Leatherman Charge TTi vs ALX

Leatherman is manufacturing lots of high-end multitools and the Charge series are by no means an exception, these multi-tools are like twins but with different hair color. There are many differences between these two and we will explore them in this article we will try to compare two popular Leatherman multi-tools: Leatherman Charge TTi vs …

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Leatherman Super Tool 300 vs OHT

A good multi-tool is essential for any handyman because it has all the tools you will need for a lot of different jobs. It is often hard to pick one though because there are so many different ones on the market and it seems like they all have the same features while in most cases …

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5 Best Multitools for Camping (Buying Guide)

best camping multi-tool

Everyone should have a good multi-tool in their home. They are, however, significantly more useful while camping or trekking in the great outdoors. You’d be shocked at how handy they are when you need a tool. Many people may wonder what are some of the greatest multi-tools for camping and hiking that you can buy. …

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5 Best Multitools for Fishing (Buying Guide)

Best fishing multi-tool

Fishing allows you to build particular ties with your family and friends. Water adventures bring people together in a variety of ways. When you experience the excitement of a first catch or the breathtaking scenery of a new waterway with your fishing companions, you establish bonds that last a lifetime. However, to enjoy fishing and …

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Victorinox SwissTool vs Leatherman Super Tool 300

You are on your job just like the rest of us, and suddenly, you need the pliers to do a quick fix; but the toolbox is at your home in the garage; what are you going to do? Well, this is where multi-tools come and save the day so you can return to do your …

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Leatherman MUT vs MUT EOD

Maintaining a rifle is not an easy task; they need a regular check-up before going to a shooting range or at hunting; there are many specific tools for this kind of task, but keeping all tools with you on a hunting trip can be a hassle. Here comes the Leatherman MUT, a multitool designed for …

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Gerber Evo vs Suspension

Gerber is a leading name in the knife and multitools industry; using the vast experience earned through time, they continue to develop the industry by manufacturing new multitools with different capabilities and accessories. Today we are pleased to compare two multitools that look like twins but with different hair-style; you guessed it right, we are …

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7 Best Multitools with Pliers (Buying Guide)

best multi plier

Pliers are a hand tool with its leading utility in gripping; there are also many other uses such as wire stripping / insulating or cutting; most electricians never go to the job without pliers in their toolbox. Multi-tool pliers are a new kind of tool designed to replace the regular pliers and provide its users …

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10 Best Budget Multitools (Buying Guide)

best inexpensive multi tools

Multi-tools have been around for many years now, as these small all-in-one tools become more and more popular among people. They eventually managed to help people in their everyday tasks to the extent that some even carry them in their backpack or keychain. Each multi-tool has its features and also its price. Some might consider …

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Leatherman Charge Plus TTi vs Wave Plus

Multi-tooled knives have been one of mankind’s most exciting innovations. These knives are incredibly compact and useful devices that can come in handy in numerous situations. From cutting wires to fastening a bolt, these knives have become one of the most useful gadgets you could find in any household. Carrying this knife around can prove …

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