Leatherman Signal vs MUT

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Multi-tooled knives are one of humankind’s exciting innovations. They are incredibly compact and helpful and can come in handy in various situations.

These multi-tooled knives have a vast array of functions that you can employ almost every day. Carrying a multi-tooled knife around is incredibly useful, but what makes them stand out from the rest of such tacky gadgets is their straightforward access. It essentially means that you will never be without simple everyday accessories like scissors, knives, or even screwdrivers.

These knives have several other uses too. You may choose the one best aligned to your use. The market displays a vast array of such multi-tools; this is why it can sometimes be challenging to choose a multi-tooled knife. For this reason, in this article, we will compare two different Leatherman products to help you decide between them.

Leatherman Signal vs MUT – Overview


Leatherman Signal

Leatherman Signal
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Leatherman Signal knife connects a range of everyday tools with the latest outdoor features. You can use various functions present in the knife, such as wire cutters, pliers, knives, hammers, saw, or even a can opener.

This product is suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities, making it a versatile tool.

One of the most indispensable features of this product is its wire cutters. You can use the pliers to bend, cut, or grip wires without too much hassle. This can come in handy in sticky situations. It is perfect for DIY projects or moulding objects into certain shapes.

As long as you comply with the safety features, this product will not harm you. It comes with a protective sheath that needs to be put on the knife when it is not used.

For easy access to Leatherman’s Signal knife, the company has included a pocket clip in the package, ensuring that it is always well within reach.

Another great feature of this knife is that it comes with a 25-year warranty. This ultimately makes this product hard to resist. This product also comes with a hammerlock that appeals to its safety features.

However, this unit may come across as a bit pricey to some customers who might be looking for less expensive options. This hefty price tag, along with this product’s dimensions (which are comparatively small), can prevent many people from buying it.

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable handle
  • Has numerous everyday features
  • It comes with a protective sheath
  • Slightly expensive



Leatherman MUT

Leatherman MUT
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Leatherman MUT is a beneficial object to keep around. However, this knife weighs around 16 ounces, which can make carrying it with you somewhat tricky. For this reason, this knife is commonly used to maintain military gear.

This knife is a tactical multi-tooled one. It comprises a total of 14 tools, which is incredibly impressive for its size and dimension. Some of these tools include pliers, knives, cutting hooks, hammers, firearm disassembly punch, and bolts. This vast array of features make this product one of the most desirable ones on the market.

This military knife can also be opened from the outside, meaning you don’t need to put in extra effort to use it. Moreover, this knife also comes with a comfortable handle, ensuring that your experience with it is a comfortable one.

For easy access to Leatherman’s MUT knife, this product comes with a pocket clip that ensures it is always within reach.

However, certain drawbacks include the fact that it may not be suited to every person. As previously mentioned, this is a tactical knife that is best suited for military personnel or civilian shooters. This means that not many people would prefer having such an armoury in their homes. Moreover, this unit is relatively harder to carry around due to its size and can prevent the ease of mobility.

Another drawback of this multi-tool is its cost. It is relatively expensive and can prevent customers from buying it. However, since this is a lifetime commitment and comes with a 25-year warranty, this product is hard to resist.

Pros & Cons

  • It consists of 14 tools
  • It comes with a pocket clip
  • 25-year warranty
  • It can be difficult to carry around



Leatherman Signal vs MUT – The Comparison

So far, we have reviewed and analyzed two unique products available on the market for us. Both these products have almost the same features, making them incredibly competitive. However, choosing between them depends on nothing but your objective alone.

While Signal can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes, MUT is specifically designed for tactical purposes, such as military personnel. MUT isn’t recommended for basic household tasks, which gives Signal an edge over it.

This makes Leatherman Signal the preferable option for families. Secondly, Leatherman’s MUT is also relatively more costly, which can deter customers from buying it.

However, on the other side of the coin lie, the prodigious amount of features integrated into the MUT attracts many customers. It has a vast array of different tools for almost every purpose you can think of. This makes MUT a great contender in the market of multi-tooled knives and something worth spending some extra bucks on.

Conclusively, both these products provide easy access to the user while their preference depends entirely on the buyer’s objective.


The times where we used to carry toolboxes along with us for every essential task are long gone. They have been replaced by this great utility device that is taking over households in rapid succession.

We have uncovered two of the best products on the market thus far, and hopefully, we have guided you into choosing one product over the other based on your objectives alone.

Make sure that you follow all the safety precautions while handling these multi-tooled knives. As long as you do that, this would be an exciting journey for you.

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