Leatherman OHT vs Wave Plus

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To some people carrying a multi-tool is as important as drinking water is to others. A multi-tool can indeed be a lifesaver in certain situations, the lack of which back in 1975 later gave birth to the American company, Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. The company was founded by Timothy Leatherman, who felt the need for such a tool and prepared one himself in 1983. Since then the company has created a number of multi-tools and knives. This article highlights the difference between the two most demanded products by the company, the Leatherman OHT vs Wave Plus.


Leatherman OHT vs Wave Plus – Overview


Leatherman OHT

Leatherman OHT
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The OHT is the first-ever multi-tool that you can completely make use of with just one hand. The tool has a good grip and does not require constant adjustment. The construction of the tool is simple and makes it easy to identify the tools beneath the handle. Its features make it a workhorse of a tool. It has an oxygen tank wrench, strap cutter, firearm rod and much more.


Leatherman Wave Plus

Leatherman Wave Plus
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Wave plus is an advanced version with compact size and additional tools. All the tools are easy to access and use. Some of the tools can even be used when the main body of the tool is folded or closed.



The first thing to consider about the two tools is their portability and compactness. Both the multi-tools are full-sized, but the OHT is a little heavier than the Wave Plus. The OHT weighs about 9.9 oz., while the Wave Plus weighs only 8.5 oz., which is lighter to be carried around.

The length of both the multi-tools is almost the same; however, the OHT is a little larger than the Wave Plus, with a total length of 4.5 inches. This makes it 0.5 inches heavier than the Wave Plus, which is only 4 inches.  Therefore, Wave Plus is more compact and lighter.


The OHT has a classic model with a black oxide covering. The imprint of tools beneath the handle is clear enough to let the user easily identify the location of the tools to access them. The OHT has a sliding plier head with a jaw lockout, which makes it look similar to the model by the Gerber. It is made to be swift enough to be used by one hand easily, with the tools opening to the outside.

The Wave Plus lacks the movable plier head, so, it does not require a jaw lockout. The tools attached to this multi-tool open towards the outside and can be easily operated by one hand. The stainless steel body makes it durable and sturdy.

Included Tools

The OHT have 16 tools, while Wave Plus is more advanced with two additional tools that are more usable in daily activities. All the tools come with a locking system to ensure safety during use.


OHT vs Wave Plus – The Comparison


The OHT has movable pliers that are kept in place with two jaw lockouts. They have quite a good grip, which helps them to grasp various objects easily. The wire cutter of this multi-tool can be easily replaced. Both the cutter and pliers have a spring mechanism, which provides users with extra convenience.

Furthermore, the two knife blades are only 2.37 inches long, which is quite shorter than what you expect to see in the model. Although they are sharp, they are not as capable because of their size. There are four screwdrivers of different sizes; sadly, the construction of the multi-tool does not let you use them until you have the plier locked in its place.

This OHT multi-tool also has a strap cutter, cleaning rod and oxygen tank wrench, can opener, and saw. The oxygen tank wrench can come in handy in some emergencies only; otherwise, it does not have any regular use.

The Wave Plus

The Wave Plus comes with tools that can be more useful in various regular activities like scissors, inch ruler, and bit holder. The scissors work well on paper, cardboard, and plastic. The bit holder despite its small size works quite well. The inch ruler runs along with the handle of the multi-tool and can measure up to 8 inches. The model also has a wire striper, which is not present in the OHT, but it is not as efficient. Moreover, it has two 2.9 inch long knife blades, a saw, and a can opener along with electrical crimpers, pliers and wire cutters.

Along with these, the Wave Plus has two different types of files, one is wood or metal-coated, and the other has a diamond coat on it. The one with wood or metal coating is suitable for smoothing the surface of a metal or wood. Although it is not as efficient as sandpaper, it does the work for the time being. The diamond-coated file can be used to sharpen blades. It also has a flat screwdriver and a mini screwdriver bit holder, which are quite useful.


Are These Multi-Tools For You?

The OHT is mainly designed for military personnel and is therefore used by soldiers, police, and EMT. However, the Wave Plus is suitable for standard uses and can be carried around by outdoorsmen and EDC enthusiasts.



If you are more into military activities, you must know that the OHT is designed for you. Also, if you frequently met with situations where you might need an oxygen tank wrench along with other tools, then the OHT is an appropriate choice. However, if you need a multi-tool for more versatile and daily tasks, then the Wave Plus is a better choice as it is equipped with tools that can be used in such tasks.

Depending upon the price range, the OHT is a better option for people who are short on a budget. The Wave is a little expensive choice though it certainly is worth the money.

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