Victorinox Huntsman Review

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Swiss Army Knives are extremely popular and classic everyday use products. Their functionality and compact size makes them unique and extremely valuable. But what if we told you there is a Swiss Army Knife out there with an extremely broad range of functions? Yes, we are talking about the Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife. This tool can be your perfect partner for trails and trips and even for daily use.

Victorinox has never disappointed in terms of reliability and durability of its products. Be it cutlery, travel gear, apparel, perfumes, knives or a watch, the customers are clearly satisfied after purchasing Victorinox products. In this review of Victorinox Huntsman, let’s get to know the reasons why you should always carry one in your pocket!

Victorinox Huntsman Review
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Victorinox Huntsman Review – Overview


Perhaps the most important feature of this product is the knife. A knife is super handy in almost every task. You may never know its importance until you come across such a situation where you need it the most. You may encounter a situation that involves cutting a bit of rope or chopping vegetables in the wild while camping. At that case, the super handy and sharp knife will come to your rescue!

Screw Driver

The second most important feature is the screwdriver. Just like a pocket knife, the need of a screwdriver is immense. Mostly when you are in need of a screwdriver, your realice your tool box is at home. A portable screwdriver is very convenient when you need to unscrew or fix something on the go.


The Victorinox Huntsman Pocket Knife is an extremely functional and versatile tool. Following are the product details of Huntsman:

  1. Length of the knife is 3.58 inches.
  2. Height of the knife is 0.827 inches.
  3. It is made up entirely of stainless steel with polished ABS handles.
  4. There are 13 amazing tools offered in Huntsman which assist you in performing 15 types of functions all together.
  5. It comes with a compact leather clip pouch.

Victorinox Huntsman – Features

Let’s get to know more about some of the functions the Victorinox Huntsman Pocket Knife serves in detail.


You never want to be the person who invites people over or brings a bottle of champagne to the party and does not have a corkscrew. Rather, you want to be the person who always carries one in his pocket and even lends it to the host.

Large Screwdriver

Most, if not all, machines and equipment are bound and held together by screws. These screws are of different sizes and require different screwdrivers as such. A large screwdriver for bigger screws will come in real handy when you are out and a machine needs to be fixed or dismantled.

Wire Stripper

This tool is a convenient one if you need to strip a wire often. Stripping a wire without a proper tool, using scissors or any other tool, can be really frustrating. Thereby it makes perfect sense to carry a small wire stripper for ease of stripping.


This handy tool is perfect to make holes bigger, whether the material is wood or plastic. Also, a reamer can be used to stitch leather and cloth as the reamer has a hole made for this purpose. This can be very useful when you’re away from home and need a quick mend.

Key Ring

Something as essential as a Huntsman Pocket Knife should never be lost. A key ring is there for you to attach the swiss army knife to a keychain or to your backpack so you never lose it. You may also use it to pull a small object.


Picking out little things can be difficult with fingertips and nails and when out in the wild. You may even get thorns stuck in your fingers. For your safety, this tool is very helpful in getting that thorn or any small object out.


One should always look fresh and never have leftover food stuck in their teeth. It is very awkward to carry a whole pack of toothpicks but a hidden one in your pocket knife can be a savior.


Scissors in general are an important part of our everyday life and their uses are countless. Not having a pair when you need them can be quite frustrating. Every Swiss Knife comes with scissors because of their importance.

Multi Purpose Hook

This tool might not be very commonly used but it can be helpful when in need of pulling something through a hook. You can use it to attach to a parcel and carry it, lift something hot, or pull something from a thin wire or thread.

Wood Saw

Not quite like a real wood saw to cut trees, but you might need it to set up camps or attach your hammocks. This little wood saw is sharp enough to do all these and more. It is a handy tool for small wood tasks.

Pros & Cons

  • Has many different colors to chose from
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Affordable
  • None


The Conclusion

We are sure that after reading about the features of the Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife, you are really impressed by this super functional and versatile product. A lot of daily needs like tightening screws, flossing teeth, filing nails and many more can be met by having this super compact tool in your pocket. Due to its toughness, durability and design, many users all around the globe are its fans.

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