Leatherman Surge vs Charge TTi

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Leatherman is one of the world’s most famous and top-quality multitools that has been around since 1983. Tim Leatherman, the founder of Leatherman, had the idea of this multitool when he was on a trip where he had to use different tools in different circumstances.

Leatherman multitools have made people’s lives easier since they do not have to carry a lot of tools. You can find all the essential tools we use daily in Leatherman multitools. Some of them are as follows:

  • Pair of Pliers
  • Saws
  • Wire Cutters and Strippers
  • Electrical Crimper
  • Bottle Opener
  • Knives
  • Screwdrivers

Different models have different sizes and types of tools. In this article, we will discuss the difference between the Surge and Charge TTi.

Leatherman Surge vs Charge TTi – Overview


Leatherman Surge

Leatherman Surge
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A complete powerhouse and used for heavy-duty jobs, the Leatherman Surge comes with 21 high-quality tools in its possession. With the largest versions of Leatherman’s pliers and blades, you can use them for heavy tasks where little tools will not be helpful. The saw blade of the Leatherman Surge comes with a blade exchange feature that is perfect for places like camping, hiking, and fishing.

Lanyard Ring

It’s quite frustrating when a tool you are using drops, and you cannot find it. Sometimes, a very important tool gets lost, forcing you to buy a completely new gadget. To solve this issue, Leatherman Surge comes with a lanyard ring. You can attach the tool to the ring and do your work without worrying about dropping and losing it.

All Locking Features

Apart from the plier’s head, you can lock all tools into place. This is for the safety and efficiency of the multitool. With the tool fully opened and locked in place, the user can apply pressure on the tool without worrying about damaging the tool or multitool.

One-Hand Operable

The Leatherman Surge is made in such a way that all the tools can be used with one hand. This one-hand operable feature allows the user to use the other free hand to hold objects. This is quite useful in many situations.

Outside-Accessible Feature

In Leatherman Surge, one can use the outside-accessible feature to use the pocketknife without opening the whole multitool. The outside-accessible feature means to use a tool while the whole gadget remains folded.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with 21 essential tools
  • Compatible with heavy-duty jobs
  • Comes in two colors
  • Quite heavy compared to other Leatherman multitools


Leatherman Charge Plus TTi

Leatherman Charge Plus TTi
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As upgrade means improvements, Leatherman Charge Plus TTi is an improved version of Leatherman Charge Multitool. This comes with 19 essentials tools and a titanium stainless steel body. In case of damaged hard wires and cutters, this Leatherman version allows one to replace them. It is easy to carry on the pocket or crossbody bag because of its size and removable pocket clip.

The Leatherman Charge Plus TTi comes with tools that you can use without opening the whole multitool and has one of the best quality tools.

Lanyard Ring

A lanyard ring is an important feature to have, and like other Leatherman multitools, this is ideal for attaching tools while working, so they do not fall and get lost. People who go hiking or work near water areas usually use this. Apart from this, the lanyard ring in Leatherman Charge Plus TTI has a quick release. This means that it can be released way quicker than other Leatherman models.

All Locking Features

The all-locking feature helps when one opens a tool to its maximum capacity. Because of this, it is easy to exert pressure on the tool while working. This feature keeps the tool’s efficiency and safety in check and also allows the user to use it to its full capability.

Outside-Accessible Features

This feature allows the user to use some tools without opening the complete multitool. It’s also commonly used as a pocketknife even though the whole gadget is completely folded.

One-hand Operable

The Leatherman Charge Plus TTi is one-hand operable. This gives the user freedom, on the other hand, to hold the object or to hold a stiff thing when applying force and pressure on the tool.

Replaceable Pocket Clip

This feature is what makes the difference in the Leatherman Charge Plus TTi. You can use the pocket clip to hang the tool on the pocket or bag pack. The best part is that this pocket clip is replaceable in Leatherman Charge Plus TTi. You can replace it when you have no need.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with replaceable wire cutters
  • Has a Titanium stainless steel body
  • Has an anti-corrosion knife blade
  • A bit expensive


Leatherman Surge vs Charge TTi – The Comparison

Pocket Clip & Lanyard Ring

The replaceable pocket clip and quick-release lanyard ring are the difference in the features of the Leatherman Charge Plus TTi and Leatherman Surge. This is a big deal for people who go for features rather than the number of tools.

Number of Tools

The number of tools is different in these two gadgets. Leatherman Surge comes with 21 essential tools, while the Leatherman Charge Plus TTi comes with 19 tools. Here, Leatherman Surge wins.



This article is a full guide on these two tools and how they are different. The end decision is up to you as the best tool will fit how you wish to use it and where.

In our opinion, the Leatherman Surge wins this just because it has more tools to offer. Yes, features are indeed as important as tools, but the features of Leatherman Charge Plus TTi are almost the same as that of the Surge.

The final decision is yours, and we hope that this article will help you make the right decision. Happy shopping!

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