Gerber eFECT Multitool Review

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For all the soldiers fighting for their countries on a battlefield, maintaining and looking after their war weapons is a difficult task. Therefore, with limited available space deployed for every soldier, it is nearly impossible to carry all the cleaning equipment that can help maintain the performance of their weapons. Even if you are not a deployed soldier but just someone who owns a weapon, you would know how hard it is to clean weapons, especially M4, A4, and M16 together. There are so many tools that you need, but owning them all at one time can also hurt your pocket. This is the review of one such multitool, the Gerber eFECT.

Gerber eFECT Review – Overview

But what if we tell you that there is a single weapon maintenance tool with six locking blades, perfectly designed for cleaning weapons like M4, A4, and M16? With three different blades on each side, Gerber eFECT Weapon Maintenance Tool is the result of pure innovation and dedication and aims to be a problem-solving tool for weapons. Its compact size and lightweight structure also make it a favorite among people who own weapons.

An AR Cleaning Tool

The Gerber eFECT has six cleaning blades, three on each side. These include a steel scraper, a nylon brush, a flathead screwdriver, a pin pinch, a dental tool, and a four-pronged front side tool. Gerber eFECT is a single tool designed to carry all the basic cleaning equipment without carrying an added weight, price, or complications that a multi-tool usually has.

This equipment has threaded receptacles that are very convenient for rods and bore snakes. Therefore, the front sight adjustment tool is the most useful one for many weapon holders. This adjustment tool has two parts that you can separate from the eFECT maintenance tool. Since M4 and M16 use different kinds of pins for their front sights, this maintenance multitool has four pins and five pin heads to meet that demand.

This AR tool is compatible with Otis, so you have the advantage of using Otis components from your Otis kit with this little device.

A Durable Machine

Gerber has used the softest of steel as a material for this multi-tool. This maintenance tool is highly durable and can last for an extended period. The material used for the body of this multi-tool is sturdy with a rough texture, so you can easily carry it without letting it slip from your hands. A locking bar with anodized steel is fixed on the body to keep all the tools locked in a fixed position. Hence, this makes this multi-tool pretty safe for the owner.

Compact Form Factor

Another reason why we like the eFECT maintenance tool is that it has quite a compact size. It is just of the perfect size to keep in a small bag. Furthermore, its size is equal to ⅔ of your hand, which makes it very lightweight to hold. If you are a soldier deployed on a war, this machine will also come in handy considering the limited space you will have to keep your belongings.


  • It weighs 6.4 ounces
  • This tool’s dimensions are 5 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Manufactured by Gerber Legendary Blades
  • Made from soft steel and an uneven structure
  • Has a pin puncher for pins
  • It is compact
  • Has a magnetic attachment that you can replace or flip
  • Threaded receptacles for bore snakes and rods
  • Tools made from anodized steel
  • ACU sheath

Pros & Cons

  • Durable product
  • Textured for a good grip
  • Compatible with Otis cleaning components
  • Made only for M4, M16, and A4


Gerber eFECT Review – Conclusion

The durability and the light weight of this multitool have also been the talk of the town. Despite all the good things, some users have complained about it being a little expensive, but then again, it comes down to its excellent features that completely justify the price charged for this tiny device.

Gerber’s eFECT is a magical machine in a tiny body. That’s how we will put it! Owning this little multi tool will undoubtedly save every weapon holder from all the unwanted cleaning hassle and the worry of not finding a proper blade for the job. Therefore, we recommend Gerber eFECT to those who prefer a cleaning multi-tool over a bunch of individual tools any day.


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