Gerber vs Leatherman – Two Legendary Manufacturers

These days, having a ready to use set of tools is important for each and every household. They are super useful in handling a simple hardware problem or even tightening that loose screw of your kitchen cupboard. It is great to have a full set of tools and tips in your storage room, but it is not possible to carry a whole toolbox around.

Gerber vs Leatherman – The Comparison

To simplify things down, many people since decades tried to come up with portable designs to combine all the very necessary tools into one. But it was not until World War 2 when the famous swiss army knife ‘a portable multitool’ became popular and widely used. Continuing the legacy and usefulness of the multitools, many companies tried to refine their models given the contemporary dilemmas and requirements of the consumers. When it comes to United States, it basically has two companies that have mastered the art of multitool manufacturing. These two companies are Leatherman and Gerber.


Leatherman and Gerber are both high-quality brands that have a wide range of pliers, scissors, multitools, etc. When compared then Leatherman would have a slightly better advantage due to its consistency in performance in all its models. Gerber used to manufacture its products in the USA but lately it has outsourced the production to other countries. With a low-quality finish and often unstable parts in the lower models, Gerber puts itself down in front of Leatherman. Leatherman maintains sturdy performance and quality in all its models even the ones which are on the cheaper end.


There are slight flaws in design models of both the brands but when making a comparison, Gerber takes the lead. Some of the designs of Gerber multitools are not practical and can be frustrating such as the wide length of its pliers when open makes it difficult to get a good grip. Leatherman multitools has a noticeable problem that some of its models are not one-handed. This makes its slightly less convenient than the Gerber models.

Price range

Comparing the prices of the multitools by the brands, it can be said that Leatherman has higher price range than Gerber and can be a bit more expensive for the consumers. Both  brands have a benchmark in quality products, you can get a cheaper Gerber product in comparison to Leatherman.

It should be remembered that the suitability of multitools cannot be generalised and varies from user to user. It is not necessary that the tool liked by one has to be suitable for the other users as well. Both brands manufacture good quality products and individual choices are subject to personal preferences.

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