Leatherman Sidekick Review

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Multi-tools are built to offer a variety of uses but few actually deliver their purpose. When it comes to choosing the best multi-tool, you will come across a lot of different options. Leatherman, Hoffman and Victorinox have given some topnotch, high-quality multi-tools to the users and other enthusiasts. However, each differs in its quality and functionality. To choose one, you need to look below at our Leatherman Sidekick Review.

With increasing popularity and demand, multi-tools have become a must-have. They offer great help and convenience, especially on the go. Adventurers and travelers understand the importance of such tools. As it is difficult to keep a toolbox with you all the time, a multi-tool usually includes all the basic tools to tackle challenges easily.

Leatherman Sidekick is one of the entry-level multi-tools coming from Leatherman – a tool brand in business for more than 30 years. With its expert manufacturing and top-quality build, it is well-known for its multi-tools.

Leatherman Sidekick Review
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Leatherman Sidekick Review – Overview

Leatherman Sidekick is one of the quality multi-tools, like the Leatherman Wave and Squirt, coming at an affordable price and just the right size. It is 3.8 inches long. Weighing 7 oz. only, it is very lightweight and easy to carry around. At the very first glance, Leatherman Sidekick appears to be unique thus, different than its counterparts. With its less symmetrical yet functional design, Leatherman Sidekick has to put a lot on the table.


Built with 420HC stainless steel, the durability of Leatherman Sidekick is out of the question. Its high-quality steel construction makes it a very durable and solid tool. You need not worry about rust or corrosion on this tool either. With its 25-year built warranty, Leatherman Sidekick is going to be your partner for decades.

Shape and Design

The shape and design of this multi-tool is less symmetrical, as compared to its counterparts, but offers very convenient handling. With rounded handles, it is easy to grab and use each tool.


Leatherman Sidekick comes with a pocket clip so you can keep it with you all the time. Other than that, it offers a nylon pouch in which you can easily store your multi-tool and protect it from any rust or damage.

So, if you need to use your multi-tool right away, use the pocket clip. Otherwise, you can keep it in your travel bag inside its storage case that comes with it.

Main Features

Leatherman Sidekick is known for its high-quality manufacturing, unique design, superb functionality and ease of use. Let’s look into its detailed features.

All-in-one Tool

Leatherman Sidekick comes with 14 different tools which include spring-action pliers as the main tool. Other tools, inside and out of the handle, include saw, knife blades, wire cutters screwdriver and a lot more. Also, it has many unique tools such as saw blade instead of scissors that are more efficient and sharp than regular small-sized scissors.


The pliers come in a needle-nose pointed shape and are spring-action. This makes it easier and safer to open and close these pliers. These hold up well and the credit goes to their exceptionally-built bite pattern. Also, the handles offer an ergonomic grip that allows convenient functionality.

You will be surprised to know that these needle-nose point pliers also have regular plier area right under the tip. With that, you can handle any small to medium-sized bolts.

Wire cutters

When it comes to wire cutters, you might notice a little gap between the ends as you close the cutters. This might not affect its functionality when dealing with thick copper and other similar wires but when small or stranded cables are concerned, it can be very hectic.

Knife blades

For people who require more than one knife blade, Leatherman Sidekick offers two different types of knife blades – a large, straight blade and a small, serrated blade. Made up of 420HC stainless steel, these blades are strong and sharp enough. Also, the large blade comes attached to the outside and so is easily accessible. Being 2.6 inch in length, it is very handy in making quicker cuts.

When you need to cut ropes, cords, cardboard and similar stuff, small serrated blades are better to use up. It is a little longer than half the outside length, it’s a large blade but is also more efficient and tough due to its serratedness. Taking up a small space, it delivers great use and we admire Leatherman for that.


Other than these, three screwdrivers on Leatherman Sidekick also deliver significant functions. Out of these, one is cross driver style screwdriver while the other two are flathead screwdrivers coming in a small and medium-size. Each of these work well in their respective areas.

Filer and Ruler

The filer and ruler are a nice addition but could have been better. The filer is too small to file a rough surface and the ruler is too short (only 1.5 inches) to get good measurements as well. Compared to this, Leatherman Micra has a larger ruler (4.7 inches) and a better filer. However, both of these tools are not a major requirement and so, we don’t mind the lesser functionality they offer.

Other tools

Moreover, the wire stripper, bottle opener and can opener are some basic tools but render important functions. For people always on the go, a bottle and can opener come in handy.


Pros & Cons

  • Rounded handles
  • Quality construction
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to store
  • Affordable
  • Gap found in wire cutters
  • Small ruler and filer
  • Small internal tools



Coming at an affordable price, Leatherman Sidekick is a great entry-level multi-tool. It comes with all the basic and important tools that deliver top notch functionality. Yes, it’s not fancy or a high-end multi-tool but we like the level of usability and reliability it offers. Overall, it makes for a good-enough multi-tool for those on the go.

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