Victorinox SwissChamp XLT Review

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You don’t need to own a huge trunk full of big-body separate tools to feel like an army person, a hunter, or even a camper. All you require is to get yourself a multitool that suits your needs. Out of millions of models out there, we’re going to look into the ones that are exclusively made for army, combat, or camping purposes. Our goal in this review of Victorinox SwissChamp XLT was to write a detailed article of this swiss army knife and what features it has. These devices deal with problems that are bound to emerge at irregular times. So, it would be wearisome to bring out your hefty bag of tools and machinery. Why don’t you bring a little ease to your life by purchasing a multi-tool?

Victorinox SwissChamp XLT Review
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Victorinox SwissChamp XLT Review – Overview

This à la mode army pocket tool is an armory itself. It not only holds the tools for regular usage but also some handy combat equipment for self-defense. This product has three to four times as many functions as other multitools you might witness in the market. In terms of holding a large number of instruments, it easily outshines them all.

The complete arsenal of tools and knives that it provides is one of its kind. That is why swiss pocket tools are popular for their immense versatility. This Swisschamp XLT product provides more than twenty functions in just a single keychain, which can be held anywhere as small as your pocket.

Features of the SwissChamp XLT


The magic lies in the material used to construct these blades. The sturdy stainless-steel material is what provides the everlasting quality. On the other hand, having multiple tools doesn’t compromise performance or durability. The tools are well built and always ready to serve their purpose for long.

Ergonomic design

Given the number of features it practically holds, it still gets the tasks done successfully. With a good deal of functions, we can only wonder how much effort and time it saves. You can overcome countless routinely problems that can spoil your day with just a device that has a three to four inches total length.

Whether you are casually roaming around the house or out on an adventurous trip, the SwissChamp XLT tool wins over all the difficult situations anywhere. Its portable and smart design is the key feature that makes the SwissChamp XLT device impressive.

Legendary blades

Victorinox SwissChamp XLT is equipped with one large and one small blade. They may not stand out in looks, but in terms of performance, they have no rivals. The blades have small yet sharp edges that can cut anything that comes in their way. Not only do they provide a workplace function but they also act as easily deployable weapons that can be used for self-defense.


The groundbreaking thing about SwissChamp XLT pliers is that they successfully serve the purpose of what they are constructed for. No matter how hard you try, you wouldn’t notice any flimsy parts or loosened up joints. On the contrary, all the joints hold their positions so that the tools are always heldfirmly in place. That’s the beauty of this product. Along with their trademark look, these instruments come with the trademark quality as well.

Other features

You’d be stunned to witness the endless numbers of assignments that it can carry out. Its gazillions of functions make sure that you triumph over all the complications that come in your way.

No matter how useful your regular sized tools are, it is impractical to bring them where you go. Therefore, Swisschamp XLT might be the gadget you are looking for. This product is designed to be able to utilize not only indoors but especially in the field. Whether you are out there in the wilderness fishing, camping, hanging out, cycling, boating, etc. or in the field as a soldier, it can prove an ideal companion.

Available Tools

  • High-quality wire cutter
  • Pliers
  • Small scissors
  • Wire stripping tool
  • Large screwdriver with 6 mm of length
  • Small screwdriver with 3 mm of length
  • Bottle opener
  • Can opener
  • Reamer and sewing awl
  • Large blade
  • Small blade
  • Ruler measuring in inches
  • Ruler measuring in cm
  • Hook disgorger
  • Fish scaler
  • Corkscrew
  • Keyring
  • Philips screwdriver ½
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick
  • Multipurpose hook
  • Wire crimping tool
  • A stainless steel pin
  • Mini screwdriver
  • Pressurized ballpoint pen
  • Screwdriver with 2.5 mm of length
  • Chisel 4 mm
  • Small magnifying glass
  • Metal file
  • Metal saw
  • Nail cleaner
  • Nail filer
  • Replaceable wood saw
  • Lanyard ring

Imagine all these lists of features aforementioned fitted in three or four inches of the device. It sounds insanely impressive that you can carry a device that completes these functions and fits in your pocket or a small compartment of your backpack. Only Victorinox has done the impossible by giving us this wonder multitool.


Pros & Cons

  • The blades have sharp edges to cut through anything even when fresh out of the box
  • Varying sizes of screwdrivers allow you to deal with problems more efficiently
  • Even after years of use, the joints and hinges won’t come to lose due to the sturdy material used in its construction
  • The price is quite affordable, and once you’ve bought it, the product will pay off through a lifetime of service
  • They are easily deployable through a minimum range of motions
  • The magnifying glass is small and doesn’t serve the purpose
  • Sometimes while using a tool, the others may come in your way



This warehouse of miniaturized tools that come in handy hundreds of times a day is something that you must have with you. The product is designed to fit everybody’s needs with an arsenal of tools it has inside. For some people, it may seem overcrowded due to some insignificant features such as fish scaler. However, there is no telling when and where these tools come handy. So, we strongly suggest you focus on the prominent instruments like a wood saw, plier, and cutters that are bound to make your life easier than before.

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