Leatherman Signal vs Wingman

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Over the years, Leatherman has curated an impressive collection of multi-tools, each meticulously designed with a unique purpose. In our blog, we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting comparison articles that scrutinize these versatile tools. Today, we present a comprehensive showdown: Leatherman Signal vs. Wingman. Our aim is to provide you with an exhaustive analysis of their features, dimensions, weight, and all other features, thus helping you to make an informed decision between these two outstanding multi-tools.

Leatherman Signal vs Wingman – Overview


Leatherman Signal

Leatherman Signal
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The Leatherman Signal, a versatile multi-tool, is the perfect companion for any adventure. Combining 19 essential tools in a compact 4.5-inch size, it equips you for the unexpected. With features like a fire-starting ferro rod, a 420HC combo blade, and an emergency whistle, it’s your go-to tool for outdoor excursions. Additionally, the customizable bit driver ensures you can tighten gear, while the built-in hammer helps anchor tent stakes. The Signal comes in various finishes, including DLC coating on stainless steel among others. It’s no surprise that the Leatherman Signal is often hailed as the ultimate camping multi-tool within the outdoor community, thanks to its unique survival features. 

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Leatherman Wingman

Leatherman Wingman
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 The Leatherman Wingman is your all-purpose companion for tasks at home or at work. Made of stainless steel, it boasts an easily accessible, one-handed opening blade and renewed spring-action jaws. Unlike some specialized Leatherman multi-tools, the Wingman is designed with versatility in mind, making it ideal for everyday carry (EDC) or as a reliable backup tool. Whether you’re tackling household projects, job-related tasks, or campsite challenges, the Wingman is a dependable multi-tool.

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Wingman vs Signal – The Comparison


The Leatherman Signal boasts an impressive array of 19 functions, with a focus on outdoor and camping applications. In contrast, the Leatherman Wingman offers a still formidable 14 functions that cater to a broader spectrum of activities. While the Signal excels in the great outdoors, the Wingman’s versatility makes it a solid choice for a wide range of tasks.


Both multi-tools share the following set of functions:

Key differences

  • Pliers – Signal includes standard needlenose and regular pliers, whereas the Wingman features spring-actioned needlenose and regular pliers. The spring-actioned pliers have the advantage of being immediately accessible and ready for use, unlike their conventional counterparts that require manual opening.
  • Wire cutters – When it comes to wire cutters, the Signal takes the lead with its replaceable wire and hard-wire cutters, setting it apart from the Wingman, which features only spring-actioned standard wire cutters.
  • Screwdrivers – In the screwdriver department, the Wingman offers Phillips, small, and medium screwdrivers, but the Signal excels in versatility with its Bit driver and 1/4 hex bit drive. This makes the Signal the preferred choice for those in need of a broader range of screwdriver options.
  • Survival functions – Leatherman Signal has a safety whistle, a ferrocerium rod and a Hammer, these functions are mostly useful if you go camping or in the outdoors.
  • Scissors – Wingman has a pair of spring-actioned scissors, although it might be small it can be useful. Signal doesn’t have this function.
  • Wood/Metal File – Wingman got a wood/metal file, Signal doesn’t have a file but it has a Diamond-coated Sharpener which you can use to sharpen your blade or saw.
  • Saw – Leatherman Signal has a Saw which you can use to cut wood. This is also a function that the Wingman lacks.
  • Awl – While many consider the awl as useless this function can be quite useful if you need to sew your clothes. Signal has an Awl with Thread Loop, Wingman doesn’t have one.
  • Wrenches – Another interesting function that Signal has are the wrenches: 1/4 and 3/16 Box Wrenches, Wingman doesn’t have this function.
  • Ruler – Wingman has a 1.5 in Ruler, although this function can be useful, a ruler this small is almost useless, but then again this is a function that Signal doesn’t have.
  • CarabinerSignal has a carabiner, which you can use it to attach the multi-tool to your belt. Wingman doesn’t have this function.
  • Package OpenerWingman has a Package opener function which is pretty much useless sinch both multi-tools have a knife that you can use to open packages.

Size & Weight

In terms of size and weight, the Leatherman Signal stands out as the larger and heavier multi-tool compared to the Wingman. While their blade lengths are quite similar, with the Signal measuring 2.73 inches and the Wingman at 2.6 inches, the Signal’s overall dimensions and weight make it a bulkier choice.

ProductLeatherman SignalLeatherman Wingman
Weight7.5 oz7 oz
Closed Length4.5 in3.8 in
Open Length6.75 in6 in
Main Blade Length2.73 in2.6 in
Width1.5 in1.27 in
Overall Thickness0.63 in0.56 in


Both the Signal and Wingman multi-tools are crafted by Leatherman, ensuring they both benefit from the company’s generous 25-year warranty. This warranty offers users peace of mind, knowing that Leatherman stands behind the quality and durability of their products, making them reliable multi-tools.


In concluding our comparison between the Leatherman Signal and Wingman, it’s clear that the Signal emerges as the superior multi-tool. With a more extensive array of tools and increased utility, the Signal stands out as the top choice. Its versatility and functionality make it the best multi-tool for those seeking a versatile or an outdoor multi-tool.

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