Roxon CM1349 SPARK Review

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Multitools are a good alternative for bulky tool kits when you are out on camping/hiking activities. When it comes to Roxon, it is not a new name for those who have experience with multitools. Roxon’s multitools not only surpass expectations but are practical enough to overcome users’ challenges in their everyday tasks and outdoor activities. This new model of multitool, Roxon CM1349 Spark, is another such gift that lives up to the brand’s reputation and we have the pleasure to write it’s review.

Having 14 tools packed in a sturdy built, this multitool has taken people by frenzy.

The article below will shed light on all the nooks and crannies of this multitool to let you know what’s all the hype about.

Roxon CM1349 SPARK Multitool Plier, 14-in-1 Multitools Folding Plier, Multipurpose Outdoor Survival Portable Multi Tool Set
  • LOCKING MECHANISM: Independent locking mechanism, all the tools lock nicely into place. 14 functions in 1, includes saw, knife, can opener, bottle opener, flat screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, needlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters (Soft/Hard...
  • OUTDOOR ESSENTIAL: Quick access to the knife, and the good size blade actually came really sharp so no additional work was required. EDC multi-tool with belt clip for camping and hiking.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: The handle is made of nylon and fiber plastic, it's lightweight and compact. Feels good at the grip.

Roxon Spark Design & Build

For a multitool that is packing as many as 14 tools inside it, this one is very lightweight and portable. With a decent weight of 8.2 ounces, you will barely feel it in your pocket. Adhering to highest quality standards, this one is completely coated in black with oxidation-resistance that gives it a high-end profile.

The handles are made of glass fiber with excellent ergonomics. Another good thing is that it has a locking mechanism. Meaning, all tools will be locked when you open it for convenient usage. In addition, easy and direct access to all the tools makes its use a breeze.

Due to its small and compact size, it can be easily carried around in its nylon pouch or even in your pocket. Also, there is a back clip on one handle for hanging it firmly on your belt. All in all, you are getting superior quality and durability without spending an extravagant amount.

Tools Included

Tools that are included in Roxon Spark are:

  • Multi-pliers
  • Knife
  • Saw
  • Can and bottle opener
  • Screwdrivers – flathead and Philip screwdriver
  • Wire cutters
  • Flint stone
  • Whistle
  • Reamer
  • Awl

Flint stone

In the set of 14 tools, the incorporation of a flint stone is definitely the highlighting feature of this multitool. Just like the name, this flint stone when scraped with the blade of scraper or saw tooth produces enough spark to light up a fire. In addition, it can be converted into a whistle when turned upside down.

In a home, they might not be used that frequently; but when you are out camping or any other excursion, these two can become a lifesaver.


The multitool contains a standard spring-loaded needle-nose pliers and regular pliers. The nose of multi-functioning pliers is thin and pointy enough to enter any nook and cranny to get the job done in a slick manner. Moreover, the regular pliers hold bolts/nuts firmly in its teeth to screw/unscrew them without difficulty.

Also, with the glass fiber handles, it is held firmly in hand during use.

At the base of the pliers is a wire cutter. The blades of wire cutter are chiseled so well that it cuts any soft or hard material like a breeze. However, the inserts wire cutter) are non-replaceable once they wear out after long usage.

The most appealing factor is that this multitool comes with an automatic lock mechanism that keeps all the tools locked in place when you are using pliers.

Knife Blade and Saw

Knife blade is placed inside one handle. It can be quickly deployed for use when the liner is pressed. The tanto-style, non-serrated blade cuts any material from paper to small wood with ease.

On the other handle is a saw tooth. There is a liner that needs to be pressed to unlock the saw blade. The blade is not long, but its sharp teeth easily cut through wood.

Other Tools

The remaining tools are controlled by a switch. The switch is pushed upwards to unlock three parts that contain all the other tools – screwdrivers, reamer, scraper, awl, can and bottle opener.

Like flint stone, the reamer is another unique tool incorporated in this multitool.  It is placed in a single blade along with awl and scraper. With the help of the reamer, you can give finishing to any drilled hole by awl with absolute precision.

The scraper will easily remove paint, dirt or any other element with ease.

The Philip screwdriver positions at the center of the bottom side when taken out of handle which makes it very easy to use it.

Can and bottle opener come in very handy for removing corks of bottles and tin lids of cans.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact size with durable built
  • Practical functioning tools
  • Automatic lock
  • Reasonable price
  • Suitable for outdoors
  • Non-replaceable wire cutter
  • Medium and wide flat screwdrivers are absent

Conclusion of Roxon Spark Review

Like all other multitools by Roxon, this one also has a practical set of instruments that can easily tackle mundane challenges at home or on camping, etc. At a reasonable price you get a high-quality multitool with comfortable usage.

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