What is an Awl and What is it Used for?

what is an awl

You must be familiar with a multitool and the various tools inside it. When you look into a multitool, you see pliers, can openers, screwdrivers, saw blade, scissors, etc. You would be able to recognize all these tools when you see them. However, would you be able to recognize what an awl is? An awl …

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Easy Steps to Open a Can With a Multitool

Multi tool can opener

Opening a can is not hard if you own the right tool to do it. Multi tools have come a long way when it comes to the variety of tools they have, these days most famous manufacturers of multi tools such as Leatherman or Gerber incorporate in their pocket multi tools a can opener. When …

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Where are Leatherman Multi Tools Made?

Where are leatherman multitools made

It was year 1983 when Timothy Leatherman and Steve Berliner decided to start a new manufacturing company in Portand,Oregon. Their dream was to make a multi purposetool with knifes,scrissors and many other tools, into one simple pocket multitool. The first Leatherman multitool was Pocket Survival Tool with it’s main objective to help outdoor addicts and …

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Leatherman Warranty for Multi Tools

Leatherman warranty for multitools

Leatherman multi tools have an unique feature of versatility. They work well as multipurpose tools that can be used on a daily basis. These tools are portable,compact and an essential part of any camping enthusiast backpack. The safety and quality is certainly not compromised during the manufacture of such equipment. Not only do these multi …

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