Gerber Suspension vs Leatherman Sidekick

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Multi-tools are a necessity for everyone. They are compact and can be carried anywhere. These all-in-one tools come with a whole range of different functions that can help you fix any problem you might encounter during your day. With such a big range of multi-tool models, it can be hard to pick one. In this article we will compare two of the best EDC multi-tools; Gerber Suspension and Leatherman Sidekick.

Gerber Suspension vs Leatherman Sidekick – Overview

An EDC multi-tool needs to be lightweight, compact, and have essential functions for daily fixes. Before we dive in and compare them, we need to see how capable is each one of them.

Gerber Suspension

Gerber Suspension
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Gerber Suspension is the lightweight, fast-access, do-anything multitool you need in your everyday carry. Whether you’re camping, backpacking, or in your garage, Suspension’s got you covered. With its spring-loaded pliers and a variety of blades and functions, it can tackle just about any task. The full-size Suspension is always on hand when you need to cut, saw through, pry open, or force something into a tight spot. With its sleek design, it’s light enough to be carried all day long. Spring-loaded pliers let you grip objects securely as you work on them.

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Leatherman Sidekick

Leatherman Sidekick
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Leatherman Sidekick is a compact and lightweight, full-size tool. It has all of the features that you need to get your project done, without being too bulky. Its handy pocket-sized design means that the Sidekick can go with you everywhere, while still being easy to use. The outside-accessible blades mean that you can open the multi-tool with just one hand and rounded handles provide comfort and control. Sure, it’s not as big as our Surge or Super Tool 300, but it’s perfect for EDC (Everyday Carry) and will always be there when you need it.

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Suspension vs Sidekick – The Comparison

We know the main features of each multi-tool, now it’s time for the real challenge, how different are Gerber Suspension and Leatherman Sidekick.


Scissors – Suspension comes with scissors while Sidekick doesn’t, if you need scissors then pick Suspension.

Ruler – Sidekick comes with a ruler, while Suspension doesn’t have this function.

File – Sidekick comes with a wood/metal file while Suspension doesn’t have any kind of file.

Wire Stripper – Sidekick has a wire stripper while Suspension doesn’t.

Size & Weight

Leatherman Sidekick weighs just 7 ounces with a closed length of 3.8 inches, while Gerber Suspension weighs 10.2 ounces with a closed length of 3.5 inches. While both multi-tools have a similar closed length, Gerber Suspension is bulkier and heavier while having fewer functions than Sidekick.


Leatherman offers a 25-year lifetime warranty, while Gerber has a limited lifetime warranty. In case you get your multi-tool damaged, you might get it repaired under their warranty if you meet certain conditions.


Finally, the main difference between Gerber Suspension and Leatherman Sidekick is the higher number of functions which Sidekick has while Suspension has fewer functions although it is heavier. The main advantage of Suspension is that it has scissors while Sidekick doesn’t but counter this advantage by having a ruler, wire stripper, and file. We highly recommend Leatherman Sidekick as a better alternative to Gerber Suspension, but the decision is up to you.

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