Victorinox Spartan Review

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When you are looking for something more than just a pocket knife, a multi-tool comes handy. There are a lot of multi-tools out there. Some of them even come with more than 20 different tools for 50 different functions. However, the cost rises accordingly. You might be looking for a not-so-extra multi-tool, which includes only a few different tools to perform some basic functions. Mostly, people look for a cutting, screw, and can opening and wire stripping functions to be performed by their multi-tool.

If so, you need not worry about expensive price tag attached to most of the multi-tools essential to be useful for your simple, daily needs. Especially if you spend most of your time outdoors, you need a multi-tool. You will realize the helping hand it offers once you get such a multi-tool. It makes your life easier, simpler, and efficient.

Victorinox Spartan Review
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Victorinox Spartan Review – Overview

Victorinox Spartan comes as a multi-tool featuring different tools for basic, daily life requirements. It has a small size and is light in weight. Coming at a reasonable price, Victorinox Spartan has been the talk of the town lately. Also, the main reason it is appreciated and demanded a lot is due to its manufacturing house, Victorinox.

Victorinox has been producing high-quality tools since the end of the 19th century. Starting with a simple pocket knife for military men and now manufacturing multi-tools for adventurers and travelers all over the world, Victorinox has come a long way. Reading on its exceptional features will make you know the unique functions it delivers.

A 10 in 1 Swiss Army Knife

If a simpler multi-tool is what you are looking for, Victorinox Spartan is the best choice in the market nowadays. It features the following tools:

Victorinox Spartan can also be called as 2 in 1 pocket knife as it includes both a large blade and a small blade. It cuts the need for keeping two different sizes of pocket knives when you are on the go.

In addition to that, Victorinox Spartan serves your can and bottle opening needs as well. You need not use your hands or teeth for that. Most of the travelers need to keep a can/bottle opener with them for beverages they buy and drink as they travel. Victorinox Spartan comes as a great solution to that.

It also helps when you need to open or tighten a screw as it comes with three different sizes and kinds of screwdrivers. And so, your screwing needs are catered as well. Next time you need to tighten any screw, you would not need to find mechanical help nearby.

Usually, there appears a situation where you need to strip wire to tighten a packaging, open packaging or simply bend any wire. You might not have thought of keeping an extra wire stripper, and obviously, knives or screwdrivers will not help. Keeping that in mind, Victorinox added a wire stripper to its famous Victorinox Spartan!

With other simple but useful tools such as reamer, tweezer, and a toothpick, Victorinox Spartan comes as a great assistance. It facilitates your travel or simple daily needs. The best thing about this multi-tool is that it comes with a key ring. This means you can keep all these tools with your keys. So, add the key you keep with you all the time to this key ring, and you have a lot of tools in one place, be it your car or your housekey!

Safe, durable and secured in place

As Victorinox Spartan delivers so many needs, know that it puts safety as the main priority. With anexcellent locking mechanism, all the tools stay in their place when not in use. Even when you are using a tool out of many, all the other tools stay locked and safe. Moreover, the tool you are using also stays locked and secured so that it does not slip.

With such safety measures taken by Victorinox, there is no chance you get into an accident due to this multi-tool.

In Victorinox Spartan, durability comes with safety, as well. Made of high-quality manufacturing material, this is going to be your ultimate outdoor partner for years. The tools are made of stainless steel, and so, there is no chance the rust gets them. The red ergonomic handle makes it further convenient to handle and use. Whenever you need to use a tool, all you need to do is hold the handle and unlock the desired tool!

Moreover, Victorinox Spartan comes with a leather pouch for secure storage. If you do not think that clipping your key chain to your pants is a good idea, you can use this leather pouch attached with belt. Simply tie it around your waist, and you are good to go.

Even though it takes a little space in your bag otherwise, it might not remain that handy. When kept in its pouch and clipped to the pants, you can use it at once when needed.


The best characteristic of Victorinox Spartan is its cost-effectiveness. Coming at such a low price, you should get your hands on this multi-tool if you think it can deliver variety of your indoor, outdoor, or traveling needs.

Pros & Cons

  • Offers more than ten different functions
  • Built with high-quality material
  • Comes with a storage leather pouch
  • Does not include a variety of tools and just the basics



Victorinox Spartan is a great multi-tool. Before buying any multi-tool, you must look into the tools it includes and the functions it can perform. Accordingly, you can choose the multi-tool you require for all your different needs.

When it comes to Victorinox Spartan multi-tool, it delivers limited use. However, there are many people who do not know how to use all the variety of tools and are looking for a basic multi-tool. If you are the one, Victorinox Spartan is for you!

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