Leatherman Signal vs Free P4

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The Leatherman multi-tool is a man’s best friend. From hunters and campers to hikers and cyclists, the Leatherman has been on the go with people for over 30 years. Let’s take a closer look at two of the most popular outdoor multi-tools, Leatherman Signal vs FREE P4.

Leatherman Signal vs Free P4 – Overview

Firstly, we have to take a quick look at each multi-tool before we compare them.


Leatherman Signal

Leatherman Signal
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Leatherman Signal is the perfect all-around multi-tool for everyone from campers to first responders. With features like its fire-starting Ferro rod and emergency whistle, you’ll always be prepared for the unexpected. The 420HC combo blade makes it easy to cut through whatever you’re carving up, and the customizable bit driver will leave your gear nice and tight. It also has a built-in hammer to make quick work of tapping the end of your stick or slat. On top of all that it’s got a protective DLC coating on stainless steel to keep it looking good.

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Leatherman Free P4

Leatherman Free P4
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You don’t need to go the extra mile when you can always just be there. The Leatherman Free P4 is a more robust version of the P2 with a saw and 420HC serrated knife so you’re prepared for every job. With 21 tools and weighing in at just 8.6 ounces and a closed length of 4.25 inches, this multitool is easy to take everywhere – just as comfortable on a bike saddle as it is in your pocket.

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Signal vs Free P4 – The Comparison

We learned a thing or two about each multi-tool, let’s compare them head-to-head and see where they are different.


Leatherman Free P4 comes with 21 functions while Signal has 19 functions.

  • Awl – Free P4 has an awl while Signal has an awl with thread loop.
  • Bit Driver – Signal comes with a bit driver while Free P4 doesn’t.
  • Knife – Signal has a 420HC combo knife while Free P4 has two 420HC blades: one serrated and one straight.
  • File – Free P4 has a wood/metal file while Signal doesn’t have this feature.
  • Package Opener – Free P4 has a package opener while Signal doesn’t have this function.
  • Ruler – Leatherman Free P4 comes with a 1.41-inch ruler while Signal doesn’t have a ruler.
  • Scissors – Free P4 comes with spring-actioned scissors while Signal doesn’t have any kind of scissors.
  • Screwdrivers – Free P4 comes with extra-small, small, medium, and Phillips screwdrivers while Signal comes with a 1/4” hex bit drive.
  • Electrical Crimper – Leatherman Free P4 has an electrical crimper while Signal doesn’t have one.
  • Wrenches – Signal features 1/4″ and 3/16″ box wrenches while Free P4 doesn’t have any kind of wrench.
  • Other Tools – Free P4 also has a pry bar while Signal also has: a carabiner, hammer, ferrocerium rod, diamond-coated sharpener, and a safety whistle.

Size & Weight

Leatherman Free P4 has a closed length of 4.25 inches and weighs 8.6 ounces while Signal is 4.5 inches long when it’s closed and weighs 7.5 ounces. Leatherman Signal is a bit longer while Free P4 is a bit heavier.

Both multi-tools have a primary blade, the one found on Signal is 2.73 inches long while the one found on Free P4 is 2.76 inches long, not too much of a difference here.


Overall the main difference between Leatherman Signal and Free P4 is that Signal features survival-like functions such as the whistle, ferrocerium rod, or diamond-coated sharpener while Free P4 features standard EDC functions such as four screwdrivers, package opener, or file. If you plan to pick a multi-tool to take with you on your outdoors, we recommend Signal but on the other hand, if you need a versatile multi-tool we recommend Leatherman Free P4.

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