Leatherman Signal Review

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Leatherman promises its consumers a wide range of multi-tools which equip them to face the “expected and unexpected”. Its Signal Camping Multi-tool is specifically designed to be a perfect companion for any adventurer, venturing into the outdoors and needing a handy tool to handle all their worries. This review of Leatherman Signal as we see it, is an honest example of how important a multitool is when you go outdoors, be it for fishing or camping having one of this incredible tool with you is a must.

Leatherman Signal Review
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Leatherman Signal Review – Overview


  • 19 tools in one super tool
  • Specific survival tools for the outdoors such as safety whistle, built in hammer and ferrocerium rod
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Sturdy and strong build of high quality
  • Easy to carry with belt clip or carabiner
  • 25 years Warranty

Let’s take a look at all the features in detail.

19 Tools in One

  • Pliers (regular and needle-nosed)
  • Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters (regular and hard) and Wire stripper
  • 420HC Knife with half straight and half serrated edges which have been built a bit thicker than other Leatherman knives, making it able to perform heavier tasks as well
  • Saw with a good cutting profile, enabling it to cut through plastic pipes too
  • Hammer which can be very useful for driving in tent stake or knocking a small wedge
  • Awl that can punch through leather, thin wood and other materials and a thread loop that can pull thread through it efficiently
  • Can and Bottle Opener
  • A 4 inch Hex Bit Drive
  • Bit Driver
  • 2 Box Wrenches of different sizes
  • Carabiner
  • Safety Whistle that is quite loud and can be heard at great distance
  • Ferrocerium Rod – great for starting fires while camping
  • Diamond-coated Sharpener to sharpen the Signal when in the outdoors

Specific Survival Features

What makes the Signal special is that Leatherman specifically designed it and launched it for people who want to explore the outdoors and carry a multi-tool that can aid them in survival. Keeping this in mind, Leatherman added some very unique tools to its standard multi-tool design such as the whistle which is to be used in emergencies and users report it to be efficient at its purpose.

Moreover, the ferro rod is pretty functional for anyone in the woods, who might want to start a fire. Its size might be small but it does produce good enough sparks for lighting fires. Additionally, the hammer can be very useful for someone camping, as they can use it to drive in tent pegs.

Available in Multiple Colours

If you are looking for variety in your camping multi-tool’s appearance, then Leatherman has you covered. This multi-tool is available in 7 different colours including black, stainless steel, aqua, gray, coyote tan, cobalt and crimson.

High Quality Build

For being able to survive in the wilderness, a good multi-tool would need a strong build. Leatherman’s Signal does not disappoint here and users report using it extensively but it would not wear out.

Belt-Clip/Carabiner for Carrying

Of course, once outdoors and exploring, any adventurer would want his handy multi-tool to be within reach, so Leatherman put a belt clip with it to keep it accessible. It also is not too heavy to carry around, weighing 7.5 oz.

25 Years Warranty

Of course Leatherman’s Signal also comes with a 25 year standard Leatherman warranty, which puts you at ease while using it anywhere and everywhere outdoors, because it can be replaced for any defect.

Pros & Cons

  • Strong build
  • Survival tools for the outdoors such as whistle, ferro rod and hammer
  • Strong and sturdy knife
  • Efficient awl
  • Inner safety lock to prevent injuries while exploring
  • Diamond coated sharpener does not work for too long
  • Ferrocerium rod also does not perform for too long



The Leatherman Signal has a few competitors such as Wave+. As far as Wave+ is concerned, it is Leatherman’s best selling product which is  being offered with a few more tools and in the same price range. However, what gives the Signal an edge over it, is how it is specifically designed for being outdoors, something Wave+ is not made for.

In conclusion of this review of Leatherman Signal, if you are someone who would need an all in one multi tool for camping, then Leatherman Signal is your best choice.

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