Leatherman Wave Plus vs Skeletool

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Have you ever found yourself putting off fixing your dishware wire rack, replacing your child’s remote control car batteries or fixing the zipper on your travel bag? Then you are not alone. These small miscellaneous tasks end up becoming terribly delayed burdens. Why is that? That is because they all require different bulky tools lying around the house or, if you’re lucky, in a single tool kit. Find more about the difference of Leatherman Wave Plus vs Skeletool.

The point is searching for a different, heavy-weight tool every time an object in your home, or outdoors, requires a small repair job can be really frustrating. And it used to be a real drag, until someone came up with the ingenious idea of multi-tools. A small, neat compilation of tools all merged into one portable, palm-sized implement.

Once the ultra-functionality of multi tools was realized in people’s fast-paced lives, several brands rushed to design the ideal multi-tool device. One brand based in Oregon, USA was among the first to pursue the idea of such a tool that would serve as a daily help. The company, named Leatherman after the person who founded it in 1983, has become the undisputed multi tool industry expert today. From modern design to durable steel build and a 25 years warranty, Leatherman has it all. In this article, two top-notch Leatherman multi-tools will be comparatively reviewed. The Wave Plus vs the Skeletool.

Leatherman Wave Plus vs Skeletool – Overview


Build and Design

The Wave Plus multi-tool is manufactured with a steel make that is marketed as being resistant to corrosion. The material elongates the multi-tool life and durability, regardless of harsh climates.  The Skeletool is a 7-in-1 stainless steel-made multi tool. The primary difference between the two multi tools exists in the type. While the Wave Plus is a full-size tool, fully furnished with an array of 18 tools, the Skeletool is only a small-size multi tool, equipped with only 7 essential tools in its arsenal.

Therefore, the functionality range of the two multi tools also slightly varies. The Wave Plus has a more rounded approach, excellent for the hands-on adventurer and frequent traveler. On the other hand, the Skeletool is like a simplified version of the Wave Plus. It sees a marked reduction in features, but also presents a much more compact, light-weight device that holds a set of the most in demand tools.

Both multi tools share a 25 year warranty offer exclusively provided by the Leatherman brand. Leatherman also handles any minor, legit repairs that the multi tools may undergo.


Leatherman Wave Plus vs Skeletool – The Comparison

Main Features

When it comes to features and the tools on offer, there is a major downgrade going from the Wave Plus to the Skeletool. The Wave Plus holds more than twice the tool kit than the Skeletool. Spring action scissors, pliers, a ruler, a saw, a can and bottle opener, wire cutter and stripper, screwdrivers and files. In contrast, the Skeletool includes multi-purpose pliers, a knife, a bit driver, wire cutters and a bottle opener.


The Wave Plus comes equipped with 420HC couple knives. The serrated knife comes in a corrosion resistant finish, allowing easy care. The regular knife is manufactured with high-carbon stainless steel. The 420HC Skeletool combo knife is easier to operate with one-handed open option, complete with a thumb hole and click-lock. The ongoing version of the Skeletool has a partial serrated edge, giving a multi-textured edge.

The Wave Plus blade is 2.9 inches long. Whereas the Skeletool knife blade is down 0.3 points at a net 2.6 inches. The length difference is not worth notice as it makes only a slight change.


The Wave Plus is furnished with two sets of pliers. The needle nose pliers are ideal for gripping smaller objects and for use in tight spaces. The regular pliers prove useful for daily use, including altering steel and other metals.

The Skeletool also has an identical set of needle nose and regular pliers. However, they are comparatively smaller in size. This compact size greatly aids portability and also allows the pliers to fit into narrow work spaces, allowing greater accessibility than the Wave Plus.

Wire Cutter and Stripper

Both multi tools are embellished with regular wire and hard wire cutters. However, the Wave Plus has the added advantage of premium regular and hard wire cutters that are replaceable. These wire cutters smoothly slice through both standard and hard wire thickness, all while maintaining their fine, sharp edge.

Bottle Opener

The Wave Plus includes a standard bottle opener perfect for popping open your favorite drinks. In comparison, the Skeletool has a carabiner plus bottle opener. This provides the extra feature clicking open clips from products as well as caps from bottles at the click of a tool.

Large Bit Driver

Both devices have similar bit drivers, with no significant size difference. The Skeletool has double sided bits, with one that fits in the bit holder and the other in the handle.

Length and Weight

The Wave Plus and Skeletool both have the same length when closed; a length of 4 inches. Despite the similar length, the Skeletool has a more compact make, which makes it easier to carry around and also takes minimal space in your pocket.

The Wave Plus is 7 oz., while the Skeletool is as light as 5 oz. only. The Skeletool wins the weight debate as it is quite light for the tools it has on offer.



Both multi tools are excellent handy tools, perfect for carrying around and ultra-useful in all outdoor scenarios. However when it comes to concluding a final winner, it would be the Wave Plus hands-down. This is because of the impressive variety of Wave Plus tools.

Also, the all lock feature renders the Wave Plus much safer and reliable. And though, the Skeletool is lighter and much more compact, the Wave Plus is by far the more efficient.

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