Gerber eFECT vs Leatherman MUT

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Multitools are a very versatile and handy tool to own. They typically come with many different tools and features which make them the perfect all-in-one gadget for any job. In this article, we will be exploring the features and functions of the Gerber Efect and the Leatherman Mut multitools to help you choose your future multitool which is good for your activities.

Gerber eFECT vs Leatherman MUT

This article is all about the Gerber Efect vs Leatherman Mut multitools. Which one has better features and can help you complete your tasks weapon-related or not?Let’s find out.

Gerber eFECT

Gerber eFECT
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Gerber eFECT is a compact and simple tool that offers 5 tools in one. You get an OTIS nylon end brush, a punch, a carbon scraper, an interchangeable 4/5 pin sight tool and a flathead screwdriver. This small and light tool is the ultimate companion for your everyday weapon-related tasks. The eFECT military maintenance tool was built to be compatible with OTIS gun cleaning devices for cleaning weapons like AR15, M16, and M4. Gerber eFECT features Otis brush and pick, scraper punch and Front Sight Pin Tool that is interchangeable from 4 to 5 pin. The Gerber Efect, which is available in the US, has an overall length of 8.00 inches and a weight of 4 oz, also the handle is made of Stainless Steel to be corrosion free and resistand to any damage it may receive.

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Leatherman MUT

Leatherman MUT
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The Leatherman MUT is a tough-as-nails, compact multi-tool that help gun owners on their weapon maintenance tasks. It offers a variety of user-friendly features to make the weapon-related jobs easy.

Leatherman MUT features regular and needlenose pliers, wire cutters, hammer, saw and 420HC combo knife among others. The MUT includes a disassembly punch, bronze carbon scraper, bolt override tool and more for the ultimate experience for any gun owner. Leatherman Mut is a great addition to anyone’s EDC gear. It feels great in the hand and is a quality piece of kit that witstand any abuse.

The interchangeable screwdriver bits found on the Leatherman MUT are what makes this one of the most innovative, modern tools on the market. They allow for quick and easy access to 6 different size screwdriver heads. The bits are well made and they won’t need to be replaced anytime soon, making them perfect for quick jobs on-the-go or around the house.

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eFECT vs MUT – The Comparison

  • Leatherman MUT is the perfect all round multitool for many tasks including other than weapon related, while Gerber eFECT is a more like a weapon-maintenance specific tool, perfect for any AR15 owner.
  • Gerber efect is much cheaper than leatherman mut at the same time, MUT has a lot more functions compared to the eFECT.
  • If you are in the field or at the range the MUT is a better choice because it has bolt override rather than the brush on the eFECT.
  • Leatherman MUT has a closed length of 5 in while eFECT has a closed length of 3.5 in.
  • Gerber eFECT has a weight of just 4 oz while Leatherman MUT weighs 11.2 oz.
  • Leatherman MUT features 16 functions while Gerber eFECT has just 5.
  • Both multitools come with Sheath’s.
  • Leatherman MUT comes with a 3/8” Wrench and Front-Sight Adjustment Accessory while Gerber eFECT comes just with it’s sheath.



As we conclude our comparison between Gerber eFECT and Leatherman MUT, we belive that the MUT is a much better multitool for a gun owner than the eFECT. Gerber eFECT is not bad either but the higher number of functionalities of Leatherman MUT makes it a more versatile and usefull multitool than Gerber eFECT.

Do you consider Gerber eFECT a worthy competitor to the Leatherman MUT?

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