Gerber MP600 Multitool Review

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Gerber introduces a compact and sheathed multi-tool plier, Gerber MP600 that offers great versatility. If you’re searching for a perfect multi-tool plier, your search ends here. This plier has numerous benefits that make it compete with similar products of other popular brands in the market. Manufactured by Gerber Legendary Blades , this unique plier delivers the perfect work that helps it to gain the highest customer satisfaction.

The MP600 is a classic of the Gerber brand. It comes with commendable strength and durability that helps it to survive extreme weather conditions.

This extraordinary piler from Gerber performs multiple tasks at a time. If you’re searching for a perfect tool kit, Gerber MP600 is the ideal fit for you. It consists of multiple unique features that make it the best assistance while doing a quick household fit or an electronic repair. Not only that, it’s quite user-friendly and the look is also sturdy.

This innovative multi-tool piler comes with various tools that are combined under a sheath. All of them are useful and you can use them for electronic repairs or other household fixes.  The plier possesses multiple features packed in a single pocket-fit sheath. Due to its compact design, you can carry it anywhere with you.  Besides using it for household purposes, you can do basic electronics repair fixes with the help of this plier.

Gerber MP600 Review
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Gerber MP600 Review – Overview

Easy handling

This unique piler provides the highest convenience while using it for performing household fixes or electronics repairing jobs. You don’t need to put a lot of effort while maintaining it properly. Besides, no huge tool-kit box is required to store it, you can simply wrap it in its portable case and store it anywhere you want. All you need to do is to carefully store its sheath.

There’s no such specific instruction for its maintenance. Even if you’re not from a technical background, you won’t feel any hurdle while using it. You don’t need to open the piler entirely, accessing it with your single hand will be enough.

Now you’re free to travel with your favorite toolkit. Just remember to keep it in its case to save it from any unwanted scratches. If you possess this multiple pilers, you won’t require any other tool for regular fixes. It’s sturdy, it’s tiny and of course, it’s convenient!!


The molded sheath multi-tool plier retains power from its compound leverage. This feature enhances the gripping power of this Gerber MP600 plier. This quality makes it worthy of hard and powerful repairing jobs. The plier also possesses a distinctive attribute of having straight edges. The blades with fully serrated quality make it possible to access the plier even without opening it completely.

Pros & Cons

  • Lots of Tools
  • Affordable Price
  • High quality materials
  • The knife blade is a bit small


What makes it stand out of the crowd?

  • The MP600 is cost-efficient. It offers multiple features at a significantly lower cost.
  • Its size is simply perfect! Neither it’s giant nor too small. This size gives it the ultimate portability. Even you can store it easily anywhere you want like a small drawer in your living room.
  • Next, you can choose your seller to buy this product. However, Amazon has got the title of the best seller for this product.
  • It’s quite a light weighed product if compared with other pilers available in the market. Its sturdy feature gives it an outstanding look. Trust me, you’ll simply love it!!
  • This MP600 is amazing in terms of its user-friendly attribute. You don’t need to put a lot of extra effort for its maintenance. All you need to do is to store it in its case to ensure its durability.



If you are searching for the perfect multi tool that can help you with all your electronic repairs and household works then look no further. Gerber MP600 is the ultimate solution for you. With this plier, you can perform any crucial jobs with ease. The one-of-a-kind performance along with the art design and the build makes it an exceptional piece of multi-toolkit, thus making it something out of the box!

Well if you are worried about how to use these tools you need not worry because the manufacturer comes along with a user manual thus providing with all the details as to how to use this multi-tool.

Overall the build, the performance along with the price is incomparable.  You won’t regret the decision of buying this multi tool. Just a reminder – make sure you store it in such a place where the kids won’t be able to reach.

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