Leatherman Charge Plus TTi Review

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There are many brands that offer you multitools but Leatherman is one of those brands that creates the best range of multitools. You cannot expect any low-quality products from this brand. The tools by Leatherman are going to blow you away with their build and quality.

In this article, we are going to review a new product for you, a multitool by Leatherman which is the Leatherman Charge Plus TTi. We are going to discuss all the features and the tools the product has to offer for you along with the pros and cons that come with it. Not only that but in the end, we are also going to tell you if this product is worth buying.

Leatherman Charge Plus TTi Review
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Overview of Leatherman Charge Plus TTi Review

The Leatherman Charge Plus TTi is a product that offers you quality. It is built with titanium. The titanium gives it a nice and attractive look, not only that, but the material is quite light in weight. Therefore,making the product quite light in weight too.

If we look at the product, we will find a lot of similarities in the shape and structure of the Leatherman Wave+ and the Leatherman Charge Plus TTi. But the Charge Plus TTi has a lot more to offer. The tool comes with a complete set of features that you definitely need in a multitool device.


If we talk about the design, this multitool is 4 inches long. The weight of the product is comparatively less weighing around at 8.89 oz. Unlike other multitools, you do not have to open the tools with your fingernail tip. The tools can easily be opened and closed by just exerting some force with your thumb.

The tools get locked when closed or fully opened. This prevents you from hurting yourself which could happen as a result of slipping or moving. When new, the handles of the tool are a tad bit stiff. Once the tool is used for a certain duration of time, you do not have to apply a lot of pressure while pressing the pliers anymore.


As we discussed earlier, the Leatherman Wave+ and Leatherman Charge Plus TTi are a lot similar but there is a huge difference when it comes to their prices. The Wave+ belongs to the lower price range. Whereas, the Charge Plus is the multitool with a higher cost.


This multitool comes with a lot of features. Here is a list of tools that you are going to find in this product:

  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Two types of wire cutters
  • Crimper
  • Wire stripper
  • Three knives
  • Saw
  • Ruler
  • Cutting Hook
  • Can opener
  • Metal File
  • Screwdrivers
  • Scissors
  • Wood File
  • Larger bit holder
  • Smaller bit holder

It consists of almost all the tools that you expect in a multitool. The knife is made up of 420 HC steel. This kind of knife is of very high quality. There are also a pair of scissors which is absent in most multitools a lot.

Pros & Cons

  • Good Quality Pliers
  • Titanium Body
  • Top Quality Tools
  • Replaceable Wire Cutters
  • S30V Knife
  • The thing that has bothered us a little is the price of the product being a little bit expensive than average multi tool



In our opinion, it is the best multitool by Leatherman. The tools are not only of a high quality but they work perfectly. The weight of the product makes it easier for people to carry it with them too.The product is highly durable and it has an amazing built quality. It has all the modern and best features that you are going to find in a multitool. Having a high price with all these qualities is okay.In conclusion of our Leatherman Charge Plus TTi Review we can safely and definitely recommend this multitool to everyone.

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