman FREE P2 vs Wave Plus revolves around the balance of tradition and innovation, each trying to impress the user.

Leatherman FREE P2 vs Wave Plus – Overview

Leatherman FREE P2

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Meet the Leatherman FREE P2, the younger sibling of the P4, both boasting the latest FREE technology integration. Don’t let its compact size fool you— the FREE P2 is a powerhouse with 19 tools packed into a lightweight 7.6-ounce frame. Thanks to the innovative FREE technology, all these tools are readily available on the exterior, ensuring a seamless and swift opening. Experience the convenience of having a versatile toolkit at your fingertips, minus the bulk. The FREE P2 combines functionality and portability, making it a go-to for those who appreciate efficiency without sacrificing weight.

Leatherman Wave Plus

Wave Plus
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Enter the Leatherman’s top notch multi-tool, the Wave Plus, a compact powerhouse that seamlessly integrates 18 tools into one sleek pocket-fitting multi-tool. From wire cutters and pliers to straight and serrated blades, this tool covers all bases. The Wave Plus boasts a convenient 4-inch closed size, making it easily portable for any adventure. With its robust construction, this multi-tool confidently tackles any task thrown its way. If you’re on the lookout for versatility combined with essential tools, the Wave Plus is a great choice that is ready to be your trusty companion in a variety of situations.

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Wave Plus vs FREE P2 – The Comparison


Leatherman FREE P2 features 19 tools while the Wave Plus has just 18.  

The following functions are shared by both multi-tools:

  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • Regular & Needlenose Pliers
  • Spring-Actioned Scissors
  • Electrical Crimper
  • Wire Stripper
  • Premium Replaceable Wire & Hard-wire cutters

Key Differences

  • Awl – Does the presence of an awl matter to you? The FREE P2 packs this handy feature, unlike the Wave+.
  • Bit Driver – Wave Plus stands out with its dual Bit Drivers – both small and large – a feature absent in the Free P2.
  • Blades – FREE P2 features a 420HC Combo blade, while the Wave Plus features two 420HC bladesone straight and one serrated.
  • Saw – Wave+ has a Saw, a feature FREE P2 doesn’t have.
  • Files – Though both multitools have a wood/metal file, the Wave Plus gains an edge with an additional diamond-coated file.
  • Ruler – When it comes to the Ruler, both carry one, but Wave+ takes the lead with an 8-inch ruler, overshadowing the Free P2’s 1.41-inch version.
  • Screwdrivers – Regarding the screwdrivers, the FREE P2 takes the lead, offering extra-small, small, medium, and Phillips screwdrivers. Meanwhile, the Wave Plus settles for just a medium screwdriver.
  • Pry tool – FREE P2 also features a Pry tool, Wave+ doesn’t have one.

Size & Weight

In terms of size, the Free P2 takes the lead with a longer closed length of 4.25 inches, all the while maintaining a weight of 7.6 ounces, surpassing the Wave Plus in both dimensions.

ProductLeatherman Free P2Leatherman Wave+
Weight7.6 oz8.5 oz
Closed Length4.25 in4 in
Open Length6.45 in6.25 in
Main Blade Length2.76 in2.9 in
Width1.3 in1.2 in
Overall Thickness0.65 in0.70 in

Other Features

  • Lanyard Ring – Wave Plus comes with a convenient lanyard ring, allowing you to effortlessly attach the multitool to your belt for easy access and portability.
  • Pocket Clip – FREE P2 comes with a pocket clip, which you can use to clip the multi-tool to your pocket.
  • Magnetic Opening/Closing – The FREE P2 boasts a fantastic magnetic opening and closing system, ensuring a swift and effortless one-handed use of any tool you require.


Since both multitools are manufactured by Leatherman, rest assured, they are backed by the reliable Leatherman 25-year warranty. Your peace of mind is guaranteed, making these tools not just handy but a lasting investment.


Wrapping up, the key distinction in the Leatherman FREE P2 vs Wave+ showdown lies in the tool count and size. The FREE P2, slightly larger and equipped with one more tool, faces off against the Wave Plus, which, in terms of tools, holds an advantage with essentials like a saw and ruler. While the FREE P2 offers more screwdrivers, the Wave Plus stands out with dual bit drivers for versatile screwdriver bits. In the end, the verdict leans toward the Wave Plus as the winner in this Leatherman FREE P2 vs Wave Plus comparison, blending functionality and variety seamlessly.

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