Easy Steps to Open a Can With a Multitool

Opening a can is not hard if you own the right tool to do it. Multi tools have come a long way when it comes to the variety of tools they have, these days most famous manufacturers of multi tools such as Leatherman or Gerber incorporate in their pocket multi tools a can opener. When you are going on a trip to the mountains you will most likely have some canned food with you. Opening a can with a knife can be a pain since you need to be very careful not to cut yourself but also because you will most likely get your knife’s blade dulled.

If you don’t know how to use an multi tool to open a can we are going to explain in detail what you need to do, to succeed in opening that can by using the knife opener of a multi tool.

Which multi tool has a can opener? These are some of the most known multi tools with such function:


How do you know which one is the can opener? In most multitools the can opener is a blade like tool which is hooked on the edge of the bottom. Remember some multi tools can have a can opener that is slightly different because each manufacturer has its own design and the order of how these tools are incorporated.

How to use a can opener? Follow these steps:

  1. The hooked which is on blade is a fulcrum, you have to place that under the lip of the can
  2. Now you have to angle the blade towards the edge
  3. Press down at the end of blade so that you can prevent slipping off
  4. Once you see the hole then you are half done
  5. It’s time to press down and round the can by turning it slowly
  6. Doing this accordingly will help you to open the can quickly

The hardest part is to start the process of the opening can but once you did that properly then you can use that quickly.

A simple example of how to open a can with a multitool or pocket knife can opener made by PreppingItForward

Things to avoid while opening any canned item?

While opening any can you have to hold that product properly otherwise it will slip and may fall off or you will harm yourself with the blade.

Hence if are the one who like to eat canned products you must use a multi-tool to open that can easily. And hopefully you finally learned how to use a can opener so in the future you won’t have a hard time with a basic canned product.

As always remember to keep the multi tool out from the reach of children because they might injure themselfs with the can opener from the multi tool.

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