Leatherman Leap Review

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If you have kids, you would know that exploring, innovating, and learning are what they love to do. Kids love creating and putting their energies into adventurous ventures, but then, no learning is complete without the right tools. Just like us, kids also need the right kind of tools to display their skill, and as parents, you need those tools that prioritize their safety.

As parents, you do understand that having so many separate tools for kids is a nightmare. They easily get lost and are mostly unavailable when needed the most. Also, keeping the tools together and ensuring that they do not hurt the user is essential. Keeping in mind all these problems, Leatherman has come up with a multi-tool for kids that the makers have named Leap and this is a detailed review of this multitool. This tiny tool is entirely designed for young users who are always on the hunt for learning and creating stuff.

Leatherman Leap Review
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Leatherman Leap Review – Overview

The Leatherman Leap is the first product from this company that caters specifically to younger users. Hence, safety is its foremost priority. For this reason, you will find safety locks and various other similar features that enable kids to use this tool in a safe and secure way.

To call this multi-tool a child’s first love won’t be the wrong thing to say. This tiny device comes with a separate knife blade, which the parents can use themselves or let the kid use but under supervision. You can easily hook and remove the knife tool from the main body.

The Leap is in the shape of a standard pair of pliers, and when you close it, the other tools open up. There is a screwdriver, scissors, a saw blade, a pair of tweezers, a can opener, a wire cutter, and a ruler edge. The Leap has four lock blades to keep each tool safely intact to the main body. You can access all the tools from outside of the main body. The head screwdriver on this multi-tool is a product of Philips and is of superior quality.

Safe Tool for Kids

There are so many features in this product from Leatherman that speak about safety. Firstly, the blade knife is given separately and not as part of the main tool. If you think your kid is still pretty young to use a knife, you can keep the knife with yourself. Secondly, the existence of four safety locks is a brilliant design idea. These locks prevent the tools from slipping on the user.

Thirdly, the blade knife comes with a rounded tip. So even if you decide to give the knife to your kid, it won’t cause any harm. The Leap has plastic handles that make them perfect for holding with a strong grip.

Compact and Lightweight

This multi-tool is perfect to own as a pocket tool. The Leap is slightly smaller than many other Leatherman’s multi-tools but has the same features and better functionality. It is also extremely lightweight because of its plastic body. Even for adults, this multi-tool, although small, can be kept in a drawer and used when required.


  • It weighs 4.9 ounces
  • Its dimensions are 3.3 x 2 x 1 inches
  • The tool is available in three colors
  • It has a nylon handle filled with glass
  • The body’s build consists of plastic
  • The components include one multi-tool, a separate blade knife, and a shield
  • It has a screwdriver, a ruler, a pair of tweezers, a bottle opener, scissors, and a blade knife
  • The finish is of stainless steel

Pros & Cons

  • Compact size
  • Designed for kids
  • Quite affordable
  • Has all the necessary tools
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible outer plastic
  • Thick pliers


Leatherman Leap Review – Final Words

Passing on the skill of using different kinds of tools to the next generation is every parent’s dream, and the Leap helps to make that dream come true. Many parents who have bought this multi-tool for their kids have given great reviews. When it comes to safety and multi-functionality, the Leap’s name tops the list. Customers who own this little device have praised its compact design and lightweight as well. For a kid to own a device specially made for him is a great feeling in itself.

Leatherman products have never disappointed its users, and the same goes for Leap. It is a tool worth spending money on, and you will be happy to see how long-lasting it is. A well-designed and thoughtful product to own, the Leap can be your kid’s best friend on all his growing-up adventures and learning experiences.

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