Leatherman Crunch vs Gerber Grappler

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Locking pliers are a great DIY tool to have around the house. They are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, some common uses include clamping, cutting, twisting, and holding materials. Two of the most common multi-tools that are based on the locking plier are the Leatherman Crunch and Gerber Grappler. Considering both multi-tools are quite similar you might want to know what is the difference between Leatherman Crunch and Gerber Grappler. In this comparison of the two multi-tools, we will dive into the technical side to help you make a good decision before picking your new locking plier multi-tool.

Leatherman Crunch vs Gerber Grappler – Overview

Firstly, let’s have a quick look at each multi-tool to see what functions and features each one has.

Leatherman Crunch

Leatherman Crunch
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The job is never done, and neither is your toolbox. The Leatherman Crunch is a great addition to your toolbox, this multi-tool is designed to cope with most of your toughest jobs. With locking blades, a built-in he-bit adapter, and a pipe clamp, it’ll tackle any task with ease. It’s also got a 420HC serrated blade and a wire cutter that’ll slice through anything. Whether you’re in the middle of a DIY project or out in the field and need to get things done, this is the right tool for you.

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Gerber Grappler

Gerber Grappler
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With 12 different tools built-in, you’ll be able to take on any job. It even has a 3 inches long blade that can be used for finer tasks. Whether you’re on an outdoor project or doing some home improvement work, the Grappler will make your life much easier; not to mention the wire cutter and nail puller, which should be helpful for any project involving wiring or carpentry.

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Crunch vs Grappler – The Comparison

Now that we know a thing or two about these multi-tools, let’s see how different they are.


Blade Length – Crunch features a 2.2 inches blade while Grappler has a 3-inch blade, on your day-to-day activities the bigger the blade the easier it is to use.

Bottle Opener – Crunch has a standard bottle opener while Grappler doesn’t have this function yet you can use the Prybar as a bottle opener.

Hex Bit Driver – Crunch features a 1/4” hex bit driver while Grappler doesn’t have this feature.

File – Both multi-tools have a file but the one on the Grappler is much bigger than the one found on the Crunch, thus giving Grappler the advantage here.


The Grappler includes a jaw system much like Gerber’s Multi-Plier models, such as the MP600 or Center-Drive. Once deployed, the jaws can be slid out with a single hand. But to increase or decrease the size of the jaws, one might need two hands because there are separate knobs for that task.

The Crunch on the other side is a bit simpler all you have to do is open the handles, get the jaws out and start doing your job. The Crunch’s jaws are easily adjustable by using the outboard adjustment knob, to do that you will need an extra hand as it is not possible to do it single-handed.

Size & Weight

Leatherman Crunch has a closed length of 4 inches and weighs 6.9 ounces while Gerber Grappler got a closed length of 5 inches and weighs 10.5 ounces. Overall Grappler is bigger and heavier than the Crunch which can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on its user.


Leatherman is famous for its 25-year lifetime warranty while Gerber provides a standard limited lifetime warranty for its multi-tools.



To summarize this comparison of Leatherman Crunch and Gerber Grappler we consider the Crunch a better overall multi-tool than the Grappler. The main advantage of the Grappler is the bigger size, screwdrivers, and blade, on the other hand, the Crunch has better pliers and it is still widely available while Grappler has been discontinued for some time.

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