What is an Awl and What is it Used for?

You must be familiar with a multitool and the various tools inside it. When you look into a multitool, you see pliers, can openers, screwdrivers, saw blade, scissors, etc. You would be able to recognize all these tools when you see them. However, would you be able to recognize what an awl is? An awl is one of the most unpopular tools but is very important for any mechanic or repairman. Therefore, to help your knowledge, below mentioned is some information about this tool and how it is useful in today’s life.

What is an awl?

An awl is a tool that has been used for ages by our craftsmen and is very important in making holes in materials such as leather, timber, etc. The main use of an awl is that by its help, you will be able to create a hole in most materials. With this hole, you would be able to stitch the material, create patterns and make useful designs. You can also use these punched holes to hand the material or the object made out of them. Many craftsmen use this tool instead of the usual threat and needle as this tool can make cleaner holes that could be used to put other materials through.

Various common uses of an awl:

Punch holes in belts

A belt made out of any material has several holes that make it useful to wear. However, due to the change in the size of your waist, you might want to punch in new holes. And for this task, the best tool you could use is an awl. A knife would be a really bad substitute and make very shabby holes.

Ice chipping

If you have gone for a camping trip or a ski trip to a cold place, carrying an awl with you would be helpful. This tool can stand against hard materials and therefore would be able to break the ice and help you through ways.

Punch hole in the wood for screw

If you want to put a screw inside a wood piece and need a small hole to initiate the process, the awl would be a great tool in this process. Just punch a small hole inside the wood piece so that the screw gets enough room to get inside and take hold. You can screw in the rest of the body with the help of a screwdriver or a hammer.

Put markings

Due to its ability to get through materials, it is used to mark tools in pieces of wood, etc. If you work in the construction line, such markings come in very useful. An awl is strong and wouldn’t get damaged and can be used over and over again.


Now that we know what is an awl and its uses mentioned above are important and can help in making your daily life easier. Get an multi tool with an awl and start exploring its various other uses as well and increase your craftsmanship.

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