Leatherman Wave Review

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This is by far the most popular multi-tool ever to be manufactured by Leatherman. And the reasons for that are numerous, starting with the fact that this is one of the models that have been around for years, so users are kind of used to it. Of course, they wouldn’t stick with the Wave unless it was really good.
The Wave has proven its quality over the years, helping Leatherman gain a reputation of one of the best manufacturers of multi-tools on the planet. Same as all the other multi-tools from Leatherman’s collection, the Wave is also made of the finest material and designed so that it won’t get damaged easily. If you’re still not convinced that Leatherman Wave is worth buying, then you need to take a look at what this multi-tool has to offer in terms of features. After all, the useful features of a multi-tool are makes it a suitable buying choice.


Leatherman Wave Review – Overview

There are two versions of this multi-tool currently on sale – Original Wave and its advanced version, Wave Plus. Because the price difference between these two isn’t big, we’re gonna focus on the newer version. But, even if you go with the original Wave, you won’t make a bad choice. The two differ in features only slightly.

Speaking of features, here they are:

  • 17 tools in one – Leatherman Wave is basically 17 different tools in one. Therefore, it has all kinds of functions that you’re guaranteed to find useful. Some of the tools worth mentioning include pliers, hard-wire cutters, spring-action scissors, two knives, can and bottle openers, and so on.
  • 420HC stainless steelLeatherman Wave is made of top-class stainless steel, which is a guarantee of its ruggedness and durability.
  • Feature locking – You can be sure that all the tools and knives will stay in place when you fold them. It’s because of the feature that locks them in place, so you have nothing to worry that they’ll unfold while the Wave is in your pocket.
  • Outside-accessible features – Some features are accessible while the multi-tool is folded. For example, you will be able to access the knife blade from the outside, something that can come in very handy when you need to cut a rope, for example.
  • One-hand operableLeatherman designers wanted to make this multi-tool to be as easy to use as possible. And they did their job very well; you can handle it easily, even when using only one hand.


  • Functionality – Leatherman carefully selected which tools to include in this multi-tool. Their final decision was to pick 17 different tools that regular users should find useful in everyday life.
  • Sharp blades – There are two knives, one serrated and one with super-sharp edge. Speaking of sharpness, the same is the case with scissors which can cut through all sorts of materials.
  • Easy to handle – Because it’s not made of too many tools, Wave is not chunky. Instead, it’s a pretty compact multi-tool with a pretty light weight. And that means that carrying it around in your pocket will be no problem. It also makes handling it easy; you will have no problems using it single-handedly.
  • Ruggedness – Made of stainless steel that’s very sturdy and extremely durable, this multi-tool is bound to last for a long time. And even if something goes wrong, the manufacturer will fix it, as long as the problem has happened in the first 25 years from the purchase.
  • Awesome design – Leatherman Wave is available in two versions: stainless steel and black. Whichever you choose, we guarantee that you’re gonna fall in love with it. This multi-tool looks so awesome that you’ll proudly carry it with you everywhere.


  • None – We just can’t find a single bad thing about what might be the world’s best multi-tool. Perhaps the only way Leatherman Wave could be better is if its price were slightly lower.

Leatherman Wave Alternatives

You won’t make a mistake whether you go with the original Wave or Wave Plus. Whichever you choose, it’s gonna give you everything you’ve ever wanted from a multi-tool. Actually, the same can be said for any multi-tool made by Leatherman, including models like OHT, Surge, Skeletool CX, and so on. And if you would like to look for multi-tools made by other manufacturers, our recommendations are brands like Victorinox, Gerber Gear, and SOG.



And we’ve finally come to the end of our Leatherman Wave review. It’s time to give the final verdict, that is, to say whether this multi-tool deserve a purchase or not. In our opinion, this is one of the very best multi-tools in the world. The fact that it’s the best-selling product ever to come out of Leatherman’s factories is a proof of its awesomeness. So, the answer to the question of should you buy Leatherman Wave is yes, absolutely!


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