Gerber MP400 Multitool Review

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The MP400 is a classic of the Gerber brand, tested for adventure and has never disappointed its users. It offers strength and durability in extreme weather conditions. It is characterized by its easy access and a cool closing system.

This extraordinary multi tool from Gerber performs versatile works at a time. If you’re searching for a perfect all in one multi tool, Gerber MP 400 is the ideal choice for you. It consists of multiple unique tools that make it the best assistance for a good home fixing job. This is easy to use and offers commendable customer satisfaction.

Gerber MP400 Review
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Gerber MP400 Review – Overview

Design and Built

It is a multi-tool plier that consists of a different component tool in a single ballistic Nylon Sheath.

All of them are crucial and you can use them for electronic repairs or other household fixes.  The plier possesses multiple features packed in a single pocket-fit sheath. Due to its compact design, you can carry it anywhere with you.  Besides using it for household purposes, you can do basic electronics fixes with the help of this multi tool.

It has a robust structure, spring pliers, external locking tools and an extra grip handle but without a doubt, it’s Bear Grylls style customization stands outside the crowd.

It has weather-resistant stainless steel tools that stand well with extreme weather conditions; they can be locked while they are used, to provide security and reliability to the user.

The idea of ​​the company with the Gerber MP 400 was to offer an all-in-one portable tool that helps you to always be prepared. It is a mini-tool with a butterfly styled opening, which adapts very well to any pocket.

Despite its limitations, it is a quick and functional solution to the number of situations we experience every day such as cutting a rope, opening a package, adjusting a nut, and more.

Main Features

Some popular tools in the Gerber MP 400 are:

  • Wire Cutter
  • Wire Crimper
  • Philips Screw Driver
  • Can and bottle opener
  • Combo edge knife blade
  • Fiskars scissors

The flat and round edge provides a comfortable grip to perform any task with ease, adding a direct or reverse grip.

The 12-function multi-tool includes scissors, plain knife, pliers with wire stripper screwdriver, medium and small trowel tip Lime, Tweezers, can and box openers.

The perfect combination of multiple tools; next to the spring pliers and a light frame for long days and tired hands you will always feel ready.

What’s Special?

It’s one of a kind of collection, which you will not only be able to exhibit but it will also save you on innumerable occasions. The quality of Gerber makes MP400 stand outside the crowd. You will like it for its design and accessories.

The Gerber MP400 was part of the collection of tools produced by Gerber Gear for home and electronic fixes. It’s a great choice if you like a simple and powerful tool.  It’s simply a luxury for daily life or adventure!

The Compact 400 is the generation of Gerber tools that, due to the quality of its stainless steel, offers unmatched strength and durability. Gerber points out that this Multi-Tool MP 400 is one of its most popular products. It has Fiskars scissors, which allows cutting the seat belts (for example in cases of emergency), along with other high precision tools.

The attractiveness of this model is its patent for opening pliers with one hand and lock with a safety lock to avoid accidents. You also have the option of getting a lifetime warranty on the Gerber Compact Multipurpose 400!

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with a nylon sheath
  • Has knife blade locking
  • Price is affordable
  • This multi tool is poorly designed



Gerber Gear is a well-known brand with a great reputation in the USA. Its multi-purpose tools are manufactured as per the highest industry standards, which has generated a loyal audience. Undoubtedly, this great tool can help you with all your quick-fix requirements in home, in car or in case of any other electronic fixes.To expect the best out of your multi-tool plier, you must choose the right one that fulfills all of your needs. From this aspect, the Gerber MP400 is the ideal choice, It’s user-friendly, it’s cost-efficient and it’s durable ultimately it’s a must buy.

Remember, until you try the product for yourself,  it’s not possible to know if you like it or not, or if it meets your expectations.

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