Gerber Evo Multitool Review

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All households need some specific essential tools, and hence, every house has a toolbox or compartment where all of these are kept. These essential tools may include a plier, scissor, wire cutter, or any other such implement that someone may often need. However, this could be annoying at times, as having so many tools together in one box or place may not let you find the desired tool when needed. This could also waste your time while you rummage through all the unwanted tools. While many people are uncertain if Gerber Evo can manage to meet their expectations, we did our best to write about all the features of this Gerber Multitool in this detailed review.

On the other hand, imagine having one single tool or mechanism that fulfills the need for all of these necessary tools. The Gerber Evo Multi-Tool is the best replacement for all the tools you need to have at home. The best thing about this is that you no longer need to worry about placing all these tools in one place since you have everything available in this one mechanism!

Gerber Evo Review
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What Is the Gerber Evo Multi-Tool?

You might prefer to have all your tools in one simple mechanism in order to avoid rummaging in a box or compartment of tools. A multi-tool is the best option for you. Gerber Evo Multi-Tool provides you with all the necessary tools you need. The mechanism comes with needle-nose pliers, a saw blade, a wire cutter, a cross driver, a scissor, a fine-edge blade, a bottle opener, a lanyard, a can opener, small and medium flat drivers, and a serrated knife.

Gerber Evo Review – Main Features

Evo doesn’t pack as many tools like some other multitools from Gerber, but it has some unique features of its own. Below we explore some of the most important features of the Gerber Evo Multitool.

Simple Style and Design

The Gerber Evo Multi-Tool is one of the simplest mechanisms containing all your essential tools. This mechanism has a simple style and does not require handles in order to open a tool. This makes the product easy to use and an extraordinary help to the user. Not only this, but the handle has been designed to reduce fatigue while the user uses any tool.

Long-Lasting and Durable

You can only consider a tool as the best one if it is durable and would last long. No user would prefer to keep buying products that are easily breakable or do not last long. Especially when it comes to a multi-tool, the user plans to invest once and for all, and if the product is not long-lasting, the purpose of purchasing the tool in the first place dies.

Gerber Evo Multi-Tool is best known for the 25-year warranty it comes with. This guarantees the consumer that there would be no defects in the mechanism for 25 years. However, this warranty does not apply to the damage caused by rust, accidental abuse, or negligence.

Safety Mechanism/Locks

Having multiple tools in one single mechanism might be very useful, but it might be problematic if the product does not provide safety. The multi-tool must have proper lock systems for each specific tool so that it prevents all possible damage. The Gerber Evo Multi-Tool is the best when it comes to safety. Each tool present in the mechanism locks on its own and does not open without significant pressure or force. This ensures the safety of the user, especially when carrying the multi-tool around.


  • It weighs around 270 grams.
  • The dimensions of the product are 24.13 x 13.97 x 5.08 cm.
  • The product comes in a metal material in black and silver color.
  • It comes in five pieces that have to be adjusted.
  • The handle’s construction is anodized aluminum.
  • It contains a thumb stud.
  • The stainless steel blade has a titanium nitride coating.
  • It contains 12 tools.
  • The package includes a nylon sheath.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable material
  • Thumb stud enables easy one-hand opening
  • Extraordinary safe lock system
  • Comes with a nylon pouch and case, which makes it portable
  • Heavy-duty body
  • The tool came out to be larger as compared to the specifications
  • The build could be improved in terms of quality

Gerber Evo Review – Conclusion

This product has managed to attract and satisfy many customers due to the fact that it contains all the basic necessities in terms of a toolbox in just one small portable mechanism. It hardly causes any problem to the user. However, many users believe that there is still a lot of space for improvement in terms of the product’s quality and body.

Despite the fact that users still see a space for improvement, what you cannot is how this product has made so many people’s lives easier. The fact that it combines so many tools that could be scattered in every household and how it comes at an affordable price makes this product perfect for everyone. Hence, this tool is one of the best purchases you could make in terms of replacing your bulky toolbox or tool compartment.

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