Leatherman Signal vs Wave Plus

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Are you looking to buy a new multi-tool for yourself but can’t decide which one to buy? Then you have come to the right place. Your friends and family might have suggested some to you but in this article, we have included two best multi-tools by Leatherman available in the market. Both possess great features and are promising to fulfill your requirements. We are pretty confident that by the time you reach the end of the article, you would have your pick at the back of your mind. Let’s have a detailed look at them.

Leatherman is a famous company known for its high-quality, functional multi-tools. Their products have been designed keeping the users’ needs in mind. The company has introduced a new trend of impressive tools all in a single product. Two great multi-tools of the company are Leatherman Signal and Leatherman Wave Plus. Both multi-tools are designed for outdoor uses and adventures with unique feature sets. They are available in a similar price range therefore it is difficult to say which one provides a better value for the money.

The best thing about these multi-tools is that they can fit into your palm, or you can also attach them with your keychain. You can carry them anywhere you want. You can find many bigger and unique multi-tools in the market, but these two multi-tools by Leatherman assure both efficiency and portability. The tools setup is very simple but gets the job done for most small tasks. Everything about the multi-tools is designed for ease of use, portability, and compliance with security regulations.

Leatherman Signal vs Wave Plus – Overview



Leatherman Signal

Leatherman Signal
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The Leatherman Signal looks like any other multi-tool. All the tools included are combined nicely which offers everyday utility. It covers out most of the basic and standard needs. The Signal includes everyday functional tools with new outdoor features so that you will be prepared no matter what nature throws at you. It will help you to cut things, open bottles and cans, turn screws and bolts, and saw things.

The Signal includes a variety of pliers, knife, hammer, can and bottle openers, wire strippers, wire cutter, saw, carabiner, a variety of wrenches and bit drivers, diamond coated sharpener, ferrocerium rod, safety whistle, and awl with thread loop. It is equipped with a carabiner and pocket clip, so it is always within reach. You can clip it in your pocket or on your backpack.

Most often you only have one hand to spare. The Signal needs only one hand to unlock and use all the tools including those which can’t be accessible from outside. So, you can easily do multitasking with all the locking features. The best thing about Leatherman Signal is that it is backed up by a 25-year limited warranty to ensure you have many years of dependable service. In case you face any issue just send the multi-tool to them and they will fix it up.


Leatherman Wave Plus

Leatherman Wave Plus
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The Leatherman Wave Plus is a fresh upgrade by the company to its most popular multi-tools list. The product is very light in weight and super portable so you can carry it with yourself anywhere you want. The clip of the Wave Plus allows you to clip it on your backpack or in your pocket. It includes all the essential tools you need for basic needs.

The Wave Plus includes a variety of tools for tackling tough jobs for years to come. The tools include wire stripper, replaceable wire cutters, pliers, knives, can and bottle openers, saw, screwdrivers, spring-action scissors, ruler, and files. The pocket-sized classic feature all-locking blades can be trusted around the home, on the job site, or outdoors. Just like the Signal, Wave Plus can be easily opened by one hand and you can also access those tools that are outside.

The Leatherman Wave Plus also comes with a 25-year limited warranty ensuring that product remains your reliable companion for a long time. You can contact their customer service in case of any problem with the tool. They offer service free of cost and will send you back the multi-tool after fixing the issue.


Signal vs Wave Plus – Comparison

Leatherman Signal features aluminum construction and chassis holds forged steel tools. When closed it measures 4.5 inches long. The lightweight of 7.5 oz makes it super portable and light on the pocket. The knife blade and saw are mounted on the outside held by durable frame locks so that you can access them without unfolding the entire body. But you have to be extra careful when opening the knife as it may cut if you place your thumb in the wrong position.

On the other hand, Leatherman Wave Plus features a light-weighted yet strong design. It is made of stainless steel and features handle scales for the best durability and ruggedness. As compared to the Signal, Wave Plus is shorter in size but a little heavier. It measures 4 inches long when folded but the weight is about 8.5 oz.  It is lightweight and compact to be carried in the pocket.

The Leatherman Signal comes equipped with 19 built-in tools. It also includes sturdy wire cutters and pliers but there is just one combination knife in it. Signal also comes with a can and bottle opener, saw, and wire stripper.

On the other hand, The Leatherman Wave Plus comes equipped with a feature set of 17 built-in tools. It has proved to be a great EDC multi-tool. The saw, knives, and pliers are durable and rough. The scissors with spring-action mechanism are quite small but are pretty handy. You can use the replaceable wire cutters, screwdriver, wire stripper, can and bottle opener, ruler, two drivers, and files for heavy-duty tasks.

Final Words

In the end of this comparison of Leatherman Signal vs Wave Plus, the Wave Plus is recommended due to the more versatile feature set and the better design. It is useful for outdoor and EDC uses. However, if you are looking for a fine, stylish multi-tool for a gift, then you may choose the Leatherman Signal. However, the choice is yours.

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