Gerber Grappler Review

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There is always a toolbox in everyone’s house stored somewhere in the kitchen, garage, or storeroom. That box has all the basic tools necessary for small works like pliers, cutters, hammers, nails, scissors, etc. At the time of an emergency, we rummage through these contents and sometimes get our hands injured or waste our time finding that one thing from the whole vast collection. Gerber Grappler is one such multitool, you can discover the performance and uniqueness of this Gerber multitool in the review below.

Now imagine having all these things stored in one place. Hence, you do not have to rummage through all the different items. How convenient would life be without having to worry about the storage space and mounting and dismounting of the tool? Gerber brings you the ultimate solution, a grappler multi-plier having 12-tools-in-1 for job-specific performance and complete utility.

Gerber Grappler Review
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Gerber Grappler Review – Overview

Carrying a toolbox is not practical. On the other hand, multi-tools are easy to carry and save you the hassle of carrying so many tools around. Whether you are fixing your backpack or doing other work, multi-tools open a whole set of new possibilities for you. The one who carries it all the time would undoubtedly never need to take any separate tools. From fixing fences to cutting wires to fixing the flashlight, a multi-tool does all the work.

The Gerber 30-000333 includes twelve different tools such as a sharp blade, a wise grip plier, V-cut wire cutters, a wire stripper, a nail puller, a pry bar, a Phillips driver, a file, a large flat driver, a bottle opener, and ruler with both inches and centimeters. Each component features a liner lock, so you do not have to worry about the tools folding out during your work or injuring you.

These twelve components deliver accurate and ideal performance across various ranges of work and job types. Hence, they save you from a cut hand injury while using a blade as a pry bar or breaking the tip of your knife while trying to open a can.

Sturdy Knife Blade

You can also use the Gerber Sturdy Knife Blade as a pocketknife as it can do all the cutting you need. The blade has two edges: a fine edge and a half-serrated edge. You can use the blade’s half-serrated edge for making cuts on ropes and other fibrous materials, and the fine edge performs accurate detail work and effortless sharpening of the blade.

One-Hand Plier Opening

Gerber Grappler features a one-finger open/close button that allows you to open the plier with one hand and use the other hand to control the piece you need to work on or hold a flashlight. It also has a locking plier adjustment screw that you can lock down around a screw of 5/8 inches or smaller.

Compact and Durable Design

Not only does it work perfectly, but it also possesses an aesthetic look. It has a sleek, satin finish and stainless-steel construction. The tool’s compact size allows the product to fit in your hand while working and comfortably fits in the pocket when closed. Also, it comes with a durable nylon sheath.

Product Specification

  • The overall length of the plier is 6 inches, and the closed length is 5 inches.
  • The product weighs 10.05 oz.
  • It has a one-finger opening style.
  • The sheath’s build consists of nylon.
  • It features 13 components made up of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

Pros & Cons

  • Two-in-one blade
  • Line lock prevents any injury
  • Increased gripping power
  • Tough
  • Affordable
  • Quality product
  • One-finger open mechanism breaks easily
  • Difficult to adjust


Gerber Grappler Review – Conclusion

Thanks to the amazing features, easy-to-access tools, and versatility of the product, this Gerber grappler multi-plier has made homes in the heart of many users. You can use it for heavy work as well as small household chores. The easy portability of the product is an additional feature. Hence, it hardly needs any extra storage space. Therefore, you can store it almost anywhere; in your pocket, the kitchen cabinet, or the drawer. This product is like a third hand that you can always use.

The Grappler has a unique design that enables the locking head to clamp on to the smallest screws. The head easily slides in and out. Furthermore, the head is locked in the extended position and can be easily released with a button on the slider. The jaws do not open as wide but open wide enough to clamp around the showerhead, and they can get small tasks done effortlessly. The blade opens smoothly, and you can easily close it as well. Additionally, the blade has two edges: the half-serrated edge to work on the fibrous material and the fine edge for the detailed work.

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