5 Best Multitools You Should Own (Buying Guide)

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Everyone has a specific set of tools, whether it is for their job or a fundamental toolbox in their household for necessary chores. Lugging around huge boxes and rusting tools is a significant issue that many people face. Here is what multitools make their grand entrance. Back in the day, the classic Swiss knife was the only multitool that ruled over the title. Over time, some companies decided to amp up the convenience and practicality, hence bringing out more advanced multitools to save the day offer more with each new model.

Today, multitools have become more versatile and exciting with elegant designs. In this article, we have narrowed down the five best multitools for you, and we also bring you a guide to address some critical aspects. So, without further ado!

As the market brims with endless options, we waded through them and narrowed down the best options for you. Our reviews will help you understand what every product has to offer, so let’s get to it!

Best Overall Multi-tool – Top 5 Reviewed


Leatherman Wave Plus

Leatherman Wave Plus
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Dominating the multitool game, Leatherman remains among the top companies dedicated to producing new and enhanced designs. Wave Plus is no exception. It is Leatherman’s top-selling stainless-steel design and is the first choice of many. Both its clip point knife and a serrated blade are 2.9 inches long and offer a one-hand opening. Wave Plus is 4 inches long and weighs 8.5oz. These traits make carrying it easy in its sheath. The top quality of Leatherman and the eighteen tools in this product make it a tremendous value.
Wave Plus never forfeits utility like pocket-size tools but is lighter than heavier duty ones. It works smoothly and entails all the functions you could require. Wave Plus features big thumbholes in its main knife blade and the serrated blade, which are easily deployable by one hand. The liner locks clasp the blade securely while the release is artlessly within the thumb’s reach for closing the blades. Moreover, Leatherman carefully incorporated a wavy portion on the rear of the serrated blade for identifying the blades through sensing so that you do not face difficulty while searching for them. Its file and saw blade are also attainable even when the Wave Plus is closed; you open the handles and get the pliers with replaceable wire cutters.

Wave Plus also comes with an eyeglass bit driver that captions flat tips alongside Leatherman’s bit driver, highlighting a dual-ended flat and Phillips driver bit. The spring-action scissors, a medium flathead screwdriver, and the bottle opener with a wire stripper are also part of this multitool.  The plier layout encompasses moderate teeth on the needle nose area that work better than cross-hatching or finer teeth on most multitools. They are incredibly beneficial to have the right grip when necessary.

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Pros & Cons

  • Sturdy
  • High-quality
  • Comprehensive
  • Lacks pocket clip


Gerber Diesel

Gerber Diesel
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Another top contender in the game, Gerber, has been around for a while. It mainly produced multitools for the but is now for everyone. Gerber names it Diesel Multi-Plier, as the pliers are its central feature. The Diesel layout has pliers slipping within its handle; a one-hand flick of your wrist lengthens the plier jaws for usage.  However, some other tools require an in-depth discussion.  The Diesel has fifteen tools and employs a one-hand deployment mechanism.

The trick is clasping the handles to remain loose and not pinch together, keeping the sliding mechanism shifting smoothly and preventing binding. It is also easy to retract the pliers by pressing the jaw release button, and it slides the jaws back in the handle. Except for the pliers, all additional tools are within the handles. For accessing the knife, you must extend the pliers, unfold the handles, and then open the knife blade. You can utilize the blade in its inboard orientation.

The blade is slim with a wide spine and vertical cutting edge with serration on its lower half. Its tip is thin and long and measures 2.25 inches in length. Gerber also incorporated wire cutters on the Diesel, which work well, and you can effortlessly cut through 8 AWG copper wire. Another trait of inboard tools is that when you squeeze the handle’s body, it enables a firmer grip with zero pinching points from any protruding tools.

The saw blade on this product resembles the knife blade in function and form but contains coarse teeth that cut smoothly. At the same time, its kerf clears without clogging. Gerber entailed three different sizes of drivers with one cross driver that is a flathead. The scissors are sharp and have the right size for this multitool. Besides, the file retains a coarse and fine side with 2 inches of the working surface.

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Pros & Cons

  • Strong build
  • Handles spread smoothly
  • Narrower jaws
  • The sliding release button is too small


SOG PowerLock EOD

SOG Powerlock EOD
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SOG is another famous brand in the multitool market, producing numerous designs, and the one making our list is SOG PowerLock Heavy Duty. Prepared with reliable stainless steel, PowerLock features eighteen tools that will not rust or erode. All tools connect to the unit’s base and make it a snap to shift from one chore to another. The company’s unique leverage technology utilizes toothed gears for improved gripping. It offers better cutting strength that might be hard to find. The pliers produce double the torque for a similar intensity of hand pressure. Its jaws retain a good needle-nose tip, slender, and long enough to get into closed spaces with precision. Despite heavy usage, the plier’s jaws retain their alignment and intertwine faultlessly. PowerLock pliers are strong and steady, featuring one-hand flip unfolding with wire cutters close to the pivot.

The dual tooth design on the blade saw provides optimal execution by enabling the saw to clasp while curtailing friction. SOG PowerLock is an excellent multitool, for you can switch out each component. With a finish of 420 stainless steel handle, the product is all set to last long. Weighing at 9.6 oz., PowerLock is easy to carry on a belt by utilizing the ballistic nylon sheath that comes with it.  The sheath encompasses a tight pocket clip loop on its back, and a Velcro flap shuts it securely.

You can also disassemble PowerLock, an awesome feature for tidying up after utilizing the unit in gritty or greasy circumstances. SOG was the initial company to incorporate a 1/4-inch bit driver on a folding multitool. It vastly boosts the usage of the PowerLock. Its V-Cutter is very efficient and can safely open any frustrating plastic packages or boxes, slice through the cord, or fishing lines.

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Pros & Cons

  • Premium quality
  • Patented technology
  • Long-lasting
  • Not the strongest grip


Victorinox SwissTool Spirit

Victorinox SwissTool Spirit
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Victorinox, with its years of expertise, took the Swiss knife multitool to a new level. The Swisstool is a fine creation making the tools obtainable from the outside while it is closed. You no longer need to pry open pliers to access the tool you want. Moreover, every tool in the Swisstool is spring-loaded with tiny back springs keeping them in its place. If you get one tool out by flicking the nail, the others will not spill out in a clumpy way like they do in many models.

Each tool on the unit is more vigorous renditions of the pocket-size tools people are habitual of using.  It features dual laminate handles for additional strength. Its tough post-stop pivots for handles during the opening and closing with a sturdy hybrid plier head that is neither blunt nor needle-nose. Every time you close the Swisstool, it produces a satisfying snap that many love to hear and is a testament to its quality. It comes with a stylish yet straightforward nylon case that features a broad belt loop and a Velcro closure for quick access. The case is relatively compact, so keeping the tool on the hip will not hinder your movement.

The curved edges of the handles enable you to exert enough pressure on the pliers when required. It will not dig painfully into your palms, which is another issue with multitools as they can be stiff and coarse in functionality. Swiss tool’s blade measures 2.9 inches and captions a drop-point blade, which is incredible for everyday cutting chores and food preparations. Its blade works well in holding the edge, and it features a crate opener doubling as a 7mm flathead screwdriver. Its chisel is adequate for scraping tasks and entails a few notches for electrical wire scraping or stripping.

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Pros & Cons

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Highly corrosion-resistant
  • It takes time to get a good grip


Leatherman Micra

Leatherman Micra
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Another one from Leatherman makes our list because the brand is awe-inspiring! It is Leatherman Micra, which is another favorite of many. It has a 1.6 inches blade and weighs 1.8 ounces. When closed, it is around the size of a thumb.  Many people love carrying this on their keychain. It features a lanyard loop to fold away if you do not want it and works as a micro gear offering everything.

Its main attraction is the spring-loaded scissors, and they are the star of the show. The spring-loaded characteristic of this tool is incredibly satisfying. You might find yourself absentmindedly closing and opening it. The fidget factor is a bonus. The scissors are so sharp and strong, almost like shears, and you can cut away anything you want without resistance. Moreover, to access other tools, you will always need to open the scissors.

Micra’s knife blade is a small clip point with flat ground and retains a chisel edge. It is very serviceable and sharp despite its 1-5/8inches length. While it may not work like a full-size knife, you can slice stuff smoothly. The blade will not lock open but has a back-spring snapping it into place. Leatherman encompasses 420HC blade springs on this unit, which is a remarkable trait. Although 420HC might lack edge retention, it remains an outstanding option for the little blade on Micra.

The product will not rust excessively, and the occasional spots are easily removable.  There are two flat head drivers on this unit that also work well. One of them is also incorporated into a good quality can opener. The screwdrivers open and work efficiently, and the tweezers on Micra are functionality efficient.

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Pros & Cons

  • Good assortment of tools
  • Small and lightweight
  • Smart design
  • The springs are a little weak


Picking the Best Multitools of 2021 – The Buying Guide

As we discussed the best multitools, buying one is not that simple. There are some necessary things to know before choosing a multitool, and our detailed guide will help you with that.  People have varying expectations of what capabilities a multitool should carry. We are here to clear all confusion and give you facts.

Before Purchasing

Some believe it should be a heavy-duty tool able to withstand severe usage and abuse in problematic situations. While others believe it is a handy gadget, one could need it at some point, so it has rare usage.

Before you opt for a new tool, ensure understanding the kind of tool you need and the purpose of your usage. How often will you use it, and what will be the magnitude of your tasks? After identifying your what and why you can proceed with your shopping. Here are some essential aspects for your consideration.


Nowadays, multitools are defined by their current plier-style configuration. It is a layout with foldout handles revealing pliers in a butterfly style. The remaining tools are generally tucked within the handles. Nonetheless, there are other styles, too.

The various styles have varied advantages and disadvantages, from portability and functionality to strength and durability. You need to identify your needs and pick the most appropriate style for yourself.

Blade or No Blade?

Another vital aspect to discuss with multitools is to pick one with the blade or forego it.  The knife is among the most utilized elements on any multitool but carrying one around might not appeal.  Some users choose to avoid the knife function because they prefer something more airport friendly.

Nevertheless, if you do require a blade, it is crucial to choose a good option. Numerous multitools offer substandard blades that dull out quickly or are too delicate and break. Therefore, ensure the blades are prepared from high-quality material and have edge retention.

Tool Quantity

Multitools, as their name implies, have the fundamental function of offering several tools in one unit. The point is to make tools compact and convenient not to have to carry around a big toolbox.  Therefore, it is good to check how many tools are in one unit. The varying counts are fifteen to eighteen, or some might even offer twenty plus. If versatility is what you seek, choosing the tool with maximum tools would be the best bet for you; however, remember that less is more often. The actual value does not lie in quantity.


The most important aspect is the quality of the tools. It does not matter how many they are. Low-quality tools will only give you a bad experience and make you miserable.

Before you invest in a multitool, enlist what features matter most to you. You must ensure your new tool is equipped with good quality tools and will be reliable no matter what. It might be favorable to surrender on the number of tools and focus on a smaller range with impressive quality.

The multitool must be durable and utilize rigid elements in its design.  Many reputable makers are composed of top-quality stainless steel. However, many companies use low-quality materials and could scam you. Therefore, be mindful of these traits before you decide on a product.


Although the price factor has no standardization in multitools, they could be insanely expensive or incredibly cheap. Therefore, always choose a product by thinking about your usage.  However, suppose you intend to use it daily on a boat, set, or building site. In that case, it is better to invest extra and ensure you purchase a product that works well for you and remains reliable no matter the conditions. Moreover, never waste money on new or unknown brands. They always go for established brands because they keep evolving their products, making them more economical.



Multitools have made their mark but do come with different aspects that are necessary to understand. We hope our reviews will help you get a better insight into these products, and the guide will enable you to make even smarter choices. Using multitools varies from person to person, so never focus on how others are utilizing it. Think about your needs, and then take your pick.

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