Gerber Center Drive Review

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Gerber Gear, that commenced its business as a manufacturer of handmade cutlery sets, and became widely known for its premium quality consumer knives, released a high quality multi-tool in 2016 that has taken the public by a frenzy ever since. This Gerber Center Drive Review will tell you what all the hype is about.

Gerber Center-Drive
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Gerber Center Drive Multi-Tool Overview

Gerber Center drive is a USA-made multi-tool that is composed of 420HC steel, which is one of the most corrosion-resistant steel that is present in the market. This multi-tool is the latest in Gerber’s flagship MP600 series. It is 4.7-inches long, and weighs 9.6oz, making it suitable for heavy-duty usage. To add uniqueness to the design, the tool is divided into two colors. All the tools packed in this multi-tool are in black finish, while the handles are of a matte grey color. Unlike many other multi-tools, Gerber has packed only 15 tools in this multi-tool that could come handy in the stickiest of situations.

Main Features

Center drive isn’t loaded with as many tools as could possibly fit in an individual multi-tool. Instead, Gerber has packed those tools in a single fit that could be of use for professional, as well as average, people in any expected or unexpected situations.

Pair of Pliers and Carbide Wire Cutter

The pair of pliers on the Center Drive is located in the middle between the two handlers and is hybrid in shape, as they have combined the shape of regular snub nose pliers and needle nose pliers. The needle nosed shape allows you to get into nooks and crannies in order to get your job done.

Instead of typical butterfly opening, these have a single-handed sliding spring-loaded opening mechanism makes them super handy and easy to grip while you are applying torque.

At the base of the plier’s mouth are triangular shaped removable Carbide wire cutters. The highlight is that they are not only easily exchangeable, but also due to their hardened steel composition, and are very effective in usage. At the bottom of each cutter is a notch used for stripping insulation material from wires.Even if you are not a professional electrician, you will still be able to easily operate them.


The highlight of this multi-tool is the screw driver which is larger, 3.2-inches long, and more centered, which makes it ergonomically much nicer than typical drivers on other multi-tools. It is due to this perfect alignment of drivers with the center of multi-tool that gives the product its name of Center Drive.

The curved shape of the driver allows it to fit perfectly on the axis of any tool’s body. Also, Gerber went one step ahead by making the driver magnetic to prevent losing of bits while working. This multi-tool is packed with 14 bits, two of which are placed in the tool and the remaining 12 are contained in a bit holder that can be easily placed in your sheath for convenience.

Knife Blades

Gerber went one step further with the knife blades. They are made of 420HC steel, which is sharp, as well as stain resistant. The plain-edged blade is accessible externally from the right side of the handle, is 3.2-inches long, and is suitable for slicing.

The other serrated blade is placed to the interior side of the left handle. Its serrated edges are sharp enough to cut through plastics and other rougher or thicker materials.

The File

The multi-tool also contains two files, one smooth side and another rough one. It is stored to the bottom of the left handle. It comes in handy for deburring and removing material from a work piece.

Other Tools

Other tools include a pry bar,a bottle opener, a nail puller,an awl, and a ruler.

The integrated nail puller and pry bar are placed at the end of the multi-tool. The nail puller works better than many found on other multi-tools. The pry bar is useful for users when they have to replace broken blades and crooked nails.

The bottle opener is placed near the file. Its effective design enables you to crack open any bottle not only in emergencies, but also in everyday use.

The triangular-shaped awl is a pointy spike made of steel. It is sharp enough to puncture or make holes in woods effectively.

There are markings in inches and centimeters on one side of the handle. The small size of the ruler makes it not a very effective tool, and is barely useful for measuring longer lengths.

Lock System

There’s a Gerber patented SA-T-LOK system meant to spring open the internal tools. There’s also a lanyard ring to the lock that comes in handy when you have to attach a string or some other item to your multi-tool on the jobsite.

Pros & Cons

  • Long and ergonomic screw driver
  • All locking tools
  • 12 standardized bits
  • Long knife blades and single-handed opening pliers
  • Heavy size
  • Bulky sheath

Who is it designed for?

The Gerber Center Drive is generally intended for electricians, contractors, plumbers, and construction workers on the jobsite; but the tools packed in this multi-tool are so basic that it can be utilized by an average person in everyday use.



The Gerber Center Drive is one of the most effective multi-tool designs that you will come across. The combination of tools is suitable for professional workers and ordinary everyday users alike. The extended bit driver and spring loaded pliers are the highlight of the model. Also, the combination of knife blades and awl might become your favorite features due to effectiveness.

The tools do not compare to professional dedicated screwdrivers and pliers etc., but they are a good back-up to have on you at all times to help get you out of sticky situations.

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