SOG Specialty Knives Warranty

Having multiple tools in one place for easy access, compact and always available, the SOG Knives are the epitome of such devices but it also needs to have a warranty. While it is important to look at the features of a product before purchase, it is equally important to check out the warranty it offers. Brands with high quality products use warranties to build customer trust and show how much more superior their piece is. But warranties can have many loop holes so make sure you’re not buying into a scam. So does the warranty offered by SOG for their Multi Tools fit our quota?

What is the SOG Specialty Knives Warranty?


Duration of the warranty is entirely product dependent but when it comes to tools like the SOG knives, which don’t corrode or lose efficiency over time (or at least shouldn’t), we expect a lifetime warranty. SOG comes through with this promise, offering a lifetime warranty for their customers all over the US. Their policy on international customers is a bit hazy.

Unacceptable Conditions

This is where warranties trick you into believing they are offering lifetime maintenance services. Make sure to read the fine print when checking out the warranty because that’s where they tell you all the conditions in which they can reject your request.

SOG demands to analyze the defected knife themselves before offering you a substitute or repair within the warranty. They perform steel hardness tests within their own labs to rule out misuse and then issue out a replacement. There is no way around this, you must return the product to them first for examination and wait for their verdict if you want to know that the warranty can be of any use to you.

Application Process

SOG has a very tiresome application process. While most companies simply wish for their customers to fill out a basic online form and wait for customer service to contact them, SOG wants the products to come to them. And no, I don’t mean sending pictures will suffice.

You must print out the form available on their website, fill it out in detail and package the form and defected knife along with the application to their headquarters. While this makes sense because they run their own analysis on the product it also leaves no way for you to easily retrieve the knife. Their system seems to focus on a US based clientele and we are unsure of how any international customers can benefit from this process, after all just the shipping fees will cost more than buying a new knife.


We respect that SOG doesn’t hide behind fine print warranties that will leave all your claim worthless, but backs up any rejected applications with evidence. However, the whole process of shipping the item to their headquarters is irksome, if not impractical for most users. If it is possible for you to ship the item to and back then we highly recommend going through the procedure, but first make sure that the shipping alone won’t cost you as much as investing in a new product.

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