Victorinox Executive Review

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Swiss Army Knives are an extremely popular and an all-time classic, everyday use product. Their functionality and compact size makes them unique and extremely valuable. But what if we told you there is a Swiss Army Knife out there with extremely broad range of functions within a single tool! Yes, we are talking about the Victorinox Swiss Army Executive Knife in this review. This tool can be a perfect addition in your corner office. It makes endless amounts of task at office easy.

Victorinox Executive Review
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Victorinox Executive – Key Features

Nail File and Cleaner

Perhaps, this feature is one of our most favorites in Executive Knife. Either at home, office, or at a picnic, this knife can come in handy if you get a sudden need to file or clean your finger nails. It actually removes the need of carrying an extra tool with you i.e. a nail cutter/filer.

Orange Peeler with Screw Driver Tip

There is nothing more frustrating than having to peel an orange in the middle of work and getting your hands dirty. And that is why the Victorinox Executive Knife has offered this feature. Quickly and easily, enjoy your oranges anytime, anywhere.


The Victorinox Executive Knife is an extremely functional and versatile tool for everyday use. It is specially designed to provide you functionality and surpassed quality. Whether you are a manager with a corner office or an office worker in a cubicle, this knife is equally beneficial for everyone. Following are the specs of the Executive Knife:

  • Dimension of the knife are 1 x 2 x 4 inches.
  • Weighs 3.2 ounces.
  • Made up entirely of stainless steel with polished ABS handles.
  • There are 8 amazing tools offered which assist you in performing numerous routine functions.
  • Encased entirely in an Alox body.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Victorinox Executive  – Main Features

Large Blade

The large blade is useful for cutting your extra tent or helpful for cutting or fixing stuff on usual days. It is also helpful if you go for camping or fishing. You can cut open packages and cut fruits when outside. This large blade can also be used to cut wires or be used as a self defense tool.

Small Blade

The small blade is more specific to close contact objects. Objects which require detailed manipulation and when one wants to do carvings or cut a controlled curve using your thumb and index finger.

Key Ring

Something so handy as a Executive pocket knife should never be lost. A key ring is there for you to attach the Swiss knife to a loop or to your backpack so that you can never lose it. You may also use it to attach and pull a small object.


Picking out tiny, thin things can be difficult with fingertips or nails and when out in the wild, you might encounter splinters or thorns. So, for your safety, this tool is very helpful in getting those splinters out and keeping you safe outdoors.


One should always look fresh and never have leftover food stuck in your teeth, especially before an inportant meeting. You never know how useful this tool can be unless you come across a situation like this, since you usually don’t carry around a pack of toothpicks. This tool can be a lifesaver!


Scissors in general, are an important part of our everyday life and their uses are countless. One always needs scissors for various purposes and not having a pair at a particular time can be frustrating. Every Swiss knife comes with a scissor because of their importance.


Victorinox Executive Review – The Conclusion

A lot of daily needs at the office like a quick nail fix, filing nails, peeling an orange for a quick snack, and many more can be met by having this super compact tool in your pocket or side drawer. Executive knife customers have shown a great deal of liking for the product. Due to its toughness, durability, and design, many users all around the world are fans. Many customers have mentioned the need for a ‘Lock blade’ feature in it for some extra cutting safety. Nevertheless, Victorinox has never disappointed with its Swiss Army Knife range and surely the Swiss Army Executive Knife is no different at all.

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