Leatherman OHT vs Gerber Center-Drive

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Multi-tasking has inevitably taken over human life by storm. With the everyday hassle and fast-paced routines, everyone prefers having shortcuts and well-equipped solutions to their problems. In the world of multitools, everyone undoubtedly lauds Leatherman as the champion of its game. Leatherman utilizes extravagant design concepts, especially for those who religiously hop on the bandwagon of camping and hiking as pleasure-seeking activities. The general perception is that Gerber is attacking the monopoly of Leatherman. It has undoubtedly used clever techniques to improve the demand and supply of its products, making it economically competitive and user-friendly. These multitools also tend to cover vast areas of convenience and reliability for their consumers. Let’s compare these two multi tools and explore their pro’s and cons in this Leatherman OHT vs Gerber Center-Drive comparison.

Leatherman OHT vs Gerber Center-Drive – Overview


Leatherman OHT

Leatherman OHT
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Leatherman has infused two different tools that complement each other into one. This enables its customers to enjoy using an all-in-one product for invariable tasks. It features spring-loaded pliers and wire-cutters, so one does not have to tire their hand adjusting and readjusting the grip. Specific handles with visual imprints of the tool beneath make it easier for identification and originality. A strap cutter and oxygen bottle holder, and threading for cleaning rods also make this an excellent one-handed tool.

Its take on providing ease has gained popularity within a short time. As a result, it has attracted audiences from numerous parts of the industry. It also has the quality of slipping into one’s pocket very comfortably. Hence, you have the privilege of carrying it around without the need of fretting over huge toolboxes.


Spring-action needlenose pliers, spring-action regular pliers, spring-action premium replaceable hard-wire cutters, spring-action premium replaceable wire cutters, a 420HC knife, a 420HC serrated knife, a saw, a strap cutter, a #8-32 cleaning rod/brush adapter, a can opener, a bottle opener, an oxygen tank wrench, and large & medium Phillips screwdrivers


  • Closed length: 4.5 in | 11.5 cm
  • Primary blade length: 2.37 in | 6 cm
  • Weight: 9.9 oz | 280.6 g
  • Material: Stainless steel


Gerber Center-Drive

Gerber Center-Drive
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Gerber bids farewell to compromise for its customers and jumps on the field of innovation and style. It has successfully become the talk of the town. The company focuses on marketing and supplying a top-notch variety of products. Moreover, these products are cost-effective. The revolutionary designs focusing on generation X are eye-catching for the audience. Hence, they force them to consider purchasing their products.

Gerber Center Drive features a center-axis driver that opens to align like a real screwdriver. Hence, it yields maximum torque and rotation. It sacrifices no productivity with the addition of a 30% longer outboard blade and one-thumb opening sliding jaws. The distinguishing trait remains its range of sizes for you to carry it around in any form.


Spring-loaded needle nose pliers with a rail system, standard pliers, rotatable carbide wire cutters, a one-thumb opening system, a 3.25″ 420HC fine edge blade, a magnetic 3.25″ center-axis bit driver, a bit driver, an extra bit holder, a ruler (in/cm), a bottle opener, a pry bar & nail puller, an awl, a fine & coarse-sided file, a serrated blade, a lanyard hole, and a tool lock


  • Closed length: 4.7 in | 11.9 cm
  • Primary blade length: 3.25 in | 8.3 cm
  • Weight: 9.5 oz | 269.3 g


Leatherman OHT vs Gerber Center-Drive – The Comparison

Design & Performance

Designed with stainless steel, the Leatherman OHT enables one to apply pressure comfortably. Multitools often have blunt rims or odd geometries that make their pliers less efficient than required.

The wire cutters of the OHT use metal blades and function really well. They nip neatly through light wire. The strap cutter on the OHT features a hybrid blade with a half-serrated and half-straight edge 420 HC knife. The saw is also very standard and incorporates a set of big teeth.

With a strong build and grey metallic design, the Center Drive has some of the best pliers. They have a very practical bite configuration on them and join up majestically. The handle’s profile can also offer up a firm grip and enable you to apply a sufficient amount of pressure.

The wires have a round indentation on the pliers that enable one to apply a more restrained force. The two knife blades are also among the best performance knives. They incorporate a magnetic and strong, metallic base, which does a tremendous job of slicing through thick materials like tape and cordage.


Both the products stand tall in terms of their durability. It remains interesting how both use the same molle sheath as a protector and manage to achieve totally different perspectives. Leatherman uses stainless steel that makes it user-friendly and lightweight. That gives it a slightly more polished appearance compared to the Center Drive.

What People Say?

For both the tools, the feedback has overall been positive. Over the years, it has been deemed a middle ground due to quick rusting and loose gripping for both companies. Many speak in favor of the Center Drive, but the OHT takes the lead due to its reliability and warranty, though it’s a little over-priced.

However, users have loved both these tools for the endless convenience they bring and the lightweight properties that make them ideal for tucking away anywhere. Depending on which trait you look for most, you can opt for any of these. There are no pressing complaints about either product.


Final Words

One-hand multitools have become a blessing when it comes to tools, and with the Leatherman brand, you simply cannot go wrong. However, it is almost impossible to chose a winner because both OHT and Gerber Center-Drive have unique styles. But if you are looking for extraordinary features, you can opt for the Leatherman OHT. If you want value for money, the Center Drive will be a good option for you.

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