SOG PowerLock vs PowerAssist

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Selecting between multiple options out there might be hard. But if both of them are SOG products, then we can understand your confusion. Therefore, we compiled this comparison review article to help you make the best choice for your multi-tool collection. So, without wasting a single second, let’s get down to the discussion.

SOG PowerLock vs PowerAssist – Overview


SOG PowerLock

SOG Powerlock
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Suppose you are looking for not only a bunch of tools but a dependable multi-tool that is able to perform heavy-duty functions. In that case, the SOG PowerLock is a perfect choice.

The stylish outlook of the 420 stainless steel material, with a satin polish and a ballistic nylon sheet, gives the multi-tool an impressive vibe. Since it is a GSA-certified, military-grade designed multi-tool, its performance and reliability factors are higher than the others.

This tough multi-tool can fulfill a wide range of needs in the most productive manner. On pressing a single PowerLock button, a quick release and lock mechanism gives more control over the steel tool.

The vast variation of steel tools in this multi-purpose gadget includes major heavy-duty tools like pliers, which contain twice the power to grip and hold with strong gears by using less force. Then comes the foldable knife, which cuts twice as hard with a fine blade at the end. A V-cutter is also placed within the multi-tool.

A bunch of different drivers is present, such as screwdrivers (small, large, and medium), ¼ inch socket driver, ¼ hex Bit driver, and Philips screwdriver for fixtures of different types of screw heads. On top of that, a double-toothed, wooden saw also enhances the toolset, which can assist in trimming and cutting several branches of trees while being on an outdoor adventure.

Different cutters (regular and hardwire) and crimpers (blasting cap and wire) are also on the list. The versatile diversity of drivers and wire cutters makes this tool every electrician’s dream. The availability of compound leverage provides double the grip over the tool and one-hand instant access with exchangeable handle covers.

Apart from three major tools, the extra steel tools consist of a ruler (on the back), a bottle and can opener, and a file (3-sided). An awl with sheath clips attaches to anything like a bag pack or belt for using it without losing it.

This toolset comes with a limited lifetime warranty for fixing any defects ever found in the product, along with a user guide included in the packaging.


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Finish: Satin
  • Blade count: 1
  • Sheath: Ballistic Nylon
  • Tool list: Consists of 18 major tools like pliers, grippers, knife, drivers, leverage, wire stripper, crimpers, can opener, bottle opener, ruler, v-cutter, blade, awl, saw, and a file.

Pros & Cons

  • Set of all major tools with 18 functions, make it a dependable multi-tool
  • Ideal multi-tools to tackle various jobs
  • Perform both indoor and outdoor tasks effectively
  • The locking system doesn’t work well


SOG PowerAssist

SOG PowerAssist
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If you are looking for an everyday carry multi-tool, which is fancy and practical and can deliver in times of need, the SOG PowerAssist is the right decision to make.

The attractive black color of the multi-tool, with a black oxide finish and ballistic nylon covering sheath, gives away an intriguing outlook.

The vast range of multi-tools includes both major and essential tools, with some extra side tools intact with this lightweight daily carry. The essential tools contain powerful pliers, blades, drivers, and crimping and cutting tools with compound leverage, strong grips, and hard bites. The pliers provide a strong grip over any object which needs to be twisted or held tight while amending.

The pocket knife contains two types of blades, a straight edge and the other serrated, with a blade material of 420 stainless steel. This makes the knife corrosion-free and hard enough to cut without applying much force on it.

The most diverse variety in the tools is found among the drivers, which consist of four types of screwdrivers (large, medium, and small). There is a Philips screwdriver included for any specific fix that needs delicate handling.

Then comes the cutting and crimping tools, such as a V-cutter, hard wire cutter, blasting cap/ wire crimper, for any instant professional wiring work. The extra side tools include a ruler (on the back), a can, and a bottle opener, with a 3-sided file in the end.

The package comes with a boxed up multi-tool, a user guide, and a warranty for any damage detected


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Finish: Black oxide
  • Blade count: 2
  • Sheath: Ballistic Nylon
  • Tool list: Consists of 16 major tools like pliers, gripper, crimpers, blades, ruler, drivers, cutters, bottle opener, can opener, v-cutter, and a file.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact size and easy to carry
  • Easy blade access when the EDC is closed
  • Pliers, drivers, and the knife are great for quick in-house fixtures
  • A bit expensive


SOG PowerLock vs PowerAssist – The Comparison

The products produced by SOG have no quality, strength or durability doubts, and the multi-tools are satisfactory and long-lasting. However, the tools’ performance is surely debatable.

  • For starters, the outlook of PowerAssist is quite enticing comparatively to the PowerLock However, the functions of PowerLock are way more reliable than the PowerAssist tool.
  • The PowerAssist has two blades, whereas the PowerLock has a single one. But the pliers’ jaws, blades including the locks, and the screwdrivers of PowerLock exhibit more lasting sturdiness than the PowerAssist



After evaluating all the features and their outcome, we can say that both the products are wonderful. However, if you are searching for a well-equipped and reliable multi-tool, you might want to select the SOG PowerLock as a worthy companion. This will provide you all the assistance you need, regardless of being indoor or outdoor.

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