Leatherman Skeletool SX Review

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In the recent times, there has been a growing trend to create multi-tools targeted towards a particular task in the multi-tool industry. Leatherman, to this end, has manufactured several tools and its Skeletool SX is another addition to task-specific multi-tools. They got together with Signal Snowboards to produce an efficient 8 in 1 multi-tool for snowboarding enthusiasts. Any practioner of this sport who would need a quick-fix to hone their equipment, while on their snow adventures, or even for any other outdoor activities.

Leatherman Skeletool SX Review
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Leatherman Skeletool SX Review – Overview

8 Tools in One

  • 420 HC stainless steel combo knife (straight and serrated edges)
  • Pliers (needle-nosed and regular)
  • Wire cutters (hard and regular)
  • Large bit driver in two sizes, which is tough enough to take moderate cranking pressure and comes in handy for fixing a binding
  • Carabiner/Bottle Opener
  • Diamond coated file

Key Features

  • 8 tools in one super tool
  • Lightweight and compact; only weighs 5 oz and measures 4 inches
  • Replaceable pocket clip for carrying around easily
  • DLC (diamond like coating) for resisting scratches
  • Zytel handle makes it tougher in face of impact
  • Greater Accessibility of Tools
  • Safety Lock
  • 25 year Warranty

Let’s review all the tools included in Leatherman Skeletool SX:

Skeletool SX – Main Features

Lightweight and Compact

If you are a snowboarder, you would want the multi-tool you carry to be lightweight and pocket-sized. You need to avoid extra weight being added to you while you enjoy your snowboarding experience. Leatherman made sure this goal is met, while providing you with Skeletool SX which weighs only 5 oz and measures only 4 inches when closed.

Replaceable Pocket Clip

If you are worried, how you will carry this multi-tool while snowboarding. Leatherman has you covered. It has produced the Skeletool SX with a pocket clip, to help this handy tool slide easily into your pocket. Enjoy your snowboarding, without any worries of it falling out!


The diamond-like coating on the Skeletool SX, makes it scratch resistant, an extra-oomph added to this efficient multi-tool.

Zytel Handles

The trademark Zytel handles are used in the Leatherman Skeletool SX, to ensure that no matter what kind of use is meted out to it in your outdoor activities, it can survive and resist impact.

Greater Accessibility of Tools

All tools in this multi-tool are accessible from outside, even in its folded position. You can operate it single handedly, making it very convenient to deploy and use when you are out .

Safety Lock

The safety lock on the Leatherman Skeletool SX makes sure you can cut with confidence once the blade is deployed.

25 Years Warranty

The Skeletool SX comes with a standard 25 year warranty of Leatherman products, which means however you use or abuse it, it will still be eligible for replacement!

Pros & Cons

  • Specific tools for snowboarder gear tweaking
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Built in impact and scratch resistance
  • 25 year warranty
  • No secondary bit in driver
  • Very basic tools included


The Conclusion

The Skeletool SX is designed with a specific purpose, to improve the experience of snowboarders. While providing them with a basic multi-tool that serves all their needs of gear maintenance. It is an efficient multitool for anyone who loves snowboarding. It slips securely into their pockets and users attest to using it on other outdoors excursions as well. What’s more, is that it comes with special design features (mainly DLC and Zytel) which protect it against wear and tear. Even in the event of wear, the customer has the 25 year warranty provided by Leatherman.

However, there are some concerns about the tools. Firstly, the tools included are very basic, if someone desires more functionality in the form of more tools, then Leatherman’s Juice CS4 is a better option. It comes in a size of only 3.25 inches and carries 15 tools in its compact body. However, of course since it is a higher functionality, it is priced more as well. Other concerns are the design improvements needed, mainly the opening of the pliers which is a bit too stiff. The non-inclusion of a flathead driver  is disappointing for some users since it could have been easily incorporated in the back of the Phillips driver.

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