Leatherman vs SOG – Which One is Better?

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A multi-tool is best described as a hand tool that can perform many functions. It has been in existence in long and advancements have made such tools smaller, reliable, and more functional. Multi-tools could be required by anybody, for instance, plumbers, cleaners, electricians, and so on. Many manufacturers provide high-quality multi-tools but two of them are quite popular. This popularity has led to fierce competition. Every buyer gets stuck with the SOG vs Leatherman comparison as both produce the finest quality multi-tools.


Leatherman vs sog

How Does Their Multi Tools Compare?

Many factors help in deciding which multi-tool is the best. Multi-tools that have similar prices or features are compared for a fair comparison.The following are a few of them:

  1. Leatherman Wave has 17 different tools and is one of the best multi-tools. On the other hand, the SOG PowerLock has 18 tools. The PowerLock is cheaper and has a wire and blasting car crimpers and an awl which the former lacks. The Wave offers an extra blade and is much lighter in weight. The PowerLock has a compound leverage system to flick open the tools but needs the pliers to be open first. Whereas there is no such system in the Wave.
  2. Compact and lightweight multitools include Leatherman Skeletool and SOG Reactor. They both can be carried in the pocket and have a necessary set of basic tools. The Reactor is lighter and costs less. On the other hand, the blade and other tools in the Skeletool are of better quality and more efficient. Moreover, the locking and the arrangement of the tools in the Skeletool are much better.
  3. As a great pocket knife, the SOG Paratool (B31N) and the Leatherman Wave compete well. The Wave can be operated with a single hand and offers great locking features. It is compound, smaller in dimensions but weighs heavier. The tools work efficiently and overall, it has a nice build quality. Paratool can have more accessories and it has stainless steel. Some of the tools open inwards that could prove problematic.

Which One Should You Buy?

Multi-tools have different sizes. They can be credit-card or key sized or can be large enough to be carried in a different pouch. Regardless, they have multiple tools including pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, serrate knives, screwdrivers, and so forth. Since both the brands offer these tools, sog vs leatherman has always been a topic of debate.

Both have their areas of expertise. The Leatherman multi tools usually cost more but provide a better build and more features. On the other hand, the SOG weighs heavier but is long-lasting and more efficient.

A Single Tool For Many Purposes

Indeed, multi tools prove useful to everyone. They can help in fixing leakages, tightening bolts, cutting wires, repairing, and so forth. They have become very compact and therefore, these tools can be carried by anyone, anywhere. The competition sog vs leatherman can only be settled by the buyers. It ultimately rests on what you prefer in the multi-tool. If it is efficiency and cheaper prices, the SOG proves perfect while if you prefer looks and additional features, the Leatherman is the right choice.


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