Gerber MP700 Urban Legend Review

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It’s no surprise that Gerber knives and multi-pliers have taken over the portable multi-tool industry. Their products are known for their well-designed, practical and high-quality features. To own their product means that you are making your life considerably easier than ever. Well, if you don’t own a multi-plier, then pulling off tasks that require mechanical support and are troublesome to do with just your fingers is hard. Facing a misplaced part of a machine, a loosened screw, overgrown edge of a rope, spiky end of hard wire, can be easier to handle if you have the right tool to deal with the matter. Today we decided to review a new multi tool the Gerber Urban Legend.

Gerber MP700 Urban Legend Review
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Gerber MP700 Review – Overview

Gerber Urban Legend Multi-Plier is a successor to Gerber Legend and, as the name suggests, houses more than just a plier for your needs. Both Gerber Legend and Gerber Urban Legend have striking similarities. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are each other’s shadows. The only major difference that we could spot was the lightweight and compact built of Gerber urban legend.

The major drawback of Gerber legend has now pretty much fixed in this product. We can now say that the Urban Legend is a better version of its predecessor.

This masterpiece multi-plier is equipped with some impressive tools constructed with fine-quality stainless steel. There’s nothing you can’t do with this construct of mechanical art. For instance, you can twist sturdiest wires and heftiest materials that can fit into its powerful wire-cutters.

Main Features


Well, if the pocket tools are voluminous enough notto fit in your pocket, then there’s no point in calling it a “pocket tool.” The Gerber manufacturers considered that thing and revised their previously released product with a better alternative. The Gerber Urban legend is known for its multi-function tools stockpiled in a compact body.

The relatively smaller size makes it a popular choice among people who needs to keep functioning tools at arm’s length always. Whether you are traveling somewhere far, routinely going to your workplace, or staying at home, it’s always going to be useful to you no matter where you are.

You can put it away in your smallest pocket or store it beside your other tiny belongings, and it will just blend in. The construct is not just compact but also lightweight enough not to cause trouble while moving around. So, in terms of portability, it has no equals.


Multi-tools are often very tricky to deploy as, for most of them, you require a bunch of hand movements to make them fully operational. Well, for Gerber Urban Legend, you can instantly bring out the tool you want due to its user-friendly design and easy accessibility to tools. For instance, if you face a little problem, and you have this tool with you, then it would just take a flash of a second to bring the desired tool out.

A Stockpile Of Effective Tools

It would be right to say that Gerber Urban Legend is a storehouse of a good deal of serviceable tools (more details below). All tools are easily deployable, and their utilization has become more convenient with the spring assisting mechanism. Its structural grandness doesn’t stop there. The tools also have a safety lock system that holds them in place when it is closed.

Its other features include:

  • Replaceable Carbide cutters
  • Small flat blade screwdriver
  • Medium flat blade screwdriver
  • Large flat blade screwdriver
  • Crosspoint screwdriver
  • Spring-loaded needle nose
  • Plain edge blade
  • Contoured aluminum handles with rubber areas for grip
  • Fiskars scissors
  • Bottle Opening
  • Fine-quality file
  • Lightweight construction
  • Ballistic nylon sheath
  • Tweezers
  • Compact size
  • Safety tools lock
  • Lanyard ring

One-Handed Blade

No need to deploythe multi-plierfully to get the desired instrument out. The smooth blade emerges out one-handedly by using a single finger. How impressive is that? The blade is within 2.5 inches so, its carefully constructed size makes it legal to keep everywhere. Unlike, Gerber Legend The blade is completely plain without the saw-toothed part. Some people may raise their eyebrows after witnessing this change, but the fact is the serrated blade proved least useful.

One-Handed Fiskars Scissors

Furthermore, the blade is not the only tool that you can deploy one-handedly. The Fiskars scissors can be put into use by performing just two simple steps. Although the throat of the scissors is small, the size doesn’t make it less useful. It can cut anything that comes in its path from paper, cardboard, wires, and even harder material.

Multiple Screwdrivers

The number of screwdrivers stored in this particular multi-plier tool is surprising. Gerber Urban legend holds four of them; small, medium, large flat-headed screwdrivers, and one cross point screwdriver. Multiple options raise your chance to solve an everyday screw-related problem faster and more efficiently.

Now, you won’t need a separate tool for different screw sizes. The multiple screwdriver feature is indeed the most prominent and useful function of this model. There’s only one problem, and that is the vulnerability of the tools as they are not suitable to endure huge strain.

Pros & Cons

  • The lightweight construction makes it easier to carry
  • The rubber fittings help to grip the handles tightly
  • Multiple screwdrivers help you solve problems more efficiently
  • The material is sturdy enough to last for years
  • The tungsten carbide cutters can handle the stiffest wires and pipes
  • Fiskars scissors have a small but strong throat that can cut smoothly
  • The structural compactness makes the product more likable
  • The lock implements are safety features that keep you away from harming yourself
  • One-handed tools accessibility allows you to deploy the scissors and blade instantly
  • Tweezers don’t have a nice feel to the overall product
  • The one-handed tools can only be deployed from the right hand
  • Screwdrivers cannot handle much strain



Keeping a multi-plier can turn you into a problem-solving pro. Whenever a small everyday problem comes up, you can easily deploy the required tool and get rid of it. Toss out your worries if the quality of screwdrivers is a problem for you. Just think that you have four of them, which means you have four chances to mess up the gadget. The flaws are inconsiderable in front of all the multi-functions that this product is providing. So, we strongly suggest you this amazing multi-plier.

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