Leatherman Surge vs Supertool 300

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Leatherman is one of the most sought after brand for multi-tools. This brand has come up with some heavy-duty multi-tools that are super reliable and efficient. Having these qualities in common, the tools differ based on their purpose, appearance, price, and some other features. These differences make them suitable for different types of people and various situations. The upgrades that are made to these tools over time make them far more versatile.

The Surge and the Supertool300 by Leatherman are respectively seen as upgraded versions of Wave and Rebar. You will find it difficult to choose between the two due to their robust design and variety. We have given a detailed comparison of the two products below and have highlighted all the necessary differences that you will need in order to make a decision.

Leatherman Surge vs Supertool 300 – Overview


Leatherman Surge

Leatherman Surge
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Surge contains both types of pliers: needle-nosed and regular; they are rock solid and create larger torque. This tool also contains a mix of three types of wire cutters, including hard-wire cutters, stranded wire cutters, and regular wire cutters. The wire crimpers that are located at the jaw of the tools also perform quite well.

Surge has two knife blades that are both made up of 420HC stainless steel. One of the blades is serrated and the other is smooth.

This multi-tool contains scissors that are larger than in any other multi-tools. They are quite useful in cutting through thick plastic, fishing line, paper, etc.

Another interesting feature of the Surge is its blade exchanger, which lets you easily switch between your saw blades. The toothed saw blade helps you cut through a range of materials, while the smooth metal blade is thinner than a standard saw blade. A standard saw blade has file coatings on each side.

The files have two types of coating, one is of wood or metal and the other is diamond. You can use the wood/metal file to file rough metal and wooden surfaces. The diamond file serves as an excellent sharpening tool – you can use it to sharpen the edges of other tools. However, it is not designed to be the main sharpening tool and is good only for touch-ups.

The two flathead screwdrivers and the exchangeable bit driver include in Surge are also quite useful. It also features a wire stripper, a bottle, and a can opener, along with an 8-inch ruler.

You can use the awl on the Surge to create holes in tough materials or to sew them with the threaded loop.

Leatherman Supertool 300

Leatherman Supertool 300
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The Supertool300, like the Surge, offers a regular and a needle-nosed plier along with the three types of replaceable wire cutters and electrical crimpers.

The long and sharp knife blades are really efficient in cutting through various rough materials. These blades are 3.2 inches long, which makes them 0.1 inches longer than the knife blades on the Surge.

The open-toothed saw blade is quite sharp and can easily cut through 2 ½ inch branches. Since the Supertool300 does not have a blade exchanger, the saw and the file are placed separately.

The Supertool30 provides a better variety of screwdrivers; it has a Phillips head and three flat head screwdrivers in small, medium, and large sizes. This multi-tool also has a wire stripper, bottle opener, and can opener, along with an awl and a 9-inch ruler.

This tool has a wood/metal plated file which is great for filing metal, wood, and plastic surfaces.


Surge vs Supertool 300 – The Comparison

Build Quality

There are some significant differences in the construction of both the multi-tools, even though they belong to the same brand; however, their quality remains the same. These differences are in their weights, materials, lengths, etc.

The premium multi-tool, Surge, attracts viewers as it is composed of heavy-duty steel with a polished finish that gives it a shiny appearance. The Supertool300 has a similar steel body but with a matte finish.

Both the multi-tools’ dimensions are almost the same; they have an equal folded length of 11.5cm,so they’ll take up the same space in your pocket or on your belt.

The main difference lies in the weights of the two beasts: the Surge weighs about 335 grams, whereas the Supertool300 weighs 272 grams which is way lighter than the former one. Based on this, the Supertool300 is more convenient to carry around compared to the Surge.


The Surge is a traditional-style multi-tool with a few modern features. It has both internal and external tools that are easily accessible by one hand. This tool is a great choice if you constantly find yourself in situations in which you need a third hand. Surge lets you multi-task like a pro.

Furthermore, the Surge features 21 tools all of which, except the pliers, can be locked in their position when opened for use. The user can safely perform the task without having to readjust the tools every minute. Once you are done, you can manually unlock the tools to set them back in their original position.

The Supertool300 is a versatile multi-tool with 19 different tools. All of these tools can be locked in place once opened to ensure ease of use and safety. The handles have blade cutouts that make it easiier to access the tools with gloves or in the dark.

The Supertool300 cannot be operated with one hand, so it might be useless in situations where you only have one free hand. Unlike the other full-size multi-tools introduced by the company, the Supertool300 does not have any removable attachments.


Both the Surge and the Supertool300 are of superior quality and are made to last. If you are looking for a multi-tool that can help you have a plethora of tools available at all times, then the Surge is an amazing choice. However, if you want something basic for everyday use at a lower price, then the Supertool300 would be a more appropriate choice.


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