SOG PowerAssist Review

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When looking for multi-tools, it is the instinct to be distracted by the price of the tools that are included rather than the quality. If we think about it there is no point in buying 16 different tools that has nothing to offer in terms of quality and are ineffective?
But we can’t deny the fact that sometimes we do need the full suite of 16 different tools. But it comes along with a big price and occupies a lot of space.
Innovation in the multi-tool industry leads to the creation of a perfect jack-knife-and-pliers product so that one doesn’t have to run to the toolbox over and over again. SOG Knives have come up with a new product with no-holds-barred pliers-based multi-tool for the hard users. This multi-tool knife is so rugged and large that it is best suitable for committed users.

SOG PowerAssist Review
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SOG PowerAssist Review – Overview

This is one of the most refined multi-tool ever designed by SOG Specialty Knives and is manufactured with high-technological features as well. Every form of the multi-tool is better and more advanced from the previous versions of SOG multi tools. This multi-tool will not give you a chance to term them as “ordinary” multi-tools.

In this article we decided to do an SOG PowerAssist Review to inform you of the latest features of this great multi tool from SOG Specialty Knives.

Main Features


The wire cutter is around 3/8” in length (approximately 10mm) and the tips are much improved and better than previous multi tools. Also termed as the “high-speed extreme power multi-tool” these SOG knives come along with a gear-powered plier, a seat-belt cutter along with a switch-blade like action that helps to open an edge just with the touch of fingers. How amazing is that! According to my experience, this is the only multi-tool that can easily cut through a regular three-wire household Romex wire just in a single snip.

Whenever it comes to compound leverage, we know that it is the signature of the SOG Multi-tools and the PowerAssist, it is no exception. The inter-locking gear drive is outstanding with two-to-one compound benefits.

The other features worth mentioning are the brand new gear covers. At times we are worried about how to hold the multi-purpose knife so that we don’t end up hurting ourselves. SOG has designed the gear cover to protect the palm while using the screw-drivers and helps to protect our pocket.


Deriving the name from the SOG assisted Opening Technology, this model of SOG helps to open the blades without any need to open the pliers.Whether one admits it or not it is one of the cool features and this itself makes it a top at least in my books. Let me help you with a brief idea of how it works. To deploy, one needs to easily push the safety switch into the unlocking position and then simply push on the thumb stud. In just a fraction of seconds, the blade is all deployed and the lock opens.

Using PowerAssist for the first time it might take a little bit time to get used to the habit of folding back the knife.

First, all you need to do is actuate the button to unlock with the thumb and then use the forefinger to shut the blade and then again with the help of your thumb you can easily and swiftly put the safety back into the same position. Though refolding requires nimble coordination of the eye/fingers/thumb but is quick to get hold of it once you have done it a few times.

Other Blades and tools of the SOG PowerAssist

The different model comes with a different set of blades and tools. This multi tool comes with a fair flathead screwdriver lifter, file blade,large flat head,Philips screwdriver, and a V-cutter. One tool packed up with so many multi-tools makes work easy and fast. I don’t have to make a trip to the toolbox over and over again to get different tools. It is simply one in all.

 Plier Locks

This new multi tool is trying to prevent the clumping of blades which were common in other multi tools. The new plier locks of the SOG PowerAssist work in the same principle as the single-lever models but providing better and secure locks along with applying individual pressure to every tool. It is useful for preventing the entire clump of tools from unlocking when one is just willing to use one of them.

 Handle Flap

The handle flap of the PowerAssist is better with crisply formed, being less spherical the pliers handles way better. It is designed with detent bumps which helps the cover to cinch into place.

I have provided a small brief of all the features of SOG PowerAssist:

  • Designed with 16 separate tools.
  • Comes along with a heavy-duty nylon sheath.
  • Designed with compound leverage to allow more grip and force.
  • Can be easily operated with just one hand.
  • The tools perfectly lock into place thus preventing injury and accidents.
  • Made of 420 stainless steel.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Sheath Included
  • 420 Stainless Steel
  • Expensive for what it delivers



If you want a multi tool that has all the tools in just one go, look no further! SOG PowerAssist is the answer to your quest!! It’s effective, simple and safe. If you’re wondering of getting one today, you won’t regret your decision. We hope our SOG PowerAssist Review helped you in your journey for buying a new multi tools.

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