Gerber Warranty for Multitools

Having multiple tools in one place for easy access, compact and always available, the Gerber Multi-tool is the perfect example of such a model. While it is important to look at the features of a product before purchase, it is equally important to check out the warranty it offers. Brands with high quality products use warranties to build customer trust and show how much more superior their piece is. But warranties can have many loop holes so make sure you’re not buying into a scam, and does the Gerber Multi tool warranty fit our quota?

What is the Gerber Warranty for Multitools ?

When you own a Gerber multi-tool, you get the guarantee that if anything wrong happens to your tools, such as damage or tearings, you are entitled to get it fixed; here are the steps you need to follow to get covered by the Gerber warranty.


Duration of the warranty is entirely product dependent but when it comes to tools like the Gerber Multi-tool, which don’t corrode or lose efficiency over time (or at least shouldn’t), we expect a lifetime warranty. Gerber comes through with this promise, offering a lifetime warranty for their customers in North America and a 25 year warranty for their international fan-base. This is a little upsetting for international customers, but 25 years is not a bad deal to cut.

Unacceptable Conditions

This is where warranties trick you into believing they’re offering lifetime maintenance services. Make sure to read the fine print when checking out the warranty because that’s where they tell you all the conditions in which they can reject your request. While we loved the Gerber’s time duration we are not fond of all the conditions they place before accepting a product to be for maintenance or replacement within their warranty. They have claimed:

“This warranty does not cover damaged products due to misuse or abuse, sharpening, normal wear and tear, accidental damage or industrial/commercial use.”

While this may seem normal at first glance, we would like to call attention to the part where they say normal wear and tear is not acceptable. Misuse of a product will definitely cause it to show excess scars but overtime if your product is showing natural decay and is no longer working as efficiently as it should, as a customer you deserve to get it repaired or substituted within the warranty.

Application Process

Gerber is an international company and knows how to cater to its customers. Of course if you are near any Gerber outlets you can go in person and fill out a warranty form. But if that is a bit difficult for you then we would recommend their online application process. A very simple and smooth form through which their customer service can easily access you is only a click away on their website. This is true for both North American and international buyers.

Final Words

The Gerber Multi-tool warranty is an excuse in disguise. They have scored many points in the duration section but after placing undue conditions, they have left their warranty almost pointless. Unless your product is defected right out of the box, we would say there isn’t much hope for you to make use of this warranty, but still you can try to contact Gerber Warranty Service and maybe you will be lucky.

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  1. i have a gerber multitool and one of the bolts that hold the tools in place is missing what can you do about that

  2. I have a multi tool, that has fallen apart in just a few weeks. I do not have the original receipt, as the other tools I have purchased lasted for 20 years with no problem. No warranty papers came with this new one. How do I get repairs, or has quality gotten so bad that I am just out of luck?


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