Leatherman Rebar vs Wave Plus

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If you are from the EDC community associated with knives and multi-tools, then you must have come across the Leatherman. The Leatherman is a well-known American multi-tool company that sold its first product in 1983 and has been bringing about great innovations in its products since then.We decided to compare these multitools to help you understand their features in this Leatherman Rebar vs Wave Plus comparison article.

Tim Leatherman, partnered with Steve Berliner, started the company when he felt a desperate need for multi-tools himself during his vacation in Europe with his wife, where they constantly met with poor plumbing in hotels and damaged car parts. Tim’s idea was to make a “Pocket Survival Tool” that can be easily carried around by people to assist them with their regular needs as it is quite inconvenient to carry a whole tool kit everywhere. This idea was turned into a brand in a short time.

The Wave Plus and rebar are the two most demanded products by the brand. They have divided the market with their looks and features. The Rebar looks more like a rough guy, whereas the Wave Plus has a more classic appearance. The Wave Plus  is heavier and more expensive than the rebar, but it still has a large fan base. Let’s have a detailed look at all the features that these products offer.

Leatherman Rebar vs Wave Plus – Overview

Size And Weight

Since both the products are full-sized, they have almost the same dimensions, with a closed length of 4 inches. However, there is a drastic difference between the weights of the two. The Rebar weighs 6.7 oz. while the wave is 1.8 oz. heavier, with a total weight of 8.5 oz. Therefore, the rebar is quite light to carry around in your pocket or on your belt.


Both the Wave Plus and Rebar, are made up of durable stainless steel and also come with the option to have a black oxide finish for those who like a rougher look.


The Rebar has comfortable handles that provide a firm grip. Both the multi-tools have a locking mechanism, which locks all the tools in place when opened completely. This ensures safety during use.

Leatherman Wave Plus comes with 18 tools most of which are outside-accessible, whereas the rebar has 17 tools, most of which are internal, with only a few, like the knives, on the outside. The main blades, the saw and the coated files can be operated by one hand only while the other tools require the user to engage both the hands. On the other hand, the rebar cannot be operated with one hand.


Wave Plus vs Rebar – Comparison

The Wave Plus

Leatherman Wave Plus
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Leatherman Wave Plus comes with both needlenose and regular pliers, along with an electrical crimper. Its wire cutters have sturdy, removable blades, which are quite easy to sharpen than the traditional wire cutter blades.

On the outer side of the handle are two 2.9 inch long knife blades, one serrated and the other flat. These blades are also quite easy to use, maintain, and sharpen.

The Wave Plus has coated files on each side of the handle. One of the files is wood/metal-coated, which is used to smoothen rough wooden surfaces, whereas, the other is diamond-coated, which can be used to sharpen blades.

It has large bit holders, flat screwdriver and a mini screwdriver bit holder.  It also has a saw, can opener and wire stripper. The scissors on the Wave Plus are very useful and can be used to cut plastic, paper or cardboard. When you unfold the handles of the Wave Plus together, you get an 8-inch long ruler, which is a very commonly required tool.


The Rebar

Leatherman Rebar
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The Rebar has pliers, wire cutters and electrical crimper, similar to the Wave Plus. Rebar also lets you replace the wire cutter blades easily unlike some older models of its family. The two knife blades on the outside of the handle are 2.9 inches long and super-sharp. One of them is serrated, and the other is smooth, making them useful for various purposes.

The Rebar is equipped with three different types of screwdrivers, two with flat heads and one is with Phillips’s head. The Phillips’s head makes one of the Leatherman’s classic multi-tool as most of the newer models by the company have bit drivers instead. The two flat heads are in small and large sizes.

It also has a wire stripper, can opener, and a saw. Moreover, it has an awl and dual-sided file. The file has one single-cut side, and the other is double cut with diamond pattern. The rulers along the handle of the Rebar make a total of 8-inches measuring area.

Who Are These Multi-Tools For?

The Wave Plus is equipped with standard tools, which makes it suitable for handymen or people from the EDC community. The Rebar isn’t as loaded with tools as the Wave Plus, but it can be used by almost everyone.


Leatherman is determined to provide the best and most satisfying products and has undoubtedly proven to do so. Its well-built tools last a long time and can be passed on to generations, but if you, in any case, mess up your multi-tool you can simply get it repaired by the company for free. The best part is that this warranty lasts for about 25 years.



The Rebar is quite similar to the original PST by the Leatherman, with all the required tools and an affordable price. It does not come with any rare tools but the most basic ones along with light weight, which makes it a good choice for daily use.

Wave Plus is one of the best-selling products by Leatherman. It has classic appearance with some amazing features like the scissors, the coated file, bit holder and a lot more in a small size, which can be operated with one hand. However, if you want to save some money, you’d find this an expensive option.

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